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I've decided to run another group through the Carrion Crown AP. There were so many incredible applicants on the last thread that I simply can't resist. I encourage all to apply, but specifically, I'm looking for some of the same who applied to the last thread.

Some Things You Should Know:

I am only selecting four players for this campaign. Probably. It kills me to narrow it down like that, as I know there will be some incredible applications. But I want to make the AP somewhat challenging and that's much easier with a smaller party.

To start, please download the Player's Guide if you haven't already. The information therein is critical in understanding the adventure and crafting an appropriate backstory for your character.

Role playing is more important to me than roll playing. I play for stories more than mechanics. That said, this is a traditional AP so completely unoptimized characters aren't really appropriate. But don't feel the need to eek out every point possible from your build.

Like other GMs, I'd like at least one post per day from the players - including weekends. And, of course, if you're going to be away, just let the group know. Depending on how long you're gone, you may need to be ok with the GM or a fellow player taking over your character until your return.

Finally, maps and other relevant documents will be uploaded to Dropbox. This is a friendly and easy way to share the files across multiple platforms.

My GM Quirks:

I place a high value on class and racial diversity.
I have a particular soft spot for Monks.
I am open to creative input from my players.
I subscribe to the tiered leveling (or whatever it is called).
I am a grammar snob. While improperly using a gerund isn't grounds for disqualification, proper use will earn you bonus points during selection.

Character Creation:

1) 20-Point Buy, 1st Level
2) Core races only. I may be open to Changelings, but all other player races are off-limits. 

3) Three traits. It is required that you pick one from the campaign traits, but you can adjust the backstory freely to better align with your character.
4) No evil characters. 

5) Max HP at first level (roll or average thereafter).
6) Max starting gold
7) Archetype stacking is allowed, assuming the bonuses don't overlap. Also, I'll be looking for some story-basis or flavor-basis for your archetype choices. If you're just looking to game the system, you're out.

How To Apply

Please respond to the questions below in-character.

I also ask that you have a fairly fleshed-out character profile that I can look at. It doesn't have to be completely finished at all, but I want to get an idea of what you're trying to do with your character - not just that you're a human cleric. In this character profile, please put your background story in spoilers - particularly the pieces that people wouldn't know about you.

The Questions

1. Who are you and where are you from? 

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

3. How would you describe your personality?
4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

I will hold recruitment until I feel like I have enough players to choose from or Friday - whichever comes first.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to the applications!


Definatley interested. Will try and post up some character info and stats tonight sometimes

Dotting. Will have to come after finals. :)

GM Todd, I would love to play in this adventure! Having just read through the Player's Guide and discovering it's horror like atmosphere, coupled with your soft spot for monks that parallels my own, has hooked my interest. I would like to humbly leave this submission for your perusal!

Re: The Questions!:
The answers!
1. Barruk The Ascetic, an Orc (or half-orc if it's important to you, please see my note below!) from Belkzen.

2. Barruk will have the Chance Savior trait, but in reverse. Professor Lorrimor chanced upon the young orc(or half-orc) in dire straights, about to beaten with in an inch of his life, if not further, by his kin. His tormentors insulted him for his intelligence and his views, calling him a human sympathizer and telling him that his beliefs wouldn't save him. The professor managed to convince the orc kin that the target of their aggression wasn't worth their time with his brilliance and cunning, and nursed the wounded creature back to health. He encouraged him to travel, meditate, and perhaps join a monastery that the man had recently visited. They taught that the mind was as much a weapon and shield as the muscles of the body. Lorrimor encouraged the young and broken creature that he was right to cherish life, and believe in the power of intelligence and education. The two traveled together, and the professor even taught the now-scarred individual how to write and read, a practice that had been shunned by the orc's tribe. Barruk gave thanks to the professor, and promised to write to him each week that passed as the two exchanged good-byes and the foot of the monastery after the order promised to take in the orc in exchange for a favor owed to the eccentric professor.
3. The orcish monk is a tormented soul, who truly loves life, and the people who live it. Barruk did not escape torment or racism in the monastery, with few exceptions as he was only tolerated by the majority of disciples there due to their promise to Lorrimor. The professor wrote to the monastary when he heard of the plight, and several of his teachers championed the orcs cause, but that only made other students resent him more. One of those teachers was a great lover of philosophy, and the orc took the teachings to heart, as an escape, and an explanation of his suffering. He has adopted a very Nietzsche and Kant influenced attitude, and is a LN. He has a very whimsical attitude towards life, with a great, and often dark sense of humor. He finds amusement in most things, and believes that all people are in search of meaning for their suffering above all else. He finds is meaning in his idea of morality above all else, worship, physical perfection, and an experience seeking attitude. He is stubborn, passionate, and intensive, but has a great lack of confidence in himself.
4. While Barruk would be inherently scornful of the close-minded superstition of the Ustalav, as with all close-minded things, and while he believes in reason before all else, he is also filled with a doubt and wonder at the reasons for why the superstitions would be created. Perhaps there might be some truth to them after all?

