Out of the Abyss


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Sorry, I'm going to have to pass. I'm struggling to find time to even finish off my character, so it's unlikely I will have the time to regularly post either. Sorry.

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When is selection?

Yes, when is selection? I've got my (heavily customized) character all typed up now...

Sorry, had tons of irl stuff. If you would like to join, but have not submitted, please submit your character. Once you do so, I shall present my choices. Sorry for the late post.

Well, this is my (Alyksandrei's) submission. Let me know if you need me to change anything. She's heavily customized.

Are you shutting down recruitment on any particular day?

Still very interested in the game. This character has been dredged up from my High School days playing 1E.

Recruitment shut down. Thanks! Here are my choices:
Foddyn Male Rock Gnome Range-Daniel Stewart
Sen (Alias is Synna) Female drow/high elf hybrid(a custom race) sniper/scout(a custom class)-Alyksandrei
Dierdon D'atarisian Male Moon Elf Fighter-Filios
Carson Jarroc Male Human Cleric-GM Hands of Fate
Lanzera Male Human Rogue-W E Ray

Thanks for the selection! How do we get to Gameplay Thread.


Congrats to the chosen, best of luck!

Liberty's Edge

will get alias set up and get him up and running asap..thanks for including me!

Woo Hoo!

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