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Welcome one and all to the gestalt Wrath of the Righteous recruitment thread! It feels good to be back on these boards! Now, since I presume that everyone has read the Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide, let me get straight to the point of character creation and what I expect from potential PCs!

Character Creation

Starting Level: Gestalt 1

Gestalt rules, for those not well-versed in them:
There are a few things that gestalt does, each of which are quite easy to figure out.

1. You compare the HD, skill points, BAB, and saves of each class and gain the better of them.

2. You gain each class's weapon proficiency and class skill lists.

3. You gain ALL of the abilities of each class, including spells.

4. Things like Sneak Attack damage can stack, if gained from multiple classes, but things like Uncanny Dodge do not, for obvious reasons. If you do not know whether something would stack or not, please ask.

5. Power Point pools from multiple classes combine into a single PP pool.

6. If you choose two classes from Path of War, you cannot assume 2 stances, one from each class.

7. Unlike rule #5, spell levels are not part of a pool, unless the classes specifically have some sort of 'mana system' that I just have not seen outside of consoles. If you know of classes that have these and you want to play them, please state as much here on the thread.

Races: Any official Paizo races that live on Golarion are allowed for use. Do note, however, that criteria excludes Lashunta and other races which are not found on Golarion itself (One small community in an AP being the sole exception!). Please note that if you select a race that is listed in the Advanced Race Guide as being above 20 Racial Points, such as a Noble Drow or a Svirfneblin, then your first level of gestalt will only be one class, to accommodate for your increased power over the other PCs.

Classes: Any official Paizo classes and archetypes for those said classes are allowed, as may be third party material (Which will need to be approved by me before it may be used of course!), though consider yourself forewarned that advanced technology is not something that would fit the flavor of the campaign. Gunslingers are about as far as I will allow the tech to go in this campaign, despite loving tech in other campaigns.

HP: Max per HS, same as most allow.

Ability Scores: We will be using the ever popular point buy system, 22 points, and will be using the M.A.D.-friendly 1-1 purchase from base of 10 method (Each ability score increase costs a single point, so to get a score of 18, one has to invest 8 points into that score, assuming there are no racial penalties. Make sense?). After racial modifiers, no score can be above 18+racial bonus or below 10-racial penalty.

Skill Points: +1 per level.

Feats: You get a Bonus Feat at 1st level!

Traits: 1 Trait + 1 Campaign Trait, with the option for an additional Trait if you take a Drawback. If none of the Campaign Traits fit you, then send a message to my alias and we can work something out.

Starting Gold: You start with 800 GP.

The Seven Things That I Expect From You

1. Play nice with the other PCs.

2. Don't rules lawyer.

3. No metagaming.

4. Try to keep up with 1+ posts per day. If something goes wrong in your life, just post on the thread or send a message to my alias explaining why you can't post.

5. No nonsense like Body Bludgeon + Limitless Range.

6. Have some roleplay to go with your rollplay.

7.Be respectful

So, all that said, post those characters people!

I have an idea for a Bard/Paladin character, though the Paladin half may change. I'll try to have him up soon.

Sounds good! Going for a holy chorus type bard, an inspiring commander, or something else entirely?

Holy warrior raised in an orphanage run by an old adventuring party, they each taught him a bit of something, (the versatility of a bard comes into play here) and raised him as what amounts to a chosen one. (And if he gets into wrath of the righteous campaign, they would be right about that) His father was a Paladin and the leader of the adventuring party before he died. So basically he's a bit naive, reckless and sheltered, but has a huge breadth of knowledge and skills with a natural sense for combat and leadership.

I have a new third party class I'm interested in trying out that would make a great follower of Cayden it's a class called the Brew Master who gains most of his abilities from specially prepared alcohols of his own make. At higher levels he can even make potions without the necessary spells. (though to do this he pays full price) So what do you think of a brew master paladin of Cayden Cailean? Though I may go with Torag since I'm thinking of making him a dwarf for dwarven magic ales

The Indescribable, you mean THIS? If so, it is approved.

Ah thank you, but this will be my first online campaign on these forums and I have no idea how to set a character up on here.

Just get the character built and I will type up a sample guideline for you to follow. Sound good?

Dotting for interest. I think I may have a character for this.

EDIT: Are you allowing the new Lore and Artistry skills from Unchained?