On the issue of race.:
The idea I have in my head for the character is one who overcomes not just the legacy of his family tree, but of his inherent and brutish nature. He believes in honing mind as well as body, and would either way be a worshiper of Iori. My reason for Orc is more role-playing that crunch, and I could keep the entire back story with a half-orc if you'd prefer!

Let me know what you think of Barruk, The Ascetic when you get the chance!
Also, I'm unfamiliar with the tier leveling system. Could you extrapolate a little bit? P.S. Have you ever studied any philosophy?

Very unexpected! I'll put Gwyndle back out there for consideration. If I can dig up the other recruitment thread, I can repost my answers and backstory if necessary!

I will give it a second go with my Oracle. He still needs to be completed and I changed him to an oracle of bones.

1. Who are you and where are you from? 

I am Azubah, a gypsy from Ustalav's roads.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
The professor traveled with my clan and tutored me on the land of Ustalav and its mysteries. I would be no more than a grape-picker if it were not for his wisdom.

3. How would you describe your personality?
I am a mystic who sees those things that others disregard. There are signs all around us indicating the presense of powers that move us without our knowledge.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Only a fool calls knowledge superstition just because he does not care for what it says. But even those who believe are fools, they just repeat things they have heard but don't understand what they are saying most of the time.

Presenting, Kelgar Ironhand, dwarven Battle Cleric of Gorum.

1. Who are you and where are you from?

Kelgar Ironhand, battle cleric of Gorum, son of Clan Ironhand hailing from the Five Kings Mountains

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

Saved his life once, he stumbled into me camp, undead spawn on his heels. Quick flash of divine power sent the thing running. Guess yacoudl say he owes me one.

3. How would you describe your personality?

Fiercest, bravest, boldest one yer gonna find in these parts. others say I'm a wee bit hot tempered and rash but I get results! If ya care for a drink, I'll tell ye all about me exploits.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

Bah, nothing the holy might of Gourm and a few goods swings of me sword can't handle! Damn orcs and that Tyrant got this place frightened, that's all.

Reusten here again. Looking for undead to kill... as well as anything that gets in my way! (Except for my adventuring companions, of course. Unless they're undead.)

Copied from your first recruiting thread:

Character Background:
Reusten was the unexpected result of a romantic tryst between a farmer's daughter and handsome guardsman that had caught her eye. Furious at the lack of respect and decency showed by his daughter, the farmer forbade the child from entering his home, and his daughter brought Reusten to the nearby town of Tamrivena. Finding the temple of Pharasma to be a suitable place, she left him in the care of the clergy.
In his religious upbringing, Reusten proved to be an attentive student. With the priests of Pharasma as his foster parents, his fanatical devotion to the Lady of Graves grew over the years. He showed particular aptitude and interest in his lessons and lectures on the abomination of undeath. Vowing to seek out and put to rest undead creatures and to destroy any who might create them, he began to study combat arts as well. In combat he uses a morningstar in one hand for close combat, but is exceptionally skilled with the hand crossbow he holds in the other.

When Professor Lorrimor passed through Tamrivena in his travels, he gave a lecture on the nature of the undead. His theories and knowledge intrigued Reusten to the point that he sought out the professor for further study. Drawn to Reusten's intensity for learning more about the subject, Lorrimor conducted a number of personal sessions with Reusten. After several months of discussing the finer points of undeath as well as faith in Pharasma in general, Lorrimor had to continue his journey.

Question Answers:
1. Who are you and where are you from?
I am Reusten van der Zicht from Tamrivena. I serve the Church of Pharasma in hunting undead to bring them final rest.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
The professor visited Tamrivena in his travels. I was privileged to study with him at the church, learning knowledge that will assist in cleaning the scourge of undead from Ustalav, if not all of Golarion.

