PROJECT: Perimo - Legacy of Eons (Homebrew NeoExodus Campaign)

Game Master DM Grimshaad

The Church of the Kaga has enlisted seasoned adventurers from across the face of Exodus to embark on a journey to uncover relics dated back beyond the knowledge of the god-like Kaga itself...

Meanwhile, enemies of Mankind conspire in darkness as the Imperial Alliance strains under the weight of its own hubris...

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Male ??? ???

Feel free to dot now.

Dom-Nhal reporting in.


Kavon Uday reporting in.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Brill-Mane dotting in

Female Dark Elf Druid 5


HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

dotty dot

Male ??? ???

The Chapel of Solitude:

As each of you makes your way towards the chapel entrance a host of diminutive figures in voluminous grey robes offer to take the reins of each of your mounts, the stunningly calm animals are then led around the back of the stone structure and into a small cave that seems to lead down into tunnels below.

”Do not be alarmed, adventurers,” intones Grimshaad from inside the chapel,”they will be safe and cared for.”

Upon entering the stone chapel you notice the palpable air of enchantment and each wall of the surprisingly spacious interior is filled with a stained-glass mosaic, each one a beautiful work of art.

The center of the chapel proper is dominated by two rows of pews carved from white marble and draped with heavy furs. The two rows of seven pews each flank a center aisle lined with the wrought-iron light staves. The center aisle is about 8ft across and a worn silvery rug lined with red & gold embroidery runs down its length to the pulpit at the far side of the chapel.

The pulpit rises about one large step from the chapel’s floor and sports a simple stone design with a small statuette of the Kaga in a contemplative pose inside of a small cavity but that is gold and blue rather than silver and red.

Grimshaad nods to and makes eye contact with each of you and you hear his voice gently roll through your mind, ”Please be seated and talk among yourselves. We shall begin shortly.”

The Three Mosaics:

Each mosaic fills an entire wall and is lit from within but casts no light on the interior of the chapel which is largely lit by light spells suspended on wrought-iron staves cemented into the stone floor.

The mosaic to your left depicts a terrific explosion of light with numerous humanoid figures laying prostrate at the bottom. The Kaga is at the center of the mosaic with its arms raised in triumph.

The mosaic to your right depicts a panorama: at the far end it shows a cloaked figure with hands of silver and feet of gold & red far into the background of a conflict between spellcasters or some kind in resplendent finery and vicious magic-wielding barbarians; the next image has the robed figure in the middleground as warmachines and musket-wielding knights trudge across a battlefield scattering barbarian hordes in their wake; the final image is of various noble figures seated about a table with an Imperial Alliance symbol emblazoned above them, the cloaked figure has its back facing you and is nearly transparent.

On the far wall, behind the pulpit, is perhaps the most spectacular of all of them. A depiction of the Kaga in all its glory, silvered upper torso with a red lower torso infused with golden zeros and ones emblazoned within. The figure of the Kaga is reaching down with its arms, light of brilliant white flowing into the heads of numerous robed and hooded figures below. A white glow of power alight in each of their eyes as knowledge floods into them.

Skill Checks:

GENERAL: Why can you hear Grimshaad’s voice inside your head?
Whichever is highest: Perception, Science, Spellcraft or Psionics

SPECIFIC: What are all those damn mosaics about?
Whichever is highest: Religion or Society x 3

Roll the checks in a post first and once I have them all I’ll post the resulting knowledge gleaned. If you choose to do some roleplaying amongst yourselves, which I encourage now, you are considered to be speaking through each other’s thoughts as per a persistent spell-like telepathy effect. Your characters have an inkling of this but otherwise are a bit taken aback by it.


Skill Checks:

GENERAL: Why can you hear Grimshaad’s voice inside your head?
Perception: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (3) + 4 = 7
Science: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (17) + 6 = 23
Spellcraft: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (18) + 9 = 27

SPECIFIC: What are all those damn mosaics about?
Religion 1: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (4) + 5 = 9
Society 1: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (9) + 6 = 15

Religion 2: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (10) + 5 = 15
Society 2: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (2) + 6 = 8

Religion 3: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (7) + 5 = 12
Society 3: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Kavon takes a seat. I must say, I am yet to see the more unusual business offer. I wonder what it is so important, that the Church gathered us all here in the middle of nowhere?