Alright. But for now I must sleep. I am up far too late,

Silver Crusade

Wanted to run my character idea by first before I went about creating it, see if the concept was viable for your vision first. Here's the brief version.

The character would be an android. Having escaped from the Technic League she fled north with other escapees. Arriving in Kenabres, shortly after this she passed from old age. Her body was interred with by an Iomedaen priest. A year after this passing a new soul entered her body and a new person was reborn. During the awakening she was surrounded by visions of Iomedae, and found that had a desire to learn more. After she came into the temple of Iomedae (possibly freaking out a few clergy members) and was eventually accepted to begin learning the teachings of Iomedae.

Class wise it would be an Android Gestalt Cleric/Fighter of Iomedae going with Touched by Divinity. Does it sound viable?

I have yet to read the player's guide, but I did read a blurb about the campaign on the Pathfinder wiki so I have a grasp on the base plot.

I'm assuming you're familiar with Dreamscarred Press? I'd be very interested in playing either a Monk or Soulknife/Fighter (Mutagenic Warrior). Hitting things very hard with an energy sword is extremely appealing to me at the moment, but slaying demons with kung-fu is equally righteous.

My character concept is a young tribal outcast forced to wander the wilds due to complicated and violent misunderstanding with the High Priest. Confused, Lonely, and full of Angst the outcast finds some solace in the worship of Cayden, taking quickly to drinking, brawling and smoking. Eventually the fates turn her sails towards making a pilgrimage to the worldwound, searching for some sort of higher purpose or at the very least an honest death

Silver Crusade

hello all my submission is in the alias.

some tweeks to the crunch will be required but enough info should be there to get the feel of the character.

not sure on what the second class for gestalt will be yet.

the mythic path I will be persuing will be Marshal.

Dotting for interest.

Can we do a tiefling paladin godling of Shelyn?

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Hi Glory of the Crusades! Dotting for interest. Gonna bring a Half-Orc Witch/Barbarian to the mix, if possible (very orcish! I know! I just love the theme), or an Aasimar Oracle/Paladin (caster with some survivability - I like it more for Wrath of the Righteous for RP reasons). :) If we're good in casters, I can also be a monk/cavalier that charges to punch, because I think it's funny ;)

How do you feel about Radiance Games' Pact Magic Occultist?

I will be submitting a halfling cavalier / fighter looking to take paladin levels eventually. Fear the mounted puppy of cuteness!

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A question: can we plan for going in prestige classes? I'm creating a brand new character with the whole Wrath of the Righteous feeling, and would love to be able to go Evangelist later on. If possible, how would it work (especially in regards to the Evangelist's aligned class)?

Thanks in advance!

Nickadeamous wrote:
I will be submitting a halfling cavalier / fighter looking to take paladin levels eventually. Fear the mounted puppy of cuteness!

sounds like this character I have

GypsyMischief wrote:

I'm assuming you're familiar with Dreamscarred Press? I'd be very interested in playing either a Monk or Soulknife/Fighter (Mutagenic Warrior). Hitting things very hard with an energy sword is extremely appealing to me at the moment, but slaying demons with kung-fu is equally righteous.

< snipped>

I kick ass for the lord

I am also interested in whether Dreamscarred Press Psionics and Path of War is allowed.

I'll be submitting a character regardless but would like to know if it is an option


Putting together an alchemist/something trickster build...

I don't plan to play a class with a mana pool, but Spheres of Power can do something like that, and it's actually a pretty good system. XD In the meantime, I'd like to submit Korina here, who I'd very much like to use for this campaign (she was built for it!). She was built for a different game, so I would need to do a little bit of tweaking for money and abilities, but that's just fiddly bits if accepted.

Her overall theme is "Madness vs Evil" - basically, what happens when the Dark Tapestry notices the Abyss and decides to remind it that Good isn't the only thing it needs to be afraid of. Though she's CN, she's emphatically not a backstabbing, thieving jerk. She actually leans good, and is quite loyal to both her friends and her mission. XD If you'd rather not take this type of character, though, I'll come up with something else.

Dotting for interest with this character, who was originally made for this game that sputtered and died. I will need to rework her crunch and some of her story but the gist of the build will be the same. Do you want Original Summoner or would you prefer Unchained flavor?

How are you handling the Half-Elf's favored classes?

Hello Glory of the Crusades!

