Out of the Abyss


For HP, you can choose to either roll, or take the "average", as listed in the PHB, or roll and then choose.

A female dwarf. Former shield dwarf, of Gauntlgrym, extremely loyal. Was captured by the drow, but escaped with the characters
-Topsy and Turvy
Two male deep gnomes. They are brothers and are very loyal to each other. One is very quiet, while the other is more outspoken. Was captured by the drow, but escaped by the characters.
A male deep gnome. Quite roguish, loves gambling, and was caught spying on the drow for the deep gnomes. Knows quite a lot about the underdark. Was captured by the drow, but escaped worth the characters.
A human, gender was not mentioned yet. Was rescued from corrupt myconids by the party, after surviving horrible mutations. Was part of one of the characters scientific expeditions into the underdark, but was captured by the duregar and somehow ended up with the myconids.
A male myconid. From neverlight grove, and was captured by the drow, but managed to escape with the characters. Managed to guide them to Neverlight Grove