Despite somewhat grumbling tone, his eyes show a great interest in what he might hear in this place.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

skill checks:
perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (11) + 5 = 16

Brill-Mane moves to take a seat in the church. Too stuffy, this isn't how goes should be worshipped

Sitting in the back Brill-Mane hears a creak come from the seat.

Male ??? ???

Aayalla Rand:

The palpable air of telepathic magic smacked her senses almost tangibly, the enchantment such that it caused her to momentarily wrinkle her nose in disgust.

The Church rarely employed such oppressive methods, something must have happened...

The mosaics were lost on her almost immediately, the images being striking but beyond the depictions of the Kaga itself she was simply impressed by the craftsmanship.

Aayalla's player is out for the weekend so I'll kind of roleplay some reactions and such but nothing serious.

Kavon Uday:

As soon as you glean that telepathic magic is in effect you hear the old cynean speak.

"Soon, Kavon," speaks Grimshaad's voice into your mind, "you will not soon forget the decision you made answering the summons. Your mettle will be tested, yes, but the annals of history will be engraved with the names here, yours included."


Mind-magic, a tool for the weak and powerless, literally infuses the air within the chapel and it seems to crawl along your skin like a living thing as a voice echoes softly in your mind.

"I am not a god, Brill-Mane," the voice is mechanical almost but also deeply melodic, "merely a guardian. A weapon. A shield. An adviser. A student. A teacher. But, no. Not a god."

You notice the small statuette's eyes glow white in rhythm with the voice. The bizarre old cynean nods to you knowingly.

Mosaic explanations will come once everyone has rolled on them, Aayalla excluded.

skill check:

Science: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (3) + 14 = 17
Religion: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 6 = 11

Why, thank you RNG. Great way to start the adventure!

Dom-Nhal enters the church, familiar with the Kaga in name only. The place is impressive, but the machinesmith is more distracted by one of his gadgets making a whirring clicking noise when it shouldn't be. He pulls the gizmo out and holds it between two bulky fingers, squinting at it.

Axo-Sol follows the others into the church intrigued at the lengths the church of Kaga has gone to for this assignment. Filled with questions he counsels himself, More can be learned by observing than talking. With that in mind he observes his surroundings an the others that have been summoned to this meeting.

He responds to the Prymidain, " Must be dangerous because I think we're all expendable."

skill check:

Perception: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (5) + 12 = 17
Society: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (18) + 12 = 30
Society: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (20) + 12 = 32
Society: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (3) + 12 = 15

Male ??? ???

Nice! That's everyone. I'll post the mosaics descriptions and move us along once I get home tonight at around 9pm EST. I have unexpected overtime this weekend so I gotta make the dialogue a little faster paced that originally intended. It's been two weeks and I wanna be at your first encounter by Monday, when Aayalla's player gets back.

Male ??? ???

The Three Mosaics:

The Left Mosaic(Kavon Uday & Axo-Sol): The art depicted here is known as the 'Rise of the Kaga' and marks the creation of the Kaga and its eventual triumph over the wretched First Ones.

The Right Mosaic(Kavon Uday & Axo-Sol): This panorama is considerably more controversial with those within the Church having mixed feelings about how the Kaga is portrayed. Known to some as 'Whispers of the Kaga' and others as 'Deus Ex Machina', this art-piece is rare enough to be of note regardless one's opinion.

The Center Mosaic(Anyone who rolled for the third mosaic.): This is by far the most common portrayal of the Kaga and known colloquially as 'The Return'. A representation of the Kaga returning to the world and offering its knowledge to aid humanity and its allies in the open once again.

Aayalla Rand:

The white-haired beauty sits down, the flood of ambient information about the mosaics flooding into her psyche.

This much be somewhere special to sport such finery, or perhaps the Church has grown bloated and foppish and is in need of a culling...

Onwards we go...:

Grimshaad waves a hand abruptly and the missives you each carry are immediately suspended in the air before you.