I have a couple of questions and a character concept that I would like to run by you:

Will you allow the extra materials from Legendary Games' Mythic books (i.e. Mythic Hero, Mythic Spells) to be used?
Also, and I know that some of this has been asked, but more specifically, are you allowing skill unlocks and scalable items from Unchained?

So, as to my concept, I am thinking of a gnome investigator/oracle of life. Gnomes are very inquisitive by (almost required) nature. That, and considering this is a 'martial' campaign, every tank is going to need a band-aid now and again. What do you think?

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Got some preliminary ideas, but need to delve into the books a bit and I probably won't be able to do that until tomorrow afternoon.

Well, after some looking, A paladin of cayden or torag just doesn't work for my concept, I'll have to move to cleric. and just a thought given to someone who mentioned being a fighter cleric of cayden, drunken brawler feat alongside the guy who's class revolves around making beers, ales, lagers, and all other manners of alcohol. Keep this in mind too potential monks.

You know what, screw it, Cayden doesn't have a paladin code because he's chaotic, but given his preference for freedom I can see a paladin devoting himself to cayden and creating his own code, so with the GMs permission may I?

Sir Thuvius Breckindorf, Ustalavan graduate student (currently working on his master's at Lepistadt) of alchemy and demonology!

He fights Demons with SCIENCE!

(profile isn't 100% yet, obviously)

Alright after reading his entry here's a sample code for a Paladin of Cayden Cailean.

Share your good fortune. Remember to buy (or make) a round for friends and allies.
Today's enemy could be tomorrow's friend after raising a glass with him.
Protect and help the innocent as you would ask for help when you needed it.
Freedom of choice is the right of all. Honor those who remember this, fight against those who deny it.
Speak the truth or stay your tongue, we're honorable, not stupid.
Be brave in the face of your enemies. Do not let others do your fighting for you.
Be gracious after a good fight, whether you won or lost.

Also, the bit about graduating/working on his masters... total lie. He was expelled for cheating.

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Question, would "In the Company of Monsters" by Rite Publishing, specifically the Taurian race, be allowed?

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I'm submitting Allyo Shan, the oracle/paladin I mentioned before :) He's going towards a caster/off-healer direction (I plan on going for Arcane Enlightenment etc. - I'd say in mythic terms, he's between the Hierophant and the Archmage, but since he's divine, more the first). Background to follow. He's designed around Desna, and as mentioned before, I'd be interested in following a prestige class (Evangelist) depending on how the Gestalt rules would apply here.

