Second Darkness beer and pretzles

Game Master drbuzzard

Second Darkness converted to PF with gestalt rogues.


Character creation:
core races
Gestalt but one side is core rogue, no archetypes
20 point buy ((yes, you actually will have to make choices)
no magic item crafting allowed
no gunslingers
No sound strikers.
Chain Challenge is banned. Sap adept and Sap master are banned.
Shatterspell is available to all fighters, not just dwarves.
No evil alignments
HP are PFS style so 1/2 max +1.
unchained summoners only
Paizo Pathfinder only (don't go digging back in 3.5 stuff)
I am not going to stack sneak attack from multiple classes on different sides of the gestalt (so if you do slayer/rogue, no extra dice for you).
Core spells only (others can be requested, but don't be hopeful).
We're using fast progression advanced bonus progression, so essentially no magic items.