The script of each missive is magically erased and simultaneously a new document pens itself in: The 'Oath of Services & Expenses'. The Church is anything if not brutally meticulous in its dealings.

In short the document prevents the acclimation of any compensation unless the agreed upon guidelines are met. Most of the time this would mean slaying some mystical beast or defend an outpost with a following of the Kaga, but as you all ponder and/or sign the oath with the standard 'blood-print', a noise breaks the dulled silence a bit.

Sound that can be heard in the chapel is distorted and muted somewhat which makes you wonder at the noise you hear at first. Then it dawns on you: the entrance/exit has been sealed by a massive stone slab that just ground its way into place.

Perhaps there is something sinister going on after all...

"Enough doubt, adventurers," assuages Grimshaad, "the Kaga and His followers do not eat our own. We would not hire you unless we believed success was possible. That being said, however, the Kaga intervened on your behalves and sees a potential in each of you. There will be grand battles and powerful foes on your journey in His service from here, but the Rewards could shake the very foundations of the world and it would all be thanks to you."

Grimshaad smiles and no mirth radiates from him whatsoever. In fact, the old cynean breaks into a coughing fit as if out of nowhere.

"Bloodprints and we can move on, young ones, and from amongst you I require a leader or first-among-equals. He or she is needed for a very important task.

Dom-Nhal will sign his bloodprint, but glances at the others, hoping someone else will take the lead. He's an intellectual, not a leader.


Kavon signs his bloodprint with confidence, making it clear to everyone who will be the leader.

Worried about the unusual circumstances surrounding this assignment Axo-Sol pauses for a moment before giving his bloodprint. However his curiosity gets the better of him and he follows the others and leaves his mark.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Do these weak ones think to lead me?

Brill-Mane takes steps to give his blood print, his hulking form towering over everyone. He gives his blood print without hesitation. He does it with a detestful scowl.

Male ??? ???

Aayalla Rand:

The white-robed woman pricks her finger and unceremoniously marks the oath-paper.

The enuka's obvious distaste with this situation only seems to echo her feelings. People can say what they will about the enuka, but they are at least honest.

The Waygate Key and the Task At Hand-Part One:

Grimshaad smiles flatly and waves his hand yet again, the blood-marked oaths roll themselves up and float quickly to his podium where they each stack neatly upon it.

"Very well, oaths have been made and a leader has asserted himself," he nods to Kavon and then shoots a glance to Brill-Mane,"it's more a a formality for now, Brill-Mane. There will be many battles in the journey to come where leadership and cooperation will be tested, your moment may yet come."

"Now, I realize that the journey here was harsh and long, the few of you that actually arrived is a testament to that," his voice was firm but conciliatory,"as you should know that a full half of those contacted have arrived. Our sources in the Church indicate that at least two of the adventurers were ambushed on the final stretch here, evidence of dark magics and possibly locari involvement were uncovered."

Grimshaad turns and kneels behind the podium raising both arms as he does. Runes carved into his flesh grow bright with power and he slams his hands into the stone floor, the room echoing with the impact. The sound of stone scraping on stone can be heard and the old cynean stands to face you all, visible exhaustion paints his face and you can see blood dribbling gently from his hands, the runes on his arms flaring red as the life essence runs over some of them.

"The time has come to open your eyes to the true nature of the word and all that has value comes at a cost," he grunts in pain and waves you all to come to him as he seems to descend behind the pulpit.

As each of you rises to follow you notice a stairwell has been revealed carved from stone and quite large despite curving downwards at an alarming angle.

The stairwell is lit by torches with what seems to be magic as they only light the stairwell as you near them and dim as you pass. The air of the enchantments in the chapel thins and you all feel a slight breeze coming from below.

Stepping from the bottom of the stairwell you are now in a fairly large cavern and at the center of the ceiling is a hole from which light floods in.

Stalagmites and stalactites kiss all about the cavern and thick, misty white crystals seem to be wedged between many of them.

The center of the cavern is dominated by a massive stone platform where twelve large stones, each in a roughly wedge shape, rest haphazardly. A large boulder juts out nearest you all and Grimshaad stands near it, a silvery sphere hovering in the air above his head.