Character Sheet

Allyo Shan
Male Angel-blooded Aasimar (Angelkin) Paladin (Empyreal Knight) / Oracle (Spirit Guide) 1 of Desna
LG Medium Outsider (Human, Native)
Hero Points 1
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception -1
AC 20, touch 10, flat-footed 20 (+8 armor, +2 shield)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +2
Defensive Abilities:
Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)
Melee longsword +4 (1d8+3/19-20) or
dagger +4 (1d4+3/19-20)
Special Attacks smite evil 1/day (+5 attack and AC, +1 damage)
Paladin Spell-Like Abilities (CL 0th; concentration +5)
At will—detect evil
Oracle (Spirit Guide) Spells Known (CL 1st; concentration +4)
1st (5/day)—cure light wounds, liberating command[UC], unbreakable heart[ISWG]
0 (at will)—create water, detect magic, purify food and drink (DC 15), read magic
Mystery Heavens
Str 16, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 20
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 14 (12 vs. dirty trick)
Feats Blessed, War Blessing
Traits fate's favored, patient optimist (cheliax/desna/erastil), touched by divinity
Skills Acrobatics -8 (-12 to jump), Bluff +5 (+7 vs. Good Aligned Outsiders, +3 vs. Evil Aligned Outsiders), *Diplomacy +9 (+11 vs. Good Aligned Outsiders, +7 vs. Evil Aligned Outsiders), Disguise +5 (+7 vs. Good Aligned Outsiders, +3 vs. Evil Aligned Outsiders), *Handle Animal -, *Heal +0, Intimidate +5 (+7 vs. Good Aligned Outsiders, +3 vs. Evil Aligned Outsiders), *Knowledge (Religion) +5, Linguistics +2, Perception -1, *Ride -9, *Sense Motive +2, *Spellcraft +7, Use Magic Device +6 (+8 vs. Good Aligned Outsiders, +4 vs. Evil Aligned Outsiders)
Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Sylvan
SQ exalted resistance, heavenborn, hero points, naive, oracle's curse (shattered psyche), revelation (awesome display), scion of humanity
Other Gear silver holy symbol of Desna, half-plate, heavy wooden shield, dagger, longsword, backpack, bedroll, fishhook (2), flint and steel, sewing needle, signal whistle, string or twine, thread (50 ft.), weapon cord, whetstone
Gold 171 gp, 4 sp, 2 cp
Tracked Resources
Dagger - 0/1
Smite Evil (1/day) (Su) - 0/1
Touched by Divinity (Protection from Evil, 1/day) - 0/1
War Blessing (2/day) - 0/2
Special Abilities
Awesome Display -5 (Su) Your Illusion (pattern) spells treat observers as -5 (-Cha bonus) HD lower than their actual HD.
Blessed +1 DC on spells & +2 on Cha skills vs. good outsiders. -2 on Cha skills vs. evil outsiders.
Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).
Detect Evil (At will) (Sp) You can use detect evil at will (as the spell).
Exalted Resistance (6) You have spell resistance 6 vs evil spells, or any spell cast by evil outsiders.
Fate's Favored Increase luck bonuses by 1.
Heavenborn You cast spells with good or light descriptor at +1 caster level.
Hero Points Hero Points can be spent at any time to grant a variety of bonuses.
Naive -2 to AC vs. improvised weapons.
Patient Optimist (Cheliax/Desna/Erastil) You gain a +2 trait bonus on Diplomacy checks to influence hostile or unfriendly creatures, and if you fail at such an attempt you may retry it once.
Scion of Humanity Count as a human for any effect related to race. Pass as human without using disguise.
Shattered Psyche Your mind is crowded with dozens of voices, fragmented snippets of your past lives. You take a -2 penalty on all Intelligence-based skill checks, Wisdom-based skill checks, and concentration checks. You gain a +4 competence bonus on saving throws against mind-affecting effects. At 5th level you're immune to charm. At 10th level you're immune to compulsion. At 15th level you're immune to all mind-affecting effects.
Smite Evil (1/day) (Su) +5 to hit, +1 to damage, +5 deflection bonus to AC when used.
Touched by Divinity (Protection from Evil 1/day) (Sp) Once per day cast one spell from your deity's domains as a spell-like ability.
War Blessing (Good) (Su) Touch a weapon and for 1 minute +1d6 damage vs. evil and weapon is treated as good (doesn't stack with holy).
War Blessing (Liberation) (Su) As a swift action, freedom of movement for 1 rd even if otherwise unable to take actions (except unconscious).
Weapon cord Attached weapon can be recovered as a swift action.

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I would like to submit Xantrius, Tiefling Paladin/Bard (Archivist) of Shelyn/Pharasma. I played him in another WotR campaign but we stopped very early in the first adventure. I will try to have his crunch adjusted for your guidelines sometime today.

Thanks for the invite!


A huge, imposing figure covered in armor from head to foot, he carries a polished shield bearing a black rose. Striding about with a bold demeanor, he always seems to be in full command of any situation, not showing the doubts he feels about himself to those around him. He speaks in a deep, chilling voice that sends shivers up the spine of even the boldest knights, yet when he sings his voice smooths out into a surprisingly deep, rich baritone.

Beneath the armor:
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 245#
Eyes: Red
Skin: Black
Hair: None

Once he takes off the helmet, (which he rarely does with others around unless he knows them very well) you see a horrific black-scaled monster. Gleaming white fangs, small horns, glowing red eyes and pointed, serrated ears make him seem almost a full demon.


His mother Kale caused the cracking of the Kenabres Wardstone.

At least, that is the way she tells it. Before the first attacks, she was merely one of a squad of soldiers assigned to routine duty in the city. With nothing much to do most of them spent a lot of time in the local tavern, which is where she met Arvoris. A fairly good-looking young blacksmith come to trade from a neighboring village, she started spending a lot of time with him. He asked her endless questions about her and the exciting life of a soldier, and she enjoyed the attention.

Until the attack began.

With the cracking of the Wardstone, Demons began the assault , a screaming horde ready to claim all Golarian as their own. The crusaders fought bravely but were barely holding the line. After a disastrous battle on the front where she had seen almost her whole squad killed, she and a ragged group retreated back through the city. She rushed to find her lover. When she told him he had to flee, he laughed.