3. How would you describe your personality?
Determined. Serious. To-the-point. My acquaintances - especially the midwives of the church - tell me I seem cool and uncaring about others. Contrary to popular belief I do have friends, and we have fun when we can, but my studies and practice come first.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Of course! Ustalavans have much to fear from the horrors of our realm. Ensuring proper Pharasman rights for the deceased... being cautious of outsiders and the arcane arts... these are things that can keep people safe at night when unspeakable monstrosities stalk the countryside. Ghosts and vampires aren't just old wives' tales, so invite no strangers to your house, and always keep garlic handy!

Also presentng, Zar'tan, human Magus. He applied to the last carrion crown but did not make the cut.

The Questions

1. Who are you and where are you from?

Zar'tan Vische, 2nd son of Count Omar Vische, graduate of Lepidstadt university and member of the Malkenclaw fraternity. My family hails from Caliphas where my parents and brother tend the family estate and vineyards.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

Mere chance years ago, I was in a position to aid his escape from some creature of the night. Never did get a good look at what it was, but it was big, covered in fur, and it's howl sent shivers down my spine.

3. How would you describe your personality?
My professors at the university would tell you that I'm reckless, irresponsible, and think entirely too much of myself. I of course disagree; I'm only reckless when the situation calls for it, irresposible when possible, and i'm at least as amazing as I think I am.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

Not all fo them, but some things are more than superstition, they are a fact of life. One would be a complete fool to disregard all the old ways and I am not a complete fool.

edit: It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?

Necromancy is not overtly evil, though it is easlily perverted. Minor experiments do not bother me, as i have experimented with a few female necromancers at the university *wink*. I've never seen an occult necromantic ceremony and I don't want to.

To avoid any confusion: Kelgar and Zar'tan are both mine.

Re-applying with the same character. I'm currently using her in another CC game, but it is running rather slow. We haven't set foot in Harrowstone yet. I'm interested in playing with her at the same time with a different GM and party to see how the experiences differ. I don't have any experience with the AP outside of what's going on in the other game and can separate character knowledge from player knowledge quite easily.

I will adjust her stats for a slightly lower point buy, drop the regional feat, pick up a trait, and produce a second alias if accepted.

Here is the character concept stuff:

Role in the Party:

Melee support: With a Decent AC and to hit/damage bonus and 13HP Kayela can hold her own in combat and her DPR is boosted if fighting undead. Combined with her ability to roll twice for initiative and divine buffs she can be a moderate to difficult threat to undead and a decent challenge against non-undead. If she wins initiative she's likely to either cast an early buff, divine spell, or maneuver into flanking position for the party fighter/rogue.

Lore: With +6 in Knowledge History, Planes, and Religion she won't outshine a bard or a wizard in knowledge checks, but she can provide a decent contribution towards the party on knowledge checks. The only hindrance is due to her curse she won't be able to effectively communicate her knowledge in combat to any other members who don't understand Celestial.

Party Face: A Paladin/Sorcerer/Bard with the right skill ranks might outshine her in the category, but she can supplement her Diplomacy skill with perfume for a total +9 bonus. She can also easily provide aid in either diplomacy or gather information checks, which can come in handy.

Buffing/Debuffing: Keyela will primarily be focused around self-buffs early in her career, but can make use of the occasional guidance/resistance cantrip often. Her debuffing potential per encounter is phenomenal due to her Misfortune Revelation which she'll frequently spam burning up her immediate/swift action each round if needed. Surprisingly her misfortune ability can also be used as a 1/day for each target buff for both herself and allies allowing for valuable rerolls on missed saves, attacks, and critical skill checks.

Healing: With a good amount of spells per day she can serve as a secondary healer or primary if needed. Healing ability damage/drain or status effects is probably better left to the cleric/paladin, but her ability to supplement a clerics healing allows the primary divine caster to not waste all his/her prepared spells on patching up the party shoring up flexibility among divine casters.

Kayela is 5'9'', 136lbs.

Her hair is dark black and forms dreadlocks with bits of bone intertwined, but along the left side her hair is braided into close cornrows and died white. Below her white braids white Shoanti tribal face paint covers 1/3 of her face in the shape of a cracked skull covering the left side of her forehead and extending around her nose and arching at an angle along her left cheek towards the back of her jaw and left ear.

Her eyes are dark brown. Her left eye is dressed heavily with black eye shadow forming what looks like socket of the skull with her face paint. A jagged scar running diagonally across her eye is also shaded black forming a crack in the tribal skull painted on her face. Silver eye-liner is coated applied her right eye.

