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Combat map / Farshore map / Dungeon map

Marching order:
Linah, Zstelian, Khaz, Kyson, Sekathral.


What to do in Farshore:


Lavinia Vanderboren, heiress to the Vanderboren estate
A young woman in her early 20s, Lavinia Vanderboren has called you together to ask for your help.

Vanthus Vanderboren, Lavinia's brother
Apparently a member of the Lotus Dragons thieves guild, who killed his former friend Penkus and tried to trap the PCs on Parrot Isle. Was sleeping with Rowyn Kellani, the leader of the Lotus Dragons, as well as a thief-turned-artist named Brissa Santos.

Kora Whistlegap, Vanderboren major domo
An older halfling woman, Kora was Lavinia's right-hand woman before she was killed in a bullywayg attack on the Vanderboren manor.

The Jade Ravens, a group of mercenaries in the Vanderborens' employ.
Tolin Kientai: The self-proclaimed leader of the Ravens, Tolin is as vain and brash as he is handsome, though he's overshadowed in at least the latter regard by Silvio.
Zan Oldavin: A jaunty, flamboyant half-elf with a large dagger collection, whose irrepressible attitude gets him into trouble at times with the authorities.
Kaskus Kiel: The dwarf was rescued from slavery by Lavinia's father and hopes someday to return to his mountain home. Tends to be the most sober of the Ravens, especially since his companion was killed in the bullywug assault on the manor.
Liamae Teslikaria: A beautiful sorceress, much of her haughtiness has evaporated since she had to be rescued during the bullywug attack. Somewhat capricious, she seems happy and enthusiastic in her relationship with Silvio at least as long as he continues to ply her with gifts and flattery.

The Survivors:
Amella Venkalie: The captain of the Sea Wyvern, a tough sailor with a mouth that can put Sekathral's to shame.
Avner Meravanchi: An arrogant, insufferable noble from Eleder, with his horse Thunderstrike.
Urol Forol: A gnomish naturalist with previous experience on the Isle of Dread.
Tavey Nesk: The cabin boy who worshipped Silvio as a hero.

Lord Manthalay Meravanchi: A towering, handsome man with a well-groomed beard and bear
Professor Hevrik Aldwattle: a member of village council
Vesserin Catherly: priest of Sarenrae and keeper of the Farshore Chapel, and a member of village council
Telda Syreen: a member of village council
Ulvar Kabbanja: a member of village council

Eleder Personalities
Keltar Islaran, harbormaster, found dead

Harliss Jarvell, pirate of the Crimson Fleet
Group aided her during a fight with transformed savage creatures on Kraken's Cove. Has a grudge against Vanthus Vanderboren.

The Lotus Dragons thieves guild
Operate from a warren below the streets of the Sunrise District. A map in their quarters had blue, red and gold pins scattered through Eleder, including a gold pin on the Vanderboren Estate, a red flag on the Islaran estate; a blue flag on the Kellani estate; and blue and gold flags on some of the city watch garrisons.

Nemian Roblach, Taxidermist's Guildhall proprietor
Apparently gifted with some magical abilities, he ran the Taxidermist's Guildhall, acting as eyes and ears for the Lotus Dragons.

Soller Vark, smuggler
A bald Mwangi man with a jagged scar running down one arm. He was apparently trying to use the Blue Nixie for his own smuggling purposes until the PCs killed several of his men and chased him off. He escaped onto shore.

Vanderboren Manor:

Map of manor

Room 1: Atrium
Room 2: Statuary
Room 3: Library
Room 4: Study
Room 5: Gallery
Room 6: Trophy hall
Room 7: Courtyard
Room 8: Kennels
Room 9: Storage
Room 10: Servant's quarters
Room 11: Ballroom
Room 12: Private dining hall
Room 13: Washroom
Room 14: Privy
Room 15: Hidden armory
Room 16: Guest rooms (if any of you are staying at the manor (which I can't remember right now, this may be your room)
Room 17: Laboratory
Room 18: Family shrine
Room 19: Training hall
Room 20: Laundry
Room 21: Balcony
Room 22: Kitchen
Room 23: Basement
Room 24: Reservoir
Room 25: Lavinia's room
Room 26: Vanthus' room
Room 27: Master bedroom

The Blue Nixie:

The Blue Nixie
B1: Main deck
B2: Quarterdeck
B3: Foc's'le deck
B4: Sail locker
B5: Chain locker
B6: Wardroom
B7: Officer's quarters
B8: Captain's quarters
B9: Galley
B10: Hold
B11: Crew quarters
B12: Brig
B13: Bilge access

Penkus' note from Parrot Island:

The scroll appears to be scribbled in common:
These bones once be Penkus, so if ye read this, I be dead, laid low by the sick put on me by that foul dead thing! Yet even as me flesh wracks, know t'was not the dead what brought my doom, but one I 'til recently called friend!

Vanthus Vanderboren! Your name fills me with bile! Spineless, treacherous cur! You left us here to die. You left ME here to die, after all what I done t'get ye into th'Lotus! Yer designs on the Lady of the Lotus be clear now, and with meself out th'way ... ye doubtless move even now into power, slithering amid my vacancy like a hermit crab in a shell, or a cadaver worm to still warm flesh. CURSE UPON YE!

To th'one what reads this: If ye have any honor of vengeance in yer soul, know that Vanthus must die. He dwells in the lap o' th'Lotus, below the'Taxidermist's Hall. Seek him there, but 'fore he died he must ken it were Penkus what undid him and guides yer killing blow.

And if, by some cruel spite of fate, it be ye what reads this, Vantus, know with certainty I wait for ye in Hell, where I intend t'rival the pit itself in yer torment!

The Lotus Dragon's note:

Scribbled in common is a brief message:
"You are being watched by the Lotus Dragon. Your questions will bring you misery -- it's best to sit back and let things happen as they will. Further interference will only bring you tears."

GM's dice "macros"
[ spoiler=Initiative]
Khazmia: [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Kyson: [dice]1d20+9[/dice]
Linah: [dice]1d20+9[/dice]
Sekathral: [dice]1d20+4[/dice]
Zstelian: [dice]1d20+3[/dice]
Antagonist: [dice]1d20+4[/dice]

[ Spoiler=Perception checks]
Khazmia: [dice]1d20+2[/dice]
Kyson: [dice]1d20+20[/dice]
Linah: [dice]1d20+5[/dice]
Sekathral: [dice]1d20+14[/dice]
Zstelian: [dice]1d20+15[/dice]
Antagonist: [dice]1d20+[/dice]