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Game Master Shadowtail24

Pharast 6, 4707 A.R.
Ranks (WaW): Thrune->Charthagnion->Henderthane->Jeggare->Narikopolus->Ler oung->Sarini

Fight Map

Quest Mechanics:

You'll begin this quest without having any memories of the past two years. That includes all of you time n the Tadloton Mercenary Guild, and in Tiashan. It also includes your level progression for levels 1-5. Your memory will not affect any skills (except knowledge), actions, abilities, or spells that you know. I know any scientist will dislike the term muscle memory, but you can basically act as if you know how to do all of your abilities as reactions instead of purely conscious thought. Knowledge checks will all take a -2 penalty, with some other modifications based on whether or now you would have learned that in the "dark years".

Very Important: in many games, spoilers are only somewhat important. In this game they are VERY important. Please only read and or act on spoilers that you have in game access to.

Playstyle mechanics:

I will often bot trivial actions or rolls, especially saves and initiatives. When I introduce combat I'll roll everyone's initiative, including the enemies, and post the order. Anyone that acts ahead of the enemies can post, and I will reconcile actions before acting for the enemies. For fights where it will be important, I'll include a map for spacing reference. I usually side on Rules as Intended over Rules as Written, but that's not a firm line. I have no problem at all with you asking about doing something that may or may not fit the rules.

Party Characters


• Male Half-elf Slayer (Sniper)

Personality: Brash, witty, clever, over the top, silly, divisive

Motivation: Seeks attention and acceptance, personality is mostly self-contrived

Combat Style/Role: Ranged

Adventuring Role: Ranger/Rogue abilities

Specific Included Gear: N/A

Quick background: [redacted]


• Male Elf Ranger (Dandy, Skirmisher)

Personality: noble, controlled, cautious, nervous,

Motivation: Seeks to create his own legacy, doesn’t realize that he does enjoy what he rebelled against

Combat Style/Role: TWF

Adventuring role: Information gathering, especially in social situations, presents access to nobility

Specific Included Gear: 2 Masterwork Shorts Swords +1 (any enchantment) (These are blades that are passed down the line in Alden’s family, and contain ornately detailed engravings and designs.)

Quick background: Alden grew up in nobility, but the noble life outlined by his family wasn’t the life he wanted. The hours spent with tutors, lessons, classes, and fanciful dinners, both real and practice, taught him manners, proper decorum, and everything else that was expected of the nobility. But Alden considered them wasted hours, and as soon as he came of age he ran away from home to seek out adventure. He considered it running away, but really he told both his parents that he was leaving and they didn’t take any actions to stop him.


• Male Human Fighter

Personality: Reserved, mysterious stranger

Motivation: [redacted]

Combat style: Tank

Adventuring role: Intimidation

Specific Included Gear: [redacted]

Quick background: [redacted]


• Male Dwarf Skald

Personality: Confident, decisive, leads because he feels he has to

Motivation: correct past mistakes

Combat style: combat support/control, frontline

Adventuring role: Leadership, direction, contacts

Specific Included Gear: Masterwork +1 Earthbreaker (Any echantment)

Quick background: [redacted]

Tarken Jeryl:

• Male Dragonborn Oracle (Life) of Erastil

Personality: subservient, inquisitive, hesitant, reserved

Motivation: make a life for himself, serve those around him

Combat style: Healing, combat support, frontline

Adventuring role: Healing, resources, divine

Specific Included Gear: [redacted]

Quick background: Tarken’s clan was raided before he reached adult hood. The dragonborn were still an unknown entity at the time, and the raiders feared the strength and brutality that they fought with, not knowing that it came only in defense of themselves. They eliminated the entire adult population of the clan, even after the dragonborn had surrendered. They enslaved everyone underage, and Tarken was sold from one master to another. Eventually, he was bought and freed by a priest of Erastil, where he took up the service to the deity. The work in the domains of Good, Law and Community helped heal the scars of his past, and set him on a path of service.

Sydney White:

• Female Samsaran Witch (Hedge)

Personality: paranoid, investigative, intrusive, reserved

Motivation: [redacted]

Combat style: Combat control/support, Healing

Adventuring role: Information gathering, surveillance, infiltration

Specific Included Gear: None

Quick background: [redacted]

Adrien Tansar:

• Male Elf Slayer

Personality: cold, spiteful, twisted, vengeful

Motivation: Vengeance on the ruling class that

Combat style: DPS

Adventuring role: Interrogation, infiltration

Specific Included Gear: Masterwork +1 melee weapon (any enchantment), Signet rings

Quick background: A childhood as the constant victim has hardened into an assassin that almost wants to kill as much as he is contracted to kill. His preferred targets include the ruling class and anyone involved in the Chelish government that condones and even encourages such practices. He knows he is slowly becoming the like the people he despises, but he is driven to continue anyway.