She has 3 silver piercings in her right eyebrow and a silver earring with small onyx jewels hangs on her right ear, a token of her mothers, her bottom lip is pierced at the center with a small silver bar. Around her neck hangs a necklace with various tribal totems and a symbol of Gorum all of which carved of bone, a token from her father. Various white and black tribal tattoos adorn most of the rest of her body covered up usually by clothes they tell tales of her family history, accomplishments, and tribal identity.

Her armor is a strange mixture of chain-mail and a number of ceramic plates painted bone white. A battered white skull of cinderwolf covers her left shoulder a tribal piece-meal addition to her armor. Her clothing covers most of her armor and is made up of black and white cloth sewn together with white and black wolf pelts to keep her warm while traveling and complete with a black hood and cloak which is matted torn near the bottom from heavy use. Her Morning-star and Battle aspergillum fits the theme of her look as both are crafted into the shape of a skull while her light shield is made of dried black wood with a skull engraved on the front the outline traced in white. Her two daggers are her brothers with handles made of cinderwolf bone and etched in tribal markings.

*Note: Most Shoanti shave their heads, but as she's been cast out from her Quah she's grown her own hair out over the years. It's an act that reflects her shame and the belief that she is no longer a true Shoanti.

Often quite Kayela exhumes an air of calm mixed with a righteous ferocity and determination that bubbles just under the surface. She is a very sweet lady who is extremely fond of young children and absolutely delights in seeing their smiles. A good cook and practiced healer she is often welcomed into town once the locals get beyond her strange appearance. She warms quickly to new companions and is always interested in listening to others stories. She sets out to challenge herself by pitting her strength against the undead and views them as fearsome foes that need to be laid to rest. Often she will collect a small piece of bone from those she lays to rest and add it to her collection which hangs in her hair believing that the spirits of those fallen will guide her. She often works with the church of Pharasma when seeking out undead to smite. She enjoys strong coffee and dark ales and finds moonlight to be comforting. Good-natured to a fault she often leaves a community after healing those in need for free and leaving a good impression of her to all those who encounter her.

Kayela was of the Skoan-Quah (Skull Clan). Kayela's mother died in giving birth an unfortunate incident that would later be blamed on her childs cursed nature. Her father long since dead she was raised by her uncle and brother both strong brash warriors who held little regard for her. In her youth she developed a headstrong attitude and became a promising warrior in an attempt gain acceptance among her clan and family.

Her wild aptitude for divine magic coupled with her cursed nature split the Quah into those who believed her to be a great gift from the heavens and those that looked upon her as an omen of ill fortune. Given this divide among the elders her tasks where relegated to healing the sick when in dire need and keeping watch over the Quah along in a secluded watch point along a cliff face overlooking one of the few permanent Shaonti settlements.

Her life came unraveled one year when people and most strangely dead bodies that where supposed to arrive from various Shaonti Quahs to undergo funeral rites began vanishing. Sometimes the bodies would mysteriously vanish as Skoan-Quah riders would show up with one or two bodies missing than they had originally picked up. Sometimes the bodies would simply vanish from yurts containing the dead a day before they where scheduled to be burned in holy ritual. Even worse people would suddenly vanish in the middle of the night with no signs of struggle or foul play. Panic swept over the Skoan Quah as their Quah was tasked with dealing with the Shoanti dead and insuring their spirits journey to the beyond. More than one member of the clan began to whisper talk of this being somehow related to Kayela. This infuriated the young woman and she set out to discover the cause of these disappearances.

Late one night she got lucky and noticed two figures leaving a sacred yurt with a body. She pursued the culprits to an ancient ruin only to discover the faces of her uncle and brother as the corpse thieves. Surprised and enraged by the proceedings she flew at them and demanded to know the meaning of what they where doing. She was even doubly surprised when they came at her and attacked their own kin. She fought them off in a battle that nearly claimed her life and produced the scar along her left eye inflicted by her brothers long spear. The battle resulted in the deaths of her remaining family, but as she stood there wounded and in disbelief a vampire spawn attacked (the same one who had been dominating others to steal bodies for him and then feeding on his dominated victims). Miraculously able to deny it's attempts at domination Kayela caught the upper hand. Unfortunately it's physical strength overwhelmed her just as easily. Lying on her back about to be defeated she heard the spirits of her ancestors calling to her they pointed her in the direction of a piece of wood from her brothers broken spear. Surprising the vampire spawn with a surge of strength she managed to trip the undead monster and wrestle it to the ground beating it into submission and driving a stake through it's heart slaying the foul creature.