"Kavon Uday, you are the bearer of the Key!"

The sudden booming of his voice takes you all aback as the sphere liquefies and flies at Kavon with blinding speed and halts just in front of him.(Kavon Uday, choose a hand/arm or your eyes.)

"You are ALL now privy to knowledge of an incredible level of secrecy. Knowledge that is guarded with the lives and deaths of millions," if Grimshaad was unpleasant before this new 'drill-sergeant-like attitude,"You are now in the service of the Order of Kaga, and as such you are subordinate to me! I am your judge during your trial, for this is what you are all here for. Your task is to survive the dangers and rigors to come and accomplish the mission to the best of your abilities."

Grimshaad folds his arms behind his back and paces in front of you, he gaze is stern and a scowl causes his scarred features to crack a bit audibly, tiny shards of stone dusting the cavern floor as he walks.

"I see potential and I see flaws. Kaga knows why I was tasked with your handling but I am not one buck a challenge!"

He clicks his fingers and all of the crystalline structures in the room suddenly glow bright white and he walks over to the jutting boulder, gesturing Kavon Uday over.

"Bond with the Key and let us get this briefing over with," he rumbles and just now you all notice your mounts are being led into the cavern via some unseen path on the far side.

As he awaits the bonding, Grimshaad continues to speak, his tone shifting back to one of a kindly cleric,"The Order of the Kaga has existed since the Kaga was created and we have defended Exodus from the threat of the First Ones over the eons. They have never been truly gone, merely biding their time for the next war to come. A recent chain of earthquakes all across the world were thought to be natural but scouting parties were sent to their epicenters to assuage the Kaga's paranoia."

"We found evidence of dark and ancient magics, like that found to have slain your unfortunate fellows," his voice trails off a bit and then he continues,"far to the north of the civilized areas of the world is a land untamed and yet teeming with life. We traced an epicenter into a rugged mountain range and our scouting party was all but slaughtered, only a few returning from the fray."

"They spoke of an ancient city of marlbed gold, wreathed in vines and vegetation. Monsters of old and new stalk the area and our most recent reports speak of possible locari presence, something that cannot be tolerated."

Alright, just need to clear up the pointed stuff with Kavon Uday and we can continue. Almost there, lol.

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Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Brill-Mane Crosses his arms over his chest glaring at the small red man. This small one has no right to lead anyone. I don't even think he could lift my blade.

He lets out a low growl, but stands composed. While this wasn't often common where he came from, after all there the strongest ruled, he supposed he would go along with the leaders of this building.

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Kavon Uday meets the glare of the enuka, who is clearly displeased with the choice. "How typical of their kind, to think that brute force is everything."

The prymidian hides his disdain for now, as he stares intently at the sphere and makes a step into it.

I choose eyes.

HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

Locari? That can not be.

"Grimshaad, the Protectorate Navy is under command of my order and has a blockade on Ablis. Locari have not broken this blockade. Are you reporting you have proof they have? This needs to be made known to the Imperial Alliance at once. We should not hesitate. This needs to be confirmed or all of Exodus could be in danger."

Her hands ball up in fist as she speaks. Her words full of passion but she soon calms and waits to see how they are received.

Male ??? ???

Kavon Uday:

The silvery sphere seems to sense your decision and liquefies yet again and pouring into your eyes, a distorted thrum overwhelming your hearing for a moment.

A sensation of pain more intense than anything you've ever felt almost brings you to your knees but you endure it. The pain subsides in a matter of seconds and your mind floods with arcane symbols all superimposed on a map of Exodus but much larger.

One such symbol is precisely where the Church, or rather the Order, has sent you, this very chapel.

As you approach the jutting stone where Grimshaad stands the symbol in your mind lights up and you feel a surge of arcane energy flow through you...

NEW ABILITY: Kavon Uday, you gain 'The Waygate Key' ability: As a constant supernatural effect you can sense the presence of a Waygate within 100 miles of your person. For each 25 mile increment closer you get the symbol inside your mind becomes more distinct and once you are within 1 mile of the Waygate you begin projecting a bright white light from your eyes.