And then he changed.

He was not a simple craftsman but an advance scout for the Demonic Horde. And she had provided so much valuable information! Tears in her eyes, she could not believe it. She had used her Sight on him, seen no sign of evil! He grinned and raised an amulet with strange markings on it, taunting her. She rushed him with sword raised, but he teleported away, his laughter still ringing in her ears. She changed after that. Before, she had been a devotee of Shelyn, finding beauty in everything and a firm believer that anyone could find redemption. Now, she rushed into battle and fiercely attacked the enemy with no regard for her own life. Slowly, they managed to turn the tide and reclaim the city. The Wardstone held and she joined the new crusade to push the demons further back.

Until she discovered she was pregnant.

She knew once the child was born everyone would know of her shame and betrayal, so she fled. She settled in Ustalav, kept to herself and raised the demon-child for the rest of her life. She poured all her bitterness, rage, and hate for all demons into her son and trained him to kill as soon as he could hold a sword. But she also had the wisdom to try to make him understand that he was not to blame for what he was. Through his actions, he could overcome the stain of sin left on him by both his father and herself. He took to wearing full armor as often as he could, so as to hide his horrific visage. He still rarely removes it except when alone.

But it was not all lessons about demons and training. His fondest memories are of the times when, after a long day his mother would sing to him. She had a voice that would make the goddess Shelyn herself stop and listen! She would also sometimes talk about the family she left behind, her brother Kal who as far as she knew was still fighting in Kenabres. She instilled in him pride in the long line of the family who had come from Taldane during the first crusade and stayed, each generation taking up the banner to continue the war. While he took up the mantle of a Paladin from the teachings of his mother, he did not feel worthy to be one of Shelyn's own. He engraved the symbol of Pharasma on his shield and professes to worship her openly, but he hides the symbol of the Goddess of Beauty on the inner top of his shield and hopes to someday perform a deed to make him worthy in her eyes.

Last year, he returned from a trip to pick up the weapon he would need in his fight to find her dead, with a skeletal grey-skinned demon standing over her. The fiend dropped something on her body and vanished before he was able to reach them. He vowed then to destroy all demons, and to find out why she had been singled out for such misery. He still holds the strange amulet dropped by the demon, but he has not yet found someone who can tell him the meaning of the runes carved into it.

Now he has arrived in Kenabres, biding his time training in a crusader camp outside the city, ready to kill his Father and any other demon that gets in his way...


He was taught to honor the rightful law as long as it does not conflict with working for the common good, which is always paramount.

Always act with Honor, lies and cheating only spread ugliness.

Aid any good (or neutral) beings in need.

Destroy evil wherever it spawns and crush those who would see it spread but, should you find a being that truly seeks to change, nurture the beauty within.

Preserve the natural order by destroying the living dead, demons and devils that infest our world.

Nurture beauty wherever you can.

The day before...:

Awakening with the dawn, Xantrius sits up in his small tent on the outskirts of the city and starts polishing his armor. After awkwardly donning it in the small confines he exits and stirs up the embers of yesterday’s fire to cook his breakfast. He returns to his tent to eat and then puts his helm back on and checks his weapons before strapping them on. Taking one last look at the strange symbols on the amulet around his neck, he starts for the city. Nodding to the other recruits he recognizes as he leaves the large field camp stationed on the northern edge of Kenabres, he strides with purpose towards the library.

After waiting patiently for close to an hour while the guards at the gate check everyone entering the city, he recognizes the guard on duty and hails him. ”Good Morn, Roderick.” he calls out, his harsh, grating voice unnerving several others waiting to enter.

”Good Morn, Xantrius! Are you planning on joining in the festivities for Armasse tomorrow?”

”I shall be here, but I shall not have any duties. There is not much call for those who follow the Lady of Graves on this day.” he states, tapping his shield with its prominent depiction of Pharasma’s black rose.

The guard looks at him oddly. ”I still find that strange. I didn’t think there were any paladins who followed her?”

”There are a few who see their duty to escort those deserving into her embrace. But I will not keep these good folks waiting any longer. Good Day.” With a final salute he enters and heads towards the Old City. His long stride quickly takes him along the twisting roads to his destination, the same place he has come almost every day for the past couple of weeks.