Badly wounded she gathered up the 4 bodies (uncle, brother, skewered vampire spawn, and the stolen corpse) and began the journey back to camp. She was considerably slowed down by her new found burdens and her wounds. As she struggled close to camp dawn broke the sun setting afire her vile shish-kabobed quarry. Panicked she attempted to put it out only sparing a small piece of garment before the rest of the body turned to ash. She passed out around half a mile before getting back to her camp.

She awoke in chains as to the Shoanti who found her the situation appeared strange and unclear. The camp was a lit with rumors of her uncle and brother who discovered her stealing a corpse and fought her in an epic struggle. The elders not sure of what to believe decided on exile as the most appropriate measure. Soon after her exile the vanishing people and corpses ceased; all but confirming the wise decision made by her clans elders.

After her exile Kayela set up shop as a mystical healer in Sandpoint an oddity she stood out among it's residents. In her time in Sandpoint she soon fell pray to shady dealings and became addicted to shiver. It was here that she met Professor Lorrimor as along his travels the Shoanti mystic and her strange cursed nature intrigued his intellectual mind. Upon this fateful meeting Professor Lorrimor instantly recognized a piece of cloth that was nailed to the wall of her shack with the tip of a broken spear. The cloth was aged and old, but it had the symbol of a necromantic cult known as the Wispering way. Interested to hear the story Kayela told him of the tragedy of how she lost her last remaining family and was since exiled from her Quah. Lorrimor took an interest in her fascinating tale and shared with her the knowledge that the possessor of the fabric was somehow connected to the necromantic cult. He kept in contact with her regularly and presented information about her story, her clan, and her unique gifts as part of a study.

After the meeting Kayela had strange vision-dreams of undead rising from the dead and marching on Varisia from the east as they mumbled only in whispers. Shaken by the visions she quit her addiction to shiver cold turkey and left Sandpoint and wondering east taking the vision as a omen and has since dedicated her life to slaying the undead and hunting for any clues to the vile mythical cult. Little did she know that Professor Lorrimor, the first to point out the vampire spawns strange connection with the cult, would serve her once more as the event of his death will draw her to the hamlet of Ravengro where she would pick up a lead on the whispering way, whose trail had long since gone quiet.

Again, I when I can write her speech in a manner that reflects the dialect of growing up among a tribal culture. I model it loosely off creole. I can drop it or keep it depending if the party/GM likes that sort of thing or not. My writing style can be found either by viewing her posts or through the Q&A.

Your questions; answered from the perspective of the character:


1. Who are you and where are you from?

Kayela pauses for a moment with a look quite sadness on her face at the latter part end of the question, "Ah, I am Kayela dah Rest Bringer foe tah dark abominations dat should 'ave feld dis mortal coil wid grace. I hail from dah west, Varisia, and was brought up en dah harsh storval plateau in deh cindar lands near deh mind-spin mountains"

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

Kayela cringes for a moment at the context of 'were' before replying, "Deh man was drawn tah me by tah fates won evening in my time as a healer en Sandpoint. He found me interesting an I found em quite charming" She says with a toothy grin. "He 'ad herd dah tale of my survival against the spawn of a wicked vampire in my youth and wished tah inquire about the tale. He was fascinated by mah life an we kept regular correspondences over dah years which he used to publish a study on mah peoples culture and our respect fa deh dead. His visit profoundly changed mah path dat evening"

3. How would you describe your personality?

She beams warmly, "I am bot a humble healer kind hearted and respectful to all those I meet. I do mah part bringing dose close to death back tah the warm comfort ah life. I will always help dose in need and pay no heed to that which stands in mah way. I come off as intimidating to some, but they quickly learn dat I'm sweetar den sugar'd plums. Only abomination need fear me."

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

She looks confused for a moment, "Superstitions? Dah plague of evil that surrounds dis land an torments dese people is nah idle tale. Yah best believe in such stories for life in Ustalav is besieged such wicked things"

Thanks for the second chance and I hope you find a lovely group!

To everyone else, good luck and happy gaming! :)

Applicant from your First Thread

Here are the Questions Background is in the Profile.

