PFS 3-13: Quest for Perfection part III - Defenders of Nesting Swallow (Inactive)

Game Master Aeshuura

In search of the descendant of Li Yao, the PCs head to the village of Nesting Swallow.

Nesting Swallow Map

Lantern Lodge complete

Osirion complete

Andoran complete

Grand Lodge complete

Defense points: 19

The PCs arrive in the vicinity of Nesting Swallow after the events of the first two installments of The Quest for Perfection story arc. Their goal is to find Li Yao’s descendant and reactivate the Braid of a Hundred Masters,
which they retrieved in The Edge of Heaven and transported across the Tuunma River in On Hostile Waters. Though it may sound as though their lengthy journey is finally at an end, complications arise soon after the adventurers reach the farmlands surrounding Nesting Swallow.