Kyten's 8-06 Reaping What We Sow (Classic) Harvest Fun Mystery (Inactive)

Game Master Incendiaeternus

8-06 Reaping What We Sow (Classic) for PFS

GM Notes:

[dice=Donna Pude]1d20+2[/dice
[dice=Hrarsk Hghaftig]1d20+7[/dice
[dice=Merrill Alfasier]1d20+8[/dice
[dice=Oops Singebottom]1d20+2[/dice

[dice=Donna Pude]1d20+5[/dice
[dice=Hrarsk Hghaftig]1d20+4[/dice
[dice=Merrill Alfasier]1d20+5[/dice
[dice=Oops Singebottom]1d20+3[/dice

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

When the flames of revolution swept through Galt, the Society lost much of what it held there: dozens of agents, several lodges, and the fellowship of countless contacts who foreswore the Society rather than become targets themselves. Although Venture-Captain Eliza Petulengro has reestablished a foothold in the country, she needs to rebuild her network of allies. One of the most important figures resides in Rosehaven, a small village due to celebrate its yearly festival of light and forgiveness. Petulengro hopes that an entourage of Pathfinders might participate in the festivities and endear itself to the Society’s former friend. Past evils have other plans, however, and unless the PCs can keep their wits about them, they might not just lose sight of the mission; they might lose their lives.


The Flaxseed Lodge - A lot of useful things can be found here, definitely worth a good read.