1. Who are you and where are you from? Hello, I am Dante Graustark it is hard to say where I am from my people move around all the time. Where was I born is another thing entirely I was born out side of the great city of Caliphas. The Caravan stayed near the city putting on a show while waiting for me to be born. When I was born they had a party like they did whenever a new child was brought into the family.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor? The first time I saw the Professor was when i was younger he came to our Caravan looking for hired hands to guide him and help with protection. As I got older I was allowed to go and help, starting off just as a glorified pack mule then I worked my way up something a bit more important.

3. How would you describe your personality? My personality hmmm, that is a bit hard to put into words. Let me see if I can do that for you, I am going to tell you what others have said about me which might help you. I have been called easy going, a bit lazy (depends on the type work, he whispers with a wink.). I have been told I don’t think before I act, sometime not a bad thing. Does that help?

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav? Hell Yes, Momma Sophia alway made sure we knew how to ward ourselves against those that went bump in the night.

5. It is rumored that there are many in Ustalav who practice necromancy, ranging from minor experiments to occult ceremonies. How do you feel about such practices? Could you ever work along side such individuals?
at the mention of the word necromancy Dante spits "they are makers of abominations and be made to see the error of their ways" he pats his sword.

"Momma Sophia says that the creatures created by the necromancers are just shells of what they were holding back the soul from renewal and should be sent back to Pharasma."

Good luck to you as well, and everyone else. Some very interesting characters so far. I love reading submissions and wondering how my characters would react to other peoples characters. Kelgar's interactions with Barruk would be some fun to role play. Also see some potential for Zar'tan and Reustan to be an interesting pair.

Would like to put forth a character concept and backstory in the long Bricker is a Rouge Cleric will answer questions in a jiff.

Bricker Longfellow:
“A sunny day full of carpentry and a stout ale in the evenings is all a Halfling ever needs my boy.” is what Pappy Longfellow always said. I never subscribed to my father’s philosophy on life but I never told him that. I was his apprentice until the age of 19 when a gnomish pressure canner explosion took him and my Mammy Longfellow away from me. After cleaning pieces of beet and Halfling from all over the kitchen, I took over the family business after his passing and became the carpenter of the little hamlet a few miles south of Draklafel. It would have been a rewarding life for any typical Halfling, but I was always dreaming of the road. I was almost ready to except my fate of driving nails for a living until one night, while dreaming, Desna came to me. He told me that he did not breathe life into me to be a carpenter. I was to be an adventurer. I was to see and experience all that I could in the short life we Halflings enjoy. "The road shall be your church and the jingle of coin will be my gospel and when your days are done you will sit at my side and oh the tales you will have to tell.” Upon my awakening from this most vivid dream I found my pack ready for travel at my bedside along with a beautiful walking staff to help me along the way. So I loaded my pipe, donned my back pack, and struck out on the road without a word to anyone. I have been traipsing every since making my way from town to town and pocket to pocket praising the Halfling god every night before sleep.

MundinIronHand wrote:
Good luck to you as well, and everyone else. Some very interesting characters so far. I love reading submissions and wondering how my characters would react to other peoples characters. Kelgar's interactions with Barruk would be some fun to role play. Also see some potential for Zar'tan and Reustan to be an interesting pair.

It's always a lot of fun role-playing an Orc with a Dwarf in the same party, and I think that Zar'tan and Barruk would also have an interesting relationship due to their opposing up-bringing's as well as sharing an appreciation of body and mind, yet having two different approaches to it. Should be an interesting group, who ever ends up playing. Good luck to everyone! *smiles*

1. Who are you and where are you from?
The name is Bricker Longfellow friend and is a pleasure to make yer acquittance. There are a few things I should tell about my mostly uneventful life, I was born In the a small halfling hamlet by the name of Teford most boring of places let me tell you everyone sat on their lazy arses all bloody day smoked their pipes and drank ale. Well me I wanted to see the world and not spend me whole life cooped up and working as a carpenter. So I left one day didn't have any real friends to tell no one knew I had disappeared. Well anyhow now I roam the world looking for adventure and most importantly riches.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
Bricker chuckles lightly at the thought. That old coot saved is hide one day I did by chance that is wasn't actually meaning too er nothing. Well I met the Professor on the road while tracking down a goblin raiding group. Well apparently the goblins next mark was the professor and his Caravan usually they only raided merchants perhaps the stupid things thought that included Petros. His men looked like they were handling themselves quite fine so I sat back and watched as the remaining ran away until I notice a sneak off behind a nearby bush bow loaded pointed directly for the old mans head I knew he probably had no chance to dodge the incoming sneak attack so I yelled out to him to drop and duck which in term saved his life. A little thing really but he praised me and His gratitude was effusive, and he promised that he would never forget me.

