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The Crypt 2nd Level

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To start it off many of the players will be on a shuttle that crash lands on Pandora. Either a warden (Only two of these), a prize, a specimen, or a challenge. Now we are also coming in on different paths, considering that many of you will be coming in as Vault Hunters. Coming in for a corporation, or just running from them.

I will also have a section that is similar to Kingmaker where you begin developing your own settlement. If you can work together long enough.

Level 2 characters.

Pick a race, in 3.0 to Pathfinder it should not have a level adjustment more than 2. Let us talk about what people would like to play. Understand we will be playing with some Race Points to adjust your race, or creating your own race. We are developing the races that are on Pandora, not just races for players.

You should all put your equipment in your sheets, understand that you won't start with the equipment if on the shuttle that crashes, though you will likely find it soon after the start. You may roll or take average wealth for 1st level, then another 900 gp.

For BAB and saves: take the better of each class. simple no math.

Roll 5d6 seven times on the forum. Reroll again with a determent/curse.

This will be a high fantasy game, with high magic.

What makes you special, what special ability would you like?

Also I would love to have a few lamplighters.

Reading up on borderlands through the wiki would be best. We will be playing in the Borderlands dimension. One way or another you have made it to Pandora, especially since the first vault has just been opened and the Eridium surge has started. This would be a few years before Jack takes over Hyperion. You will likely be more vault hunters looking for artifacts for a corporation, just hunting for your own fame or wealth, or just looking for a place that is safe from the corporations.

Yup, we will be playing about a year after Borderlands 1.

Map for the down shuttle!

New objects to be found and used on Pandora:
Items that I am incorporating that does not take up a standard slot.
These are Eridian artifacts, class mods, shields and energy enhancers.

New Items... take a look!:

It is an item that produces a shield of force around you. It could be DR, elemental resistance, absorb bullets, give you temporary HP, etc.

This model will take the brunt of the first few attacks, or just a big one, it adds tempory hit points of 1d10+5 per day.

Eridian artifacts
(Please PM me examples of Eridian artifacts that already have been created.)
Add energy type damage, weapon type damage, increase shield, increase HP, increase skill, increase sight, gives an abiltiy, gives feat.

The eyes of the underdweller: The wearer of this Eridian artifact gains darkvision.

Energy enhancers
These are weapon crystals that enhance any type of attack, be is a burning hands spell, weapon with burning on it, or if you can immolate.

Fire, minor. Add +1 damage to any fire attack done.

Class mods
This enhances your class, giving you access to a special ability in your class sooner or just to strengthen an ability already accessed.

Cleric Class mod of channeling - gain an additional +1d6 to all channels you do.

Suggestions are encouraged.

Money and Exchange rate:

1 dollar is 1 dollar
10 gp = 1 pp
1 gp = 10 sp = 100 cp
1 Eridium bar = 500 gp. Though Eridium can only be used to buy upgrades for certain items, some abilities, and tech.
There is no fixed transfer from gold to dollar or Eridium.
Some places will give you a better rate of exchange than others.

Though on average 1 dollar = 1 gp. And 1 Eridium bar = $500.
Or for those who know dollars can burn up easy enough 10 dollar = 1 gp.

The mayor greeting you!


Corhash Elreen:
Male, expert in sales, a merchant, possibly an artificer, cowardly, strongest personality and physcially in the group of greenhorns. Prepared, he has armor, shield and weapons.

Arlington Topping:
Male, quiet, ranger or druid, hunter, and lazy he would prefer to just run the jungles and enjoy the creatures company than live in the town where there is so much 'chatter'.

Selvana Crystal Syphon:
Female, came to this town with her parents as a baby, they died of some diesease. She was taken in by the Courtesan guild. Luckily she has worked as a servant for most of her days, only recently did they 'elevate' her to a courtesan with much training, but no actual experience dealing with customers yet. Any magic user or Psi user can see that there is an inner fire within her, that has not shown yet. Perhaps you can talk to her...

Swan Melback:
Female, quiet, observant, intelligent, lacks confidence, rogue by trade, locksmith.

Doug Freelance:
Male, Fighter, takes care of his stuff and leaves others alone, he doesn't like being in a group but puts on a good show when forced to, he enjoys killing things and doesn't mind getting dirty.

campaign traits:

Campaign Traits

Grew up on Pandora
You are one tough buddy, because you're still alive.

+1 to Fortitude saves and Survival is always a class skill for you.

One of the big corporations wants you, alive or dead.

Characters gain a +3 bonus on all diplomacy checks to find out about you. You gain Stealth and Sense Motive as Class Skills, and gain +1 trait bonus to one of those skills.

There's very little natural about your genetics, either due to accident or deliberate tampering.

Gain a +1 bonus to two saves and a -1 penalty to one save.

Jury Rigger:
You have spent time on Pandora learning to make the best of a bad situation by throwing together weapons with little resources.

Use magic device or Craft (mechanics) is a class skill for you and you gain +1 trait bonus that skill. You may repair an item for a quarter of the normal repair cost, though it only works for 1d4+1 days before breaking again.

You can identify parts that are salvageable within the piles of junk on Pandora. You have spent hours searching and looking, you even know some of the best places some of the corporations drop.

Survival is a class skill and you may use it to find additional scrap or parts in the wastelands to be used for weaponry, repairs for vehicles or other machinery. Once a week you know there is a good drop happening, though you will need a Survival DC 20 to find it.

Stunt Driver:
Most of the vehicles on Pandora have not had the best track record, you have spent time learning how to survive a crash. Any landing you walk away from is a good landing.

Drive is a class skill, you gain a +1 trait bonus to Drive checks, and you may use a drive check to cushion damage from a crash. In a crash, roll your drive skill and you reduce the damage taken by 1/2 the result.

