Kingmaker: Stolen Lands of the Shining

Game Master BloodWolven

Here are the Create a Nation
Ruling a Kingdom
Building a City

Resources and loot.
NPCs, please check and add info.

Stolenlands map, Thanks to Tristan and Quince!

Kingdom Stats
More Accurate Kingdom Stats

Warden's Fight!

Initiative and Perception:

[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 7[/dice] Kevros
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 4[/dice] Cleo
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 3[/dice] Quince
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 7[/dice] Jorne
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 5[/dice] Selena
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 4[/dice] Katrina
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 + 4[/dice] Krazok
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 +[/dice] Saren
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 +[/dice] Liz
[dice=Initiative] 1d20 +[/dice] Sulvanii

[dice=perception] 1d20 + 16[/dice] Kevros
[dice=perception] 1d20 + 9[/dice] Cleo
[dice=perception] 1d20 + 5[/dice] Quince
[dice=perception] 1d20 + 6[/dice] Jorne
[dice=perception] 1d20 + 13[/dice] Selena
[dice=perception] 1d20 + 10[/dice] Katrina
[dice=perception] 1d20 + 5[/dice] Krazok
[dice=perception] 1d20 +[/dice] Saren
[dice=perception] 1d20 +[/dice] Liz

Oleg's Trading Post

Ivory Lass

Stolenlands map, Thanks to Tristan and Quince

Simple Crest thanks to Quince. Bb_Q/edit?usp=sharing

Awesome Crest thanks to Quince. LMUo/edit?usp=sharing

the List:

There are many luxary items on the list and larger items that might draw unwanted attention. There is actually two lists:

In two weeks to be deposited:
4 alchmist fire
4 flasks of acid
4 Thunderstones
5 jars of rasberry jelly (6 to 12 oz. each)
9 jars of honey (6 to 12 oz. each)
50 bars of chocolate with almonds (1 to 3 oz. each) at Jamall's Delecacies
5 pounds of jasmine incense
50 pounds of powdered gold
50 pounds of powdered silver
4 new books, empty, at least 200 pages in each, more the better
2 gallons of ink
10 ink pens
8 nice necklaces/amulets worth between 5 to 100 gp
4 nice rings worth between 50 to 100 gp
1 obsidian ring
1 amulet with a center piece of a ruby worth 250 to 2500 gp, increments of 250 is best

and 100 gp of more equipment...

In Four weeks to be deposited:
ebony chair for me, at Herdock's Furniture
The other 8 pieces of furniture, paid for
clothing for a gnome, Angeus can pick out for me. a dozen new outfits. no more than 25 gp each suit.
Parrot or canary
10 caged rats
150 potion bottles
50 glass bottles with glass tops
new bedding for gnome, badger down or goose down
4 logs of Chester Cherry, for burning
30 branches of white elm, about 2 feet long each
Blue Briar Berries, 5 pounds


Wanted Board

NPC info, where you can add more info about the NPCs you run into.

North bandit camp


Hill fight

Map updated

Stag Lord's fort

Stag Lord's fort second level both in play.

New Map!!! Cellar

At the ruins...

At the ruins... Temple of Erastil:

The thick tangle of brambles gives way into a large clearing in the woods, its border partially defined by ruined stone pillars. The western face of the clearing is dominated by a looming, upthrust ridge of rock, nearly 300 feet across and rising to a moss-topped height of 100 feet at the center. The side of this towering boulder facing the clearing has been carved in the likeness of an immense elk, its antlers drooping down from its weathered face to frame a 50-foot wide cave entrance. A flight of stone steps leads up to this cave entrance from the forest clearing—both the steps and elk face feel quite old and are thickly encrusted with layers of moss. A 50-foot-long oval pool sits in the middle of the clearing, its waters thick with algae. The water in the pool is clear and healthy.

Boar Fight.

At the statue


Here are the rules...

background growth of your nation...:

NPC leaders of the new

kingdom decide to call the new nation Narland and establish

a capital city named Shrikewall on the north shore of the

Tuskwater at the site once used by the Stag Lord as a fort.

Afer an initial growth spurt, Shrikewall soon stabilizes as a

prosperous small town the PCs can use as a home base or a

place to buy and sell gear. Halfway through this adventure,

two new settlements appear as well—one to the north

around Oleg’s Trading Post (this is a village named Olegton)

and one to the west at a ford on the Skunk River deep in the

Narlmarches (this village is named Tatzlford afer the beasts

that dwelt in the area until recently).

GAINING EXPERIENCE for kingdom growth:

As their kingdom grows, the PCs gain experience points.

Use the following guidelines to determine when and how

much XP should be awarded. These XP awards should only

be awarded the first time each event occurs.