3. How would you describe your personality?
Laid back but do anything for excitement and a bit of coin. I would not think of myself as a hero or do gooder but would surly save your hide if I could see a reward in it even if it would put my life on the line. In other words I like money how it gleams in the sunlight hmm. (He begins to daydream and drift into his own little world.) I do what I think is right and that means it probably ain't the best Idea but sofar I've been able to live through each of my mistakes, (He stops talking but then remember something very important.)I always return a favor He says a last.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Do I believe them not really but I remember them and take everything I hear into account I do stay cautious though as I don't wish to ever run into any of the necromancer round here.(He grins) I got a photographic memory.

He will start as a Rougue and gain a few as Cleric not sure if I want an Arch yet.

Dragonserpent wrote:

It's always a lot of fun role-playing an Orc with a Dwarf in the same party, and I think that Zar'tan and Barruk would also have an interesting relationship due to their opposing up-bringing's as well as sharing an appreciation of body and mind, yet having two different approaches to it. Should be an interesting group, who ever ends up playing. Good luck to everyone! *smiles*

Good point, Zar'tan and Barruk do have a good amoutn in common, especially considering their upbringing. Being native to Ustalav, I'll have to consider Zar'tan's feelings towards orcs. Hmm......i'll have to poder that.

MundinIronHand wrote:
I'll have to consider Zar'tan's feelings towards orcs. Hmm......i'll have to poder that.

Likewise for Kayela seeing how doing battle with various Orc tribes from Belken that encroach on Varisia across the Storval Plateau is one of the Shoanti's favorite pastimes when they're not fighting Hell Knights or promising to retake Varisia and burn down Korvosa of course.

I could see Kelgar and Kayela getting along fine, lol.

OK, I've been hoping someone would be doing a Carrion Crown I could get in on. Here's my submission:

The Questions:

1. Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Iesha Moonlight and I am a Cleric of Shelyn. I know little of my family, except for the obvious; one of my parents was an elf. I was a foundling left on the doorstep of Her temple in Ardis and have spent most of my life there.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
It was he who was contacted about my elven heritage. He visited me over the years and was very helpful in teaching me to deal with people's reactions to my heritage. I respect him greatly and owe him a debt I may never be able to repay.

3. How would you describe your personality?
I am very dedicated to the lady's will. I want to make this world a better place, one where all can live together in harmony.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Hardly. I would have to despise myself for that to be true. The Professor and my superiors have taought me to look beyond such mundane things as bloodline.

I had originally conceived her as half-drow, but that's up to you.

She is 5'6", with pure white hair and what appears to be a Varisian skin tone.

Grand Lodge

Here is the same app from the last thread. I will create an alias for this character if I get accepted.

Name: Razida Duivel(RAH-zee-da doo-VELL) aka Raz(Rahz)
Race: Human
Class: Gunslinger
Ability Scores: Str 10 Dex 17 Con 12 Int 14 Wis 14 Cha 10
Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Craft(Alchemy), Heal, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival
Feats: Extra Grit, Point Blank Shot

Raz was born in Taldor to a virtually unknown but wealthy family. His father was a baronet based in Cassomir. Raz led a rather unassuming life until he came across his first gun in a market stall. Fascinated by the exotic weapon he immediately bought it and a supply of powder and took it home. His parents were less than pleased but he managed to calm them down and let him keep it.

He practiced with the awkward weapon, hiring an alchemist to study the powder than allowed it to function and teach him how to create it himself. He studied the gun inside and out, taking it apart several times to study it. His parents found it quite funny when he first took it apart and it took him a week to put it back together properly again.

After several years he had actually become skilled with it, though he never had occasion to use it until he was shopping one day and saw a shop owner, sporting many bruises and a broken nose, shouting that someone had beaten and robbed him. Raz saw the man running and gave chase. When he caught up with the thief he tried his sword though was no match for the veteran swordsman. In a moment of desperation he drew his gun and, with a resounding boom, brought justice to injustice.