While the light is in effect you can see a trail of arcane energy that snakes its way towards the nearby Waygate.

You may suppress or generate the light emitted in this way at-will. Others see light as per the spell, projected from your eyes and effectively lighting up the same area as two light spells side-by-side with an infinite duration. This light cannot be generated outside of the 1 mile proximity of a Waygate.

The Waygate and the Task At Hand-Part Two:

The prymidian shudders as the silvery liquid invades his eye sockets and he surprisingly does not falter as a trickle of blood-like tears drips out of each eye briefly.

"Good, this will aid you in this and any future tasks, should you all survive this Trial of course," Grimshaad grunts.

As Kavon gathers himself and approaches the jutting stone, light pours from his eyes and the once lifeless stonework explodes with activity. The jutting boulder seems to disassemble like some arcane puzzle box and reassembles into a stone dais with a dial suspended at its top and arcane runes flaring to life all floating in a circle around the dial. (Only one of the symbols is white in your head, Kavon, and the others are a red.)

The stone wedges on the nearby platform float into the air in a grand and synchronized fashion, each glowing from within and forming a circle suspended just shy of the platform itself.

"Reach forward and select the only glowing symbol with the dial," Grimshaad instructs Kavon.

The prymidian nods and with a quick turn of the arcane dial an audible *WHOOSH!* can be heard and the circle of stones above the platform are now ringing and shimmering almost water-like image of a dark cave-like locale, the stone and lighting starkly different from the cavern you all stood in now.

"And now for the mission parameters," Grimshaad smiles thinly and as he speaks again you all notice your mounts are each being taken into the large portal one by one,"and thus your journey begin, Initiates. This Waygate leads far to the north of this civilized land and I am sure we both know that things are pretty wild and deadly in those parts. You are to journey to the ruined city, the one mentioned by our scouts, and procure any and all items of value. Records of any kind take precedence over weapons but nothing is wasted. You will each be awarded a hefty sum and full Agent status should you endure this Trial."

"Once you leave the cave on the other side you will journey northeast until you see the city and then return once your task in complete. The city is quite striking and should not be hard to stop from a good vantage point in the mountains."

"You will have two weeks to do this and the scouting parties have relayed that the journey to the city from the Waygate is closer to 5 days than 7, but the locals may may this more than difficult for you to accomplish."

As Grimshaad finishes you notice the last mount disappear into the portal and the small cloaked figure return into the darkness of the far side of the cavern.

The old cynean smiles broadly this time and nods,"Well, I suggest you hurry through to get to your animals. the intel we have suggests some rather large locals in the vicinity of the other Waygate."

Alright, and now begins the campaign, the beginning sequence over. Your actions are now yours. No more auto-piloting down flights of stairs and such on my behalf. Your task is known, the shimmering portal looms and the muffled sounds from your mounts can be heard through the arcane barrier. What. Do. You. Do?

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Brill-Mane steps forth, still amazed by how tiny everyone is. I should be in front. Otherwise I may not be able to see as well in these... open areas.


"Let's decide our order when we see the vicinity of the Waygate."

Kavon steps into the portal, his revolver ready and the light from his eyes suppressed. Who knows, what kind of people will be on the other side?

HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

"It is my duty to go now. Either through oath here or the potential threat."

Aayalla strides forward. As she does she pulls back the the left side of her robe. Hanging there a metallic hilt inlaid with crystals. The hilt floats off of her belt into her now extended hand where a brilliant blade of blue energy forms from it. She turns her head.

"So you expect resistance on the other side of this. Then we should hurry before our mounts are at risk."

She then steps through.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Brill-Mane sighs as no one listens and the enuka steps through the waygate.

Male ??? ???

Aayalla Rand:

"Miss Rand, the Order and your compatriots are not enemies but understand our realms of investigation and power do not intersect as often as they should," Grimshaad almost sounds disappointed, "the truth of it is, the locari are not what most have been led to believe. But, for now, you must undertake this Trial. Prove yourself in the days that follow and all will be revealed. Unity will be our greatest strength."

Grimshaad's words carry through the portal clearly, as if projected from the very structure itself...


"I suggest you join your compatriots, Axo-Sol."

