Motteditor's Ironfang Invasion PBP

Game Master motteditor

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[ spoiler=Initiative]
[dice=Isabella (+2 in forests)]1d20+5[/dice]

[ spoiler=Perception]
[dice=Garrivek (+2 stonecunning)]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=Isabella (+2 in forests)]1d20+9[/dice]

[ spoiler=Stealth]
[dice=Isabella (+2 in forests)]1d20+10[/dice]


Survivors can carry things for you and may be able to help with skills and other such activities. Beginning on the second round of any combat, you can order a single follower to assist you as a move action. If you succeed at a DC 12 Diplomacy or Intimidate check, you gains a +2 aid another bonus on your next check, or to your Armor Class for 1 round (of course, that does potentially put the NPC in the line of fire too). Aubrin -- as you've seen -- has more skills and abilities, but she's got limited eye sight and as noted is suffering from the effects of her injuries.

What PCs can do in the woods:
* Assist: NPCs can assist a PC or NPC with any skill they’re trained in, automatically granting a +2 aid another bonus.
* Build Shelter: Creating a shelter for one Medium-sized creature requires a successful DC 12 Craft or Survival check. For every 2 points by which the result exceeds 12, the shelter can accommodate one additional Medium-sized creature. These shelters are simple and cold, but enough to prevent a character from being fatigued from lack of shelter.
* Craft: With access to the necessary tools, NPCs can craft finished goods for the PCs upon request, using the normal Craft skill rules (Core Rulebook 91).
* Forage or Hunt: Characters who spend a full day hunting or gathering and succeed at a DC 10 Survival check gain 1 Provision Point. Characters gain 1 additional Provision Point for every 2 by which the result exceeds 10.
* Scout: NPCs trained in Survival or Stealth can scout the area or keep an eye on Phaendar for the PCs. With a successful DC 10 Survival check, an NPC can either discover one point of interest in the area (such as an encounter location) or reduce the chances for a random encounter by 5%. An NPC who succeeds at this skill check by 5 or more can identify one danger in the area of the encounter (if any exist).
* Stand Watch: An NPC can stand watch, attempting Perception checks and even confronting danger while the PCs rest uninterrupted.
* Support: One or more NPCs can follow the PCs to assist them, carrying equipment, standing watch at temporary camps (see below), and providing skills the PCs may lack. NPCs hold back from combat, but should the PCs lose a fight, the NPCs attempt to drag their unconscious leaders to safety.
* Use Skill: NPCs can use any of their listed skills on the PCs’ behalf, such as using Handle Animal to train captured animals, Heal to provide long-term care, or Knowledge to answer questions for the PCs.

Jet: Jet keeps the resources maintained, making sure the refugees use the most perishable items first and helping people pack balanced loads. She knows many stories and songs that she shares with the others. So long as Jet oversees the cooking, the camp generates 1 additional Provision Point each day.
Oreld: Oreld gathers materials from the woods to make rudimentary potions. Every day, he can make 1 dose of bloodroot poison, one tanglefoot bag, or one vial of antitoxin, but doing so prevents him from working on any other tasks that day.

Provision Points
The AP simplifies dealing with supplies with a subsystem called Provision Points. One Provision Point sustains a person for 1 day and consists of a half-gallon of fluid (clean water, or ale, broth, cider, goat’s milk, or sheep’s milk) and 3 to 5 pounds of stable food (apples, berries, bread, dried boar, dried venison, hard cheese, mushrooms, nuts, pickled vegetables, and smoked trout). Each Provision Point of resources weighs about 10 pounds. Together one trail ration and a waterskin also translate to 1 Provision Point, but weigh only 5 pounds.

Consuming only half a Provision Point per day sustains a character, but leaves that person distracted and irritable. A character who eats only a half portion takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls, damage rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and saving throws until she consumes a full portion. If a person eats half provisions more than 3 days a week, she doesn’t have enough body fat to endure starvation for long, and must begin making Constitution checks each day to avoid taking nonlethal damage. You can also go without any provisions for a day, but that obviously will incur penalties too.