PFS PbP Gameday 3 #6–04: Beacon Below (Inactive)

Game Master Hayato Ken

Starting on November 1. i´ll run this game.
You can see the anouncement thread o here.
4 spots are still free!
Tier is 7-8 so far.

All PC´s must be PFS legal!

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Darmiamus is ready for duty: Level 8 Magus

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I'll be running a level 7 pregen Bloodrager. He'll kick some butt. :)

I hope so^^

Here he is in all his glory. :)

I suggest you change that name!
Just take any generic name you like, but after 10 posts it will be stuck^^

There we go, now it's generic and I can use it for another pregen later on. :)

I'd like to put my name in the hat with Oloch, the Pregen Warpriest. I'll create a profile when we get started.

Jooker you´re nr. 3 then.
You´re familiar with Pathfinder Society play and the rules, etc?

Yep, I know jooker IRL, he's very familiar with PFS. We run a regular game weekly using roll20. :)

Good, saves me lots of explainings^^ :D

Alrighty then here we go.

Just to say, from my point of view, you can name your alias however you want to. I recommend some name you can potentially use for several characters.
Just put the details of the pregen onto the alias page then.

I´m stuck myself with several alii i don´t really use anymore, most from PbP campaigns that were over before they really started somehow.
So i tend to put them to use again and try to develop names that are multiusable, gender and race independant.

#1 cartmannbeck
#2 jooker
#3 Darmiamus

Could use at least one more player^^

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I'll have to update Sveinki's alias with his info, but he is a Level 7 Dwarven Inquisitor if that works for the final slot.

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#1 cartmannbeck
#2 jooker
#3 Darmiamus
#4 Sveinki Uðr

Welcome Sveinki Uðr!

I like that ð in your name ;)

Do you mind opening the gameplay thread so it shows in our logs?

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Hayato Ken wrote:
I like that ð in your name ;)

Thanks. Two ðs in one game!

Gameplay and discussion are open for those selected.
Still some free place.

Still two free spots. Tier 7-11 fun anyone?

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