Uttering words of power and creating symbols of arcane might in the air, Grimshaad summons a gust of wind unlike any other and you are swept into the portal forcibly and land gingerly on the other side...

The Other Side...:

As each of you traverses the portal you feel a momentary lurching nausea and then your first step through touches solid ground.

The cave beyond is dimly lit by glowing crystalline structures and your mounts are all munching on a few piles of feed, content to eat after the unsettling journey they just took.

"Two weeks, Initiates, and then we send a team for your remains," Grimshaad's voice echoes quietly in the chamber as the portal closes and evaporates in a *THMP!* and a mild blast of air that causes a few of the mounts to bray as they realize they don't recognize any smells nearby anymore.

The growing noise is soon joined by a thud, thud, thud, THUD, THUD!

Two voices can be heard just outside and they are coming from something rather large...

Cavern Layout:

The mounts are arrayed on the far side of the cavern and the Waygate sits in the center, the wedge pieces still in place above the platform.

Kavon Uday: The small dais for this Waygate is still activated as well but none of the runic symbols are glowing white, they are all red.

You all are standing just beyond the platform and are about 75ft from the only exit which is carved right into the rock in a snaking tunnel. Light can be seem on the ground in the direction of the exit and the thuds cease in the mere moments you take to analyze the situation.

The animals begin pacing and nuzzling their master's seeking comfort.

Whatever is outside is having some kind of weird argument, two voices can be heard but only one pair of thuds were heard a moment ago...

Skill Check:

SPECIFIC: What language is that?
If You Have Giant As A Language: Roll A Perception Check For Interpretation Accuracy.

HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

Aayalla embraces the head of her mount as it nuzzles her for comfort. She pulls a sugar cube and feeds it to him and gives his head a pat. She then takes a step forward to listen to the voices before turning to the others and offering a shrug as she can hear them fine but knows not what they say. She waits to see if any among the group understand.

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The topaz Cynean adjusts a holographic looking dial on his gauntlets and checks his equipment over after the portal closes.

He tilts his head when he hears arguing outside. "I do not understand what they say, but they do not sound like friendlies." he whispers.

In preparation for a fight, he pulls out one of his gadgets and activates it. The metal orb pops open into a spider-like drone and skitters across his arm to his back and there it sits, stretching it's limbs down the back of his arms. Nodes on the limbs glow faintly with yellow light.

Once the spider locks into place, he taps something on the side of his gauntlets and the emitters on the palms crackles with the same colored light. He places his palms together and slowly pulls them apart. As he does so you can see the shaft of a weapon appearing, it being created bit by bit by his gauntlets as he pulls his hands apart.

Casting Bull's Strength on myself. Using 2 charges of my Greatwork to craft a Masterwork Longspear for use.
Science to craft: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (11) + 19 = 30
Nice! Masterwork it is!
The spear is a beautiful piece, seemingly made of fine red-stained hardwood and tipped with a blade worked in the visage of a stylistic flame.

He grips the spear in his oversized gauntlets and looks at everyone else, nodding.

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"Never hasty, never hasty,"Axo-Sol mutters to himself as Grimshaad encourages him along. Then he is take by surprise when the wind carries him away.

He collects himself and gets his bearings when he hears the raised voices. He cautions himself, This cant be good. He looks to the other Cynean and nods his head, "Agreed sounds like trouble."

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

perception: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (12) + 5 = 17

Brill-Mane glances around hoping the voice is within his line of sight.


"Let's scout ahead. Anyone wants to go with me?" asks Kavon.

He checks the cylinder, making sure it is full, and takes a couple of steps forward, looking expectantly the others.

"Skulking is not my specialty," Axol-Sol responds to the anointed leader. He continues, "But you should not go alone." He arranges his gear and prepares to move forward with Kavon.

Extracts Prepared:

Here are the extracts I have prepared for this adventuring day.
1st- Cure Light Wounds, Enlarge Person, Long Arm, True Strike, Open
2nd- Invisibility, Barkskin, Open

HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

Seeing the others prepare for hostile negotiations Aayalla takes a moment. Her eyes shut as she gathers the surrounding energy. Those with knowledge of it can feel the psychic energy being pulled toward her as her robes begin to shimmer with a soft white glow. If any has had dealings with the Janissarie before then it is possible you have heard the name of the famed hunter. The White Robe. Could this be her?

