Strike the Earth: Histories of Greed and Determination

Game Master djdust

A Dwarf Fortress Inspired Kingdom Building Campaign

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Campaign Objectives:

Primary Objectives
-Clear and Secure the Theocrats' Vault [COMPLETE]
-Reclaim Droskar's Crag in the Name of King D'Berryl of Taggoret
-Settle and Fortify Droskar's Crag

Secondary Objectives
-Clear Orcs from Broken Tower
-Secure Old Road for direct access to Taggoret

Tertiary Objectives
-Rescue coyote pack from bugbears
-Find abandoned mine in Flatiron Hills
-Find dragon lair in Flatiron Hills

Top Secret Objectives
-Locate and Reclaim Axe of the Dwarven Lords

The Territories:

A- Anvilhead Gorge:
B- Flatiron Hills: 6 Discovery Point; Locations: Abandoned Mine, Bugbear Camp, Dragon Lair
C- Mt. Gustus: 1 Discovery Point; Locations: Broken Tower, King Taggun's Carving
D- Mt. Ducim:
E- Kingtower Woods:
F- Coldforge Ridge:
G- Darkmoon Vale:
H- Mt. Oddom:
I- Isger Pass:
J- Droskar’s Crag:
K- Darkmoon Woods:
L- Falcon’s Hollow:
M- West Foam River:
N- Gold Falls:
O- River Foam:
P- Wolfrun Hills:
Q- West Darkmoon Plains:
R- Central Darkmoon Plains:
S- East Darkmoon Plains:


[dice=Glor]1d20+9[/dice] (+11 for stonework)


[dice=Hezekh]1d20+1[/dice] (+3 underground)


Barik: 1 Giant Spider in the Old Quarry Road
Boomer: 3 Goblins, 4 Dire Rats in the Old Quarry Road; 6 Skeletal Warriors, 1 Giant Roach, 1 Spider Swarm in the Theocrats' Vault
Brunhild: 2 Huecuva in the Theocrats' Vault
Glor: 1 Giant Spider, 1 Cave Scorpion, 2 Goblins, 1 Dire Rat in the Old Quarry Road; 5 Skeletal Warriors, 1 Golden Skeleton, 2 Caryatid Columns, 1 Giant Centipede, 1 Giant Roach, 1 Advanced Grey Ooze, 1 Skeletal Champion, 1 Wight, 1 Huecuva, 1 Earth Elemental Beetle in the Theocrats' Vault
Gunnar: 1 Cave Scorpion, 1 Giant Roach in the Old Quarry Road
Goggeck: 1 Goblin, 1 Dire Rat in the Old Quarry Road; 3 Skeletal Warriors, 1 Giant Roach, 1 Huecuva, 1 Skeletal Champion, 1 Undead Ooze in the Theocrats' Vault
Hezekh: 1 Giant Spider, 1 Gelatinous Cube, 1 Goblin in the Old Quarry Road; 1 Skeletal Warrior, 1 Golden Skeleton, 2 Giant Roaches, 1 Gold Clad Skeletal Champion in the Theocrats' Vault
Toulbe: 1 Goblin in the Old Quarry Road, 1 Skeletal Champion in the Theocrat's Vault
Helga: 3 Skeletal Warriors, 1 Zombie Rat King, 1 Forge Spurned, 1 Giant Roach, 1 Skeletal Champion, 1 Huecuva, 1 Small Earth Elemental in the Theocrat's Vault
Bistro: 1 Skeltal Warrior in the Theocrats' Vault