Explosive expert:
Fighting in the tight tunnels of Pandora you have learnt to know exactly where to hide from your own bombs or where to stand to avoid your own rocket launcher shots. Walk away from explosions in style.

You have +2 trait bonus to Acrobatics checks. Gain evasion but only from your own explosives.

Vending Hacker:
You know a trick or two about pressing the right buttons on the vending machines to give you a slight discount. You even know how to trick the machine into giving you some more of it's pocket change.

Disable Device or Engineering is always a class skill for you. At the risk of Marcus or the wrath of the other owners of the vending machines when buying or selling gear from vending machines you may adjust the cost by 5%, if you succeed a skill check against a vending machine you may access a stored secret compartment with an item that you can buy.

Vault Hunter:
Once on Pandora you have spent much of your life looking for 'the Vault', find nooks and crannies in rock faces is your forte. You might one day find that Vault.

Gain +2 trait bonus to perception. Using your perception check you may find openings or entrances to underground passages or secret tunnels. If you pass a DC X perception check (based on environment) you may look around as if you were using "Detect secret doors" to find the entrance to a tunnel network or base.

On the Brink:
Pandora has slowly been destroying the last vestiges of your sanity. You have become more paranoid and aware of the creatures on this land, maybe too paranoid.

Gain +1 trait bonus to Knowledge: Nature and Knowledge: Local and you may use either untrained. Choose a favored terrain as per Ranger (this not confer the normal benefits). When attacked by the local wildlife or in a favored terrain you are never caught flatfooted during a surprise round.

The Anyweaponizer
Learning early on that there are no two weapons alike on Pandora and that each weapon is heavily customized you figure versatility trumps specialization. You are always ready to discard your weapon for the next "big shiny."

The penalty for using a weapon you are not proficient with is 2 less than normal. Using any weapon you are proficient with grants you +1 to hit, though it takes 1d4 days to familiarize yourself with the weapon to gain this bonus.
The idea with this one is you could stack it with the quick learner trait and use whatever the GM throws at you and you fancy the most at any given time. It would cost you both traits and you still wouldn’t be proficient with it but could still be fun.

Big Eight Big Wig
You are or were at one point a big wig for one of the 8 weapons manufacturers on Pandora. Chose a company, you get +2 trait bonus to any bluff, diplomacy or intimidate checks when dealing with your company but you also suffer a -2 penalty to dealing with other companies. This includes buying/selling weapons. You also start out with a masterwork weapon of your choice gifted from your company.

Bandit Hunter
You have a reputation as a bandit killer. You earn a +3 trait bonus on Diplomacy when used to gather information, Knowledge (local), and Survival when used for tracking, when related to an bandit quarry or other lawless humanoid unaffiliated with any settlement. Choose one as these as a class skill. Those same people have a +3 bonus on any roll to learn about you, as your fame precedes you.

Bad Bandit
You are particularly well known as a notorious bandit and have an easy time getting other bandits to like you or follow you. Improve the starting attitudes of bandits and other lawless humanoids unaffiliated with any settlement by 1 stage. Sadly this renown also has its drawbacks, as you are hated by the local populace. Reduce the starting attitudes of anyone living in a settlement or affiliated with a settlement by 1 stage; also a +2 trait bonus to Intimidate checks.

Races of Pandora and of the galaxy:


Luddians are a reclusive but highly magical race. Thousands if not tens of thousands of years ago they split from the technologically adept Eridians in an attempt to avoid the evils of such machines. The separation was not very successful until the group moved into the massive underground cave systems of Pandora and completely sealed themselves in. Originally part of a religious sect and biologically the same as the Eridians, Luddians have over the millennia come to be their own species.
Luddians have, like most other races, two arms and two legs but they also have a generally stooped appearance about them. This appearance comes from how their heads and necks extend about six inches forward from their shoulders instead of up. Luddians generally run about the same height as humans do, but if it weren’t for their seeming fragility they might be seen as overbearing (their height being measured from their shoulders not their head.) Differentiation between male and female Luddians can be next to impossible with clothes on, but the males generally run a little more bulky and generally have a lighter more “colorful” appearance than females, whereas females typically give off more heat. After being in underground for so long the Luddians have developed colorations that run from grey to almost black, men sometimes have a slight hint of color.
Luddians have tightknit societies, but, due to the nature of the caves they live in, these have split into three semi distinctive groups. The three largest cave systems rarely intersect, and for a long time the different groups living in them rarely encountered each other, but more recently the three societies have found each other and started to expand and develop cities where the three societies often mingle. Magic is of utmost importance to the average Luddian, only a small percentage of the populations do not have some ability in it. In fact, magic is the only reason the race has been able to survive much less thrive undgeround. The three groups have developed their own methods and forms of magic, the Luddians from the northern hemisphere’s semi-seismically active caves have developed a very thinking and rote memorization based magic. Int based casters. Those who hail from the southern hemisphere’s more volcanically active zones have a more inspiration based magic and seem able to pull spells out of the thin air. Wis based casters. Finally the smaller cave system around the equator has given rise to Luddians who work with magic solely by their force of personality, but seem to have access to less spells than the other groups.
Luddians shun relations with other races, sealing holes and erasing memories when the aliens delve too deep or break into the Luddians’ caves. But sometimes the Luddians have to abandon sections of a cave, a corridor, or even, occasionally, a whole city. Originally content to be left alone, many Luddians are starting to feel it might be best to retaliate. With every abandoned area, these feelings spread.
Luddians are often highly indoctrinated and tought from a very young age to follow their elders. Most Luddians are lawful and follow a religion of self-purification and a complete avoidance of technology. Instead they often worship magic itself.
Languages: Eridian
Extra Languages: Common, Undercommon, Celestial, Infernal, Ignan, Terran, Auran.