She shakes her head toward Kavon at the mention of scouting. She waves everyone in close.

"If none can understand then we must prepare for assault. I am not well versed in stealth or sneaking around. It will require a direct assault or we set and ambush and draw them in. I suggest ambush, but I am not the leader. What say you Kavon?"

Spend 3pp on Inertial Armor 4 hour duration

@All you should use smaller text to note you are whispering or state that you are. If we can hear them, they can hear us.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Brill-mane grabs Kavon. No one goes out of my sight small one.


"Grab me like that again and you will find some new holes in you that shouldn't be there." hisses Kavon.

He draws breath and quickly considers Aayalla's words.
"Then we vote. Ambush or direct approach?"

Kavon looks at everyone. "I'm with Aayalla on this - ambush is rarely a bad option."

Prymidian casts a hesitant glance at Brill-Mane. I hope he doesn't have some foolish "code of honor".

@Aayalla - Good point.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

All right then small one. But be careful if you are hurt and I cannot see you, I cannot come and save you from your arrogance. Just go walk some distance away and leave my sight if you feel brave little ones. Brill-Mane says with a strait face. He sounds as of he is talking to little children.

HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

"If it is to be and ambush then we need to know what each other is capable of. We will also need bait, unless the large one there continues to talk in such a manner to attract them in. I can strike at close range and up close. I am Aayalla Rand The White Robe of the Order of the Janissarie. My specialty is interrogation and Bladed combat. I could feint injury and call for help and lore them in why the rest of you lay in wait. Unless one of you has a better plan."

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

I am Brill-Mane little white robe. I can do some things, heal, throw rocks, and shoot my brills. This swords on my back isn't for show either. Though my sight isn't the best. I do believe an ambush is smart. I could be bait. After all you are all to tiny to be more than a bite sized treat.

HP: 52/85 | AC: 29 | T: 18 | FF: 22 | CMD: 24, FF: 17 | F: 8, R: 19, W: 11 | Init: +9 | Perception +15

"Sweet of you to offer. Perhaps play up your vision issue then. Get them in close. We will take cover and attack on your signal. So now what will the signal be big fella."

I realized all of this may be for nothing depending on what they are actually saying. Need GM :)

Male ??? ???

BRILL-MANE: The Weird Conversation...:

As you all discuss the coming strategic approach to what can only be considered something waiting outside to hurt you, Brill-Mane's ears perk up and he smiles as he pinpoints the dialect of the beastie: Hill Giant.

VOICE ONE: "Wazzat, Throg?"

THROG(Voice Two): "Sounds like brek'fist, Grombol!"

GROMBOL(Voice One): "Won't da' king be wantin' sumfink from'em?"

THROG: "Wot e' don't know won't 'urt 'im, me boy. 'Asides 'at, you won't say nuttin. Git me, Grombol?!"

A wet crack and a cry of pain rings out in the cavern.

GROMBOL: "I gets ya', Throg. No need ta' gets violents or nuttin..."

THROG: "Gud. Them sounds be comin' from dem der rocks. Gets ready.."

The voice of Throg seems to drop to a very audible whisper towards the end.

Sorry about the wait. This overtime out of nowhere is kickin' my butt.

"I am a Forger, and a tinkerer on my own time. I make things and create gadgets that make lives easier. We should move, they have gone quiet." Dom-Nhal whispers

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Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

Don't move, Brill-Mane says in the common tongue. They are on their way. Hide, and let me. When I launch myself at them that is the signal.

A grin spread across the Enuka's face. He then shouted in a booming voice, in a language none of the rest of you understand.

In Giant:
Grombol, Throg? Dat you? Be lookin for food for da King. No see nuttin doe

Male ??? ???

The Exchange(In Giant):

Throg: "Huh?"

Throg's voice is genuinely confused.

Grombol: "Ah, dat's funny, Throg. E' say e's looking inside the mount'n fer food."