Founding a kingdom: 2,400 XP

Establishing a capital city: 1,200 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 5: 1,600 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 10: 2,400 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 25: 3,200 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 50: 4,800 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 75: 6,400 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 100: 12,800 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 150: 25,600 XP

Reaching a kingdom size of 200: 76,800 XP

Filling a square with four blocks of buildings: 1,600 XP

Filling three city squares with buildings: 4,800 XP

Filling an entire city grid with buildings: 12,800 XP

Ruling a Kingdom

Building a City

Returning to the Capital and seeing the Wanted Board - You should all know of these:

Source: Tig Tannersen's distraught parents.
Task: Young Tig Tannersen has always been a handful. His hobby of collecting pets from the wilds along the riverbanks of the southern Greenbelt has placed him in danger many times, but now it appears he's really in trouble. Tig has been missing for several days, and his parents are distraught with worry. Finding him will increase the kingdom's morale.
Completion: find Tig and deliever him safely home.
Reward: if safely reunited with his parents, increase kingdom Loyalty by 2.

Gathering Fangberries
Source: Crazy Ol Bokken
Task: Collect Fangberries
Completion: Bring Bokken Fangberries enough for seven potions.
Reward: Bokken gives you a 25% discount on all potions for a month.

Moon radish Soup
Source: Svetlanna
Task: Bring the stress relieving moon radishes to Svetlana. They are relatively rare. A patch grows about 16 miles south of the trading post.
Completion: Bring her a basket of moon radishes.
Reward: She is ready to pay a 250 gp reward to anyone who can bring her enough moon radishes to make soup. She wants to use it to help her be soothed by the loss of her husband.

Wanted: Falgrim Sneeg
Source: Kesten
Task: A mercenary that worked with him months ago was a Varisian man named Falgrim Sneeg. Falgrim robbed the group and fled into the Greenbelt to become a bandit, and he hopes to catch him alive and return to Restov for punishment.
Completion: Capture Falgrim Sneeg alive if possible
Reward: four masterwork weapons, if dead only two weapons.

Wanted: Forest Drake Hunt
Task: Rumors of a dragon haunting the Southern Nalmarches are probably overstated. The evidence indicates that the source of the rumors is merely a forest drake. In any event, its killing folks and needs to be put down.
Completion: Find a forest drake, kill it, and return to town with its head as proof.
Reward: The kingdom approves a reard of 1,200 gp to the first group to successfully slay a forest drake in the Narlmarches.

Wanted: Troll Blood
Task: A local alchemist has a theory that trolls blood can serve as a catalyst during the creation of healing potions. But until he gets a supply of the blood, he won't be able to prove his theory.
Completion: Deliver a waterskin filled with troll blood to the alchemist. He doesn't need more than one waterskin, so one troll donor should do the trick.
Reward: The alchemist promises a reward of 1,200 gp in potions (hunter's choice), deliverable about a week after the blood is brought to him.

Wanted: Northern Howls
Task: A ferocious worg stalks the Kamelands! His name is Holw-of-the-North-Wind, and he's been eating bandits and hunters for years. With the new influx of citizens into the greenbelt, the revenous worg needs to be slain before he acquires a taste for the citizenry!
Completion: Kill the worg and display his body at town for the citizens to see.
Reward: The kingdom approves a reward of 1,200 gp.

Wanted: Shamblesap
Task: Shambling mounds aren't as common in the Greenbelt as they are in Hocktongue Slough, but they are not unheard of. A local Herbalist has found that the sap of a shambling mound works wonders for cultivating certain medicial herbs, and asks for one shambling mound's worth of sap.
Completion: Deliver the sap to the herbalist.
Reward: 600 gp for the sap with 3 potions of cure mod wounds.

Wanted: That Damn Turtle!
Source: Arven the fisherman.
Task: Arven has a secret fishing hole on the east bank of the Tuskwater, but now an ill-tempered beast has claimed the spot. The beast in question is a semi-legendary hockjaw turtle named Old Crackjaw. Kill him! Watch out for his chompers!
Completion: Kill (or drive off) Old Crackjaw from Arven's secret fishing holw.
Reward: Arven finds all sorts of things; he'll give you a ring of feather falling he found in a pike's stomach.

Wanted: I Swear I'm Sober!
Source: Stas, a local lumberjack.
Task: Stas claims to have seen an elusive hodog and to have stuck it with his magic spear. His friens think that he lost his spear in the river and made up the hodog sighting to cover up his clusiness. The poor lumberjack's honor is at stake!
Completion: Kill the hodog and bring its head to Stas so he can show it to his friends. That'll learn 'em!
Reward: In gratitude, Stas promises his +1 keen spear as a reward. The only problem? It's probably still stuck in the hodog's back.

A Lady's Desire
Source: Lily Teskertin, local flirt
Task: Lily's always loved the workmanship of fine elven crafting but has never owned an example of such superb work. She's heard rumors of an old elven ruin in the Southern Narlmarches; if anyone could find the ruins and salvage from them an example of elven workmanship, she would be EVER so grateful...
Completion: Find a statuette of fine elven craftmanship
Reward: Lily's willing to trade her dead father's old cloak of protection +1 and a kiss (or perhpas a bit more) for such a statue.