As he stoops to enter the entrance to the Library, the clerk at the desk sighs. ”He’s still not in.”

Xantrius is silent for a moment. ”And I doubt you have any idea when he will be available. May I view the volumes of Maxtarus’ Demonic Lore?”

”If you must. Be careful!” As the huge knight strides away the clerk mutters ”I don’t know why they even let brutes like him in…”

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Another question, I heard from previous recruitment calls for this AP, that Oath against Fiends is not allowed, correct?

Silver Crusade

any reason for that?

Have been wanting to play a Zen archer/warpriest Gestalt for some time. Consider me in.

*Looks at the requirements for Oath Against Fiends*

...I don't think it's specifically forbidden by the AP itself, but at the same time, there are definite reasons to not take it.

Sovereign Court

According to the the previous recruitment, it makes part of either book 2 or book 3 unattainable.

Pretty much while it is handy and useful oath against fiends can make you overpowered especially when you become mythic. So while not forbidden it can quickly upset the game.

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*Glances over something*

Makes something unattainable? Yeah, that sounds about right.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I'm also GM'ing this game adventure path for a different group of people. I started doing that because of the failure of previous WotR games I'd entered, which I really wanted to play, and I figured that running it was the next-best thing. XD)

Rednal wrote:

*Glances over something*

Makes something unattainable? Yeah, that sounds about right.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I'm also GM'ing this game. I started doing that because of the failure of previous WotR games I'd entered, which I really wanted to play, and I figured that running it was the next-best thing. XD)

Ah cool! Would allow tiefling pcs?

How long do you plan on keeping recruitment open?

How many characters will you be accepting into the group?

I'm not the GM for this game - ask them. XD I did allow it, though. As I saw it, "Good" characters would be willing to accept people who proved themselves righteous, regardless of heritage. They might ask more questions of tieflings because of natural bias, yeah, but I wanted the good guys to be legitimately good.

Rednal wrote:
I'm not the GM for this game - ask them. XD I did allow it, though. As I saw it, "Good" characters would be willing to accept people who proved themselves righteous, regardless of heritage. They might ask more questions of tieflings because of natural bias, yeah, but I wanted the good guys to be legitimately good.

Agreed, and given the beginning of Wrath, (I started playing two weeks ago) there's plenty of chance to prove oneself reliable.

Here is the alias for my proposed character. I will have story and character traits up later tonight. (this was Galahad0430)

Silver Crusade

having been through some disappointing recruitment, I will wait a bit before actually updating my character.

The GM had some RL issues not too long ago and I want to be sure he is definitely up to running this game.

Are you allowing the unchained Monk?

Here's the crunch so far:

Oret Grayhide

Race: Oread
Class: Monk (Zen Archer)//Warpriest
Blessings: Law, Nobility
Stats: Str 16, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 19, Cha 10

Unarmed Strike +4, 1d6+3
Longbow +3, 1d8
Longbow Flurry of arrows +3/+3, 1d8

HP: 13 (10 HD +2CON +1FC)
Traits: Fate's Favored (Faith), Chance encounter (Campaign)
Feats: Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot (Monk Bonus), Perfect strike (Monk Bonus), Precise Shot (Bonus Feat), Weapon Focus: Shortbow (Class Bonus Feat)

Racial abilities:

Crystalline Form
Energy Resistance
Treacherous earth

Recruitment will be open for a week past the OP and I will select six PCs. "Lo, on the seventh day, the Hammer of Heaven shall fall upon those assembled, judging each by their worth. From the multitude, six shall arise and be placed upon destiny's road, the Path of the Righteous."

I am well acquainted with Dreamscarred Press's Psionics and Path of War books. I will allow any of those. "The meditations of the just, of the honed mind and the mystic blade, have been made whole in righteousness."

Tieflings are allowed, obviously. "How wicked are ye who judgeth a man by the countenance of his face and not by the countenance of his soul! Art thou wiser than the gods themselves, that thou knowest their servants better than they? Nay child, thou art not, therefore open thine eyes to the radiance of the soul, for all flesh fails and is discarded like a withered husk, but the soul endureth forever.