Throg: "I 'erd 'im, Grombol!" snaps the clearly more dominant one, "You, dere', in the mount'n. How'd you get in dere'? We can't seem ta' find the ways in."

Grombol: "Throg, you said 'we'! Dat's nice 'o ya'!"

Throg: "Shut ya' trap, Grombol, I's be talkin'!"

Another smack like earlier elicits a wimper.

Throg: "Why d'ya keep makin' me do that, Grombol? HEY, you in da' mount'n. C'mere, and share da' 'orses at leas'! Could use sum mut'n in me diet. An' don't keep lyin', I can smell 'em from 'ere!"

Kavon: You can understand everything Brill-Mane is saying and can glean from the thickly accented voices the general vibe of the conversation.

Brill-Mane: Influence can be done to lie if you'd like but if they can't see you the odds are very good they'll call your bluff.

Axo-Sol holds his tongue deciding that he cannot talk his companions out of the upcoming battle. Eventually he tries to find a position of concealment.

Male Enuka hp: 66/66| AC 22|Fort+7| Ref +3| Will +3| DR 3/-| Speed 40 ft| Perception +5| Init +2| 0 lvl 5| 1 lvl 6/6 Barbarian 2/ Oracle 3

In Giant:

Da 'orses be for da king Throg. I get in by the bac'. There's a hole dere. But' if you jus' smell da' 'orses you be missin out. 'eres a big 'izzard too. Da' King gonna wans da' 'orses but we no need to say nuttin bout da 'izzard. Jus come round da back.

Influence: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (16) + 3 = 19 Please dice Gods don't fail me now.

Male ??? ???

The Exchange: Part Two(In Giant):

Throg: "Mmm, 'izzard. You always liked 'izzard, Grombol, yah?"

Grombol: "We gots some deer fat fer a gud rub," the excitement in their voices is obvious,"should be d'lishus."

Grunts and scrabbling along the mountain wall outside can be heard and then you hear the first step into the cave entrance.

Throg: "So, 'twas magics stuffs, Grombol, made some fake rocks o'er da' cave. Cleva', cleva'. 'Ey, you in dere, whas'yer name, eh? We likes ta' know da' name of gud friends."

The term 'friends' seems forced and as you contemplate how to respond, the first giant's head rounds the first curve in the cavern exit.

ENCOUNTER #1: Throg & Grombol:

The first head that appears around the corner is gnarled and broken. It seems as though years of harsh living has taken its toll, scarring from frequent battles has made an already ugly mien that much more disturbing.

As you all come to grips with the first head you notice the height of this giant is easily greater than others of its kind, a head and shoulders above most of its kin from your reckoning, and its musculature somehow leaner. The hides of what seems to be deer, wolves, and even bears is draped across its body with a large bound sack at its waist.

It wields two massive iron-spiked clubs, one in each hand, and hefts them with ease as it comes around the corner.

The giant's stature is by far not the strangest aspect of the creature as a second head peaks around the bend on the same set of shoulders! This head is markedly less scarred and right from the get-go is much dopier in appearance, as it is somehow younger. This thought causes a lurch in your guts as you notice a thick scar between each of the creature's necks...

EVERYONE ROLL INITIATIVE: Thanks to Brill-Mane somehow bluffing this damn thing (props by the way :D) you've all gained the element of surprise and have the jump on the two-headed giant! Everyone gets one free shot at the beastie and then roll initiative. That's one round of actions and initiative rolls following.

With little heed for his own safety Axo-Sol rushes in and thrusts the blade of his long spear at the ugliest of the two hulking beasts.

Long Spear (Power attack): 1d20 + 10 - 1 ⇒ (12) + 10 - 1 = 21
Damage: 1d8 + 12 ⇒ (6) + 12 = 18
Initiative: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Throng sounds uglier to me but you decide.


Kavon quickly fires two rounds from his Gypnos, filling the cave with echoes from the shots.

Rapid Shot
Attack 1: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (17) + 8 = 25
Damage 1: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (1) + 6 = 7

Attack 2: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (19) + 8 = 27
Damage 2: 1d8 + 6 ⇒ (6) + 6 = 12

Initiative: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

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