The City of Splendors

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NPC Roster:

Alcedor Kolat: Academic (wizard? sage?) who lives at Kolat Towers in the Adventurers' Quarter of Waterdeep.
Ammathair Hawkfeather: Sage of Waterdeep, specialist in history, theology, and myth, also in metaphysics and obscure religious practices. Lives on the Street of Swords, Castle Ward, Waterdeep.
Arkiem Arren: Half-elf musician who performs regularly at the Safehaven Inn in Waterdeep. Married to Rachel Arren, friend of Kehlann Majarra.
Aurelia: Barmaid/kitchen staff at the Sleeping Dragon Inn, Rassalanter.
Borric: Young warrior and fellow employee of Kehlann Majarra. Romantically involved with Lavina.
Breck: Sneak-thief (?) employed by an unnamed man to shadow the party and report on their activities. Now hired as a double agent by the party.
Dieredon: Friend of Carric, a Harper, now missing.
Essimuth Lanys: One-eyed, one-legged proprietor of Essimuth's Equipment in the Adventurers' Quarter, Waterdeep, and retired adventurer.
Garen: Waterdhavian messenger, met at the Sleeping Dragon Inn in Rassalanter. Attempted to steal Kehlann's book, nearly killed the nobleman when discovered.
Glennian Farwhisper: Half-elven bard the party met in Melton. Seems interested in the tale of the strange mask and the temple of Shar.
Gregin: Veteran warrior and fellow employee of Kehlann Majarra.
Jereth Windpeak: Citizen of Triboar and former prisoner of the goblins of Melton.
Kehlann Majarra: Young, affable noble of the Majarra family of Waterdeep. Runs most of the family's business in the City of Splendors, and is the PCs' current employer.
Kharkos: Young wannabe adventurer, lives in the Adventurers' Quarter, Waterdeep.
Kylia: Gnome illusionist that boards at Madame Garah's.
Lavina: Young wizard and fellow employee of Kehlann Majarra. Romantically involved with Borric.
Lythis Phylund (nee Mhairuun): Noblewoman of Waterdeep, spellcaster whose old spellbook Reynwyn is in possessin of.
Lieutenant Kinreth: Waterdeep guard officer at the barracks in Rassalanter.
Madam Garah: Runs a boarding house in the Adventurers' Quarter of Waterdeep, the current abode of the party.
Malarkir: Hobgoblin warrior, now in possession of some weird mask with glowing purple eyes…
Mellinor (Hawkfeather?): Niece of Ammathair Hawkfeather, also his carer and secretary.
Mikel Tarrant: Citizen of Triboar and former prisoner of the goblins of Melton.
Mother Mahlee: Cleric, tends the shrine of Lathander in Melton.
Nida: Barmaid at the Weary Knight in Melton.
Nindil Jalbuck: Halfling proprietor of the Garrulous Grocer in the Adventurers' Quarter, Waterdeep.
Olophin: Senior Watch Civilar in the Adventurers' Quarter.
Phalantar Orivan: Proprietor of Phalantar's Philtres and Components, Castle Ward, Waterdeep.
Rachel Arren: Priestess of Lliira. Married to Arkiem Arren.
Sarissa Tarbrossen: young Waterdhavian socialite; daughter of Alurra Tarbrossen, famous couturiere and Lady Master of the Order of Tailors, Glovers, and Mercers.
Seth Grimhill: Innkeeper of the Weary Knight in Melton.
Shalara Malarkkin: Former apprentice of Kappiyan Flurmastyr, now running his potion business in his stead.
Sillon: Kehlann Majarra's manservant.
Spider Samallahan: Proprietor/barkeep of the Sleeping Dragon in Rassalanter.
Tantuss Shieldsun: Powerful ranger, adherent of Mielikki; often at the Shrines of Nature ($5).
Terresk: Half-orc member of the Watch in the Adventurers' Quarter.
Tessalar Hulicorm: Waterdhavian wizard specialising in the creation of magical items, constructs, and golems.
Vedren Redtower: Waterdhavian sage/wizard, in Rassalanter until the winter. Researching Rassalanter's ruined keep and the Stump Bog.
Watcher Thistlebuck: Halfling host at the Safehaven Inn.

XP Tracker:
Party Total: 16,865 XP
Individual total: 3,405 XP each (next level: 6,500)

Plot threads:

  • The party encountered one Breck, who had been hired to follow them. The story as far as you know it was outlined in this post. Furthermore, as outlined in this post, Kehlann Majarra learnt that the assassin who nearly killed him on the way to Waterdeep was in fact recruited at the same tavern Breck was by a man matching the description Breck gave of his mysterious employer, who is possibly an adherent of Shar. Kehlann is very keen for you to follow up on this lead.
  • Speaking of followers of Shar, Reynwyn you heard about one of those in this post in relation to your uncle, told to you by Ammathair Hawkfeather. He also gave you directions to what your uncle believed to be a Shadow Door to the Raven Queen's realm - directions that lead into Undermountain, and which your uncle set out to follow the last time Hawkfeather (or anyone) saw him.
  • Revjak has dreamt of Undermountain in relation to Azuredge, and has also encountered a young woman, a well-regarded potion-making wizard named Shalara Malarkkin...
  • Arthur is chasing the "Albino Flind". There were hints that it was here in the Ardeep Forest, possibly looking for Reluraun's Tomb in the heart of the woods.
  • Carric has discovered that his friend from Silverymoon, a Harper named Dieredon, has disappeared some months ago, and was last seen at a gathering at the Tarbrossen house in Waterdeep. In following up this lead, Carric has also encountered Sarissa Tarbrossen, who, it seems, made quite the impression on the elven ranger.
  • The hobgoblin who fled the first dungeon your party cleared out took the magical mask that was there. You've not heard anything of him since, but gee, that mask sure seemed powerful...
  • Most (all?) of you met a party of arrogant and contemptuous adventurers known as the Deep Delvers, who seemed to be quite well-off, in the Yawning Portal, so named for the entrance to Undermountain that sits in the middle of its common room.
  • Notes etc:

    *Note from Kehlann, 28th of Eleint 335NR:
    Greetings, Companions of the Blue Axe!

    It obviously hasn't taken you all very long to get into the swing of Waterdhavian life - I've heard the story of your first night here from no less than six different sources! I'm glad to hear you're all settling in well.

    Our would-be assassin from Rassalanter has decided to play it smart and give us some information in exchange for a lenient sentence. I would like to discuss the matter with you tonight (the evening of the 28th of Eleint). Please advise me of your availability at your earliest convenience.

    Yours sincerely,

    *Note from V to Hunter:
    I have discovered the secret you have been hiding from me. You deserve death, but Shar can be merciful if her servants are useful. You will be spared if you hand it over, and complete a small task.
    There is quarry coming your way, on the north road in the first tenday of Eleint. Wagons from Waterdeep, bearing the symbol of a harp on a field of green. Take everything, but most specially a small carved lockbox bearing the merchant lord's coat of arms. Leave none alive. I will send an emissary to collect what I require -- including the mask. Do not fail, for the blade already hangs over your neck.

    *Dreams in Rassalanter

    *Adventurer's Guide to Waterdeep