Oath Against Fiends IS allowed. It is pretty powerful, all things considered, but it only works against fiends. Not all enemies will be fiends, so it is nowhere near overpowered. Plus, like the Paladin Code, it is flexible enough to allow for common sense, so I do not view it as being incompatible, particularly if you worship one of the more merciful deities or intend to 'keep X in mind for later'. As long as you keep your greater goal in mind of stopping the massive portal to the Abyss and repelling the hordes of the Abyss and keep that in mind as you make decisions, I do not think that it will be an issue. "Therefore children remember, though you have been given a multitude of gifts, the greatest gift that any man will receive is the gift of wisdom. Squander not wisdom by clinging to words, fulfilling the letter of your oaths at the expense of the spirit of the oath itself. Shrewdness is the father of the wise, forbearance the mother. Use the wisdom granted you by the gods and ye shall prosper in all things."

GM_Rednal ONLY!:
Since you have experience with the campaign, being a fellow GM of WotR, I can address the issues more frankly with you.

The code only forces them to kill or banish fiends that they KNOW it is in their power to do so. The one grossly overpowered foe, omitted here due to people sneaking a peek at spoilers, is well beyond said PC power. And, as with a Paladin Code, Lawful Stupid is never a requirement, as I will not force PCs to fall or be in violation of their code in the name of accomplishing their code in a much greater way by mutual cooperation. I am sure that the character would bristle strongly against having to work with such unsavory company, but if they keep their ultimate goals in mind, that being to stop the, you know, GIANT PORTAL TO THE ABYSS, I am sure things will work out for the best.

As for the other 'sticky situation', I will make it clear that the change is occurring, visually speaking. This way, it will give the PC pause and make them consider speaking first.

Phntm888, are they on the SRD?

Xzaral, that is fine, just don't expect much in the way of tech. Guns are about as far as I am willing to go in this game and they will be staggeringly rare, if included at all. I want to preserve the Diablo 3 feel of the AP.

Adsapiens, yes, you may go into prestige classes once you qualify. I have no issues with this. As for how gestalt rules work with prestige classes, just use levels from one side of the gestalt whenever you want levels in prestige classes. It's quite simple, no?

Aqua-Thor, are you referring to the old Occultist or the revamped one from the kickstarter? If the former, then yes. If the latter, I will need to see the material, due to not having the backers-only playtest copy.

Edward Sobel, I love that YouTube link! It reminds me of a d20 Modern character that I had made once.

Korina, that character looks amazing! It appeals to my sense of Mythos Otaku-ism (Not the original Japanese meaning of Otaku, the meaning that it has taken among the nerd communities in America, meaning extreme fanboy!). I wonder though... would you be interested in placing her in a custom campaign that I am making that combines some elements of Carrion Crown, Bloodborne, and several other awesome things, all placed together into a Mythos campaign set in Ustalav? Either way, I love the character and she has a pretty strong chance of getting in either campaign.

Malzii, I am fine with either the original or Unchained Summoner. I actually did not have as many issues with the old Summoner, especially since it was a class that required several levels to be useful, whereas Leadership gave almost the equivalent of an Eidolon (Or better, if your cohort is a full caster!) for the price of a single feat.

Dave Herman, what do you mean by how am I handling Half-Elven Favored Class Bonuses? And interesting Alchemist! Reminds me of my earlier days in college, minus the plagiarism... and the bits about demonology and getting sent to stop an apocalyptic threat to the world of course!

Lord Manticore, considering that I will be using Mythic versions of the demons in the campaign, due to loving their signature abilities, I would hardly find it fair denying Mythic options from the same publisher. The options are awesome anyway. Consider the Mythic options from Legendary Games available for your use!
As for Skill Unlocks and Scale-able Items, are they on the SRD? I do not have Pathfinder Unchained, unfortunately. :/

The Indescribable, yes you may. There was also a cool CG Paladin alternate class from 3.X that I have laying around in one of the books on my 8 foot tall shelf of 3.X/Pathfinder books. Would you like to to look for it?

Galahad0430, yes, Rite Publishing's 'In the Company of...' books are allowed. The ones that come to mind so far that I will allow are the Taurians, the Stonewardens, and whatever the undead guys are called. If you go the route of Taurian, I have an interesting story hook for you to exploit.

Gavmania, I have seen the Unchained Monk on the SRD and it is allowed.

Sabrina, I no longer have any issues in real life. The person in question that was diagnosed with cancer has responded well and is almost completely cancer free now, thankfully. That said, feel free to hold back a bit, as I can understand your trepidation.

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