Siege on Amberfall

Game Master SecSeibzehn



Order of Amberfall:

A collection of like minded individuals intent on seeing the Old World destroyed and forged anew. Having taken refuge in their demiplane realm for the past two centuries, the leaders of the Order have had plenty of time to build themselves an army of unimaginable size, accumulate wealth and resources beyond measure and acquire power artifacts. While their siege on the material plane continues, the Remnants will attempt a strike at their homeland, hoping to kill them off at their source.

The Plane of Amberfall:

Very little is known about this world, the portal not having been connected yet. Divinations have revealed the perfect landing spot however in a secluded island off the mainland. It appears that the realm itself mimics the material plane, being a miniature version of it, with frozen realms to the north, tropical isles to the south and the rest all mixed together.