From that day on Raz was restless, walking through the town often and unable to turn a blind eye to the myriad injustices that plagued his country. Finally, it became too much and he decided to leave. He could do no lasting good in this gods forsaken country, but perhaps elsewhere he could give some peace in a place where not everyone hid a dagger behind them and took an exposed back as an invitation to stick it in to the hilt.

He has traveled far and seen much, and although he has developed a sense of pragmatism to temper his idealistic tendencies, he still firmly believes that there is no excuse for hurting others and has never hesitated to use his gun when words are useless.

Raz stands at a little over six feet, with dark brown skin marked with ritual scarring. A line of small burn marks in the shape of vertical lines follows each of his high cheekbones and the dead center of his chin. His eyes are a dark amber color and his teeth are perfectly clean and white. However, his hair draws the attention away from his teeth given that it is also white and runs down to just below his shoulders. He keeps it in a ponytail held in place with a ring of silver bearing the crest of a white panther over an inverted crown. He is lean and wiry, but with obvious strength and purpose in his movements, and a subtle grace which goes unnoticed by most.

As for attire, he wears a pair of dark brown leather pants supported by a black leather belt with the same crest as his hair ring on the buckle. His boots are the same color of leather as his belt with scuff marks and dirt covering them. He wears a royal blue shirt beneath a studded leather chest piece which is in turn covered with a dark brown coat. A battered but obviously well crafted pistol hangs from his left hip beside an old short sword. Finishing the outfit is a pair of fingerless leather gloves and a wide-brimmed hat which is usually pulled down to shield his eyes from the sun.

IC Questions:
1. Who are you and where are you from? 

My name is Raz. I come from Taldor, and I am not fond of talking about my time there. *pause* Would you mind changing the subject?

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

That old fool? Ha! We traveled together for a brief time, more out of coincidence than friendship. At least at first. He paid me a decent amount to keep pace with him and protect him and a precious artifact he'd found if anything happened. We ended up together for... About six months? Good times, good times. Anyway, we parted ways eventually but some time later the old man tracked me down and asked for my services again. I thought, "what the hell? He pays well and the job's no different to what I usually do, so why not?"

I worked for him on and off for the last five years, either escorting him or one of his other paid cronies when he sends them out to fetch something. It's been good. Damn shame he's dead. Still, maybe he'll have one more payout for me, eh?

3. How would you describe your personality?

I'm a man with simple tastes and a simple mission. Suffer Not Injustice. A simple credo but it's one that helps me sleep at night. Sure, a man's gotta eat and I charge for my services, but honor and justice don't puts shoes on my horses or food in my stomach, do they? Now, some may not like that, but truthfully I could care less. I do what I do, I make what money I can. And let's face it, how many people can say they honestly enjoy their job?

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?

*snorts* Oh, hell no. I mean, I haven't spent much time there, but I've heard stories about the place. I mean, I love helping people but that place, by every account I've heard, is beyond help. I once got told that the people there 'make cynics look playful and cute.'

Yeah, not my ideal vacation destination.

Here is Volty's submission. Nornan, human Kellid barbarian. Just not the... typical barbarian. Answers to questions, including much of his backstory, in the profile. The rest tomorrow, when I finish editing these papers...

Lets be honest here folks it's probably just luck balancing itself out that Prof. Lorrimor is dead.

......I mean seriously how many countless times can low level PCs save one fellows life before that sort of insane streak of luck runs out.

Ok, I have to say I'm interested. :)

Next post will be the profile of Soval, Monk Scholar.

I believe all questions should be answered through the profile, except for the last.

You ask me if I subscribe to the superstitious paradigms that the people of Ustalev do? I must say that I do not. However, I do recognize that that disagreeing with their beliefs does not mean that their beliefs are any less valid. In my studies, as well as with the conversations I've had with Professor Lorrimor, I've realized that the beliefs of people are rooted deeply in one's sense of who they are and what shapes their lives. Without beliefs, whether we as individuals may consider them well-founded or ill-founded, there is no reason to continue doing out daily tasks and moving forward in life.

What do I believe in? That is easy, knowledge. I dabble in the knowledge of all fields really as I seek to grow and understand the world and cultures that exist here. I seek knowledge of the past so that any mistakes as well as greatness may be shared in order to gain advantage and affect the present for the better. I also seek knowledge of the future, not direct divination mind you, but a mathematical calculation of what is most likely to happen given certain circumstances.

Some people might call me a bit too scholarly, and ask what I am doing out of the library, but that is a discussion for another matter. Let us say that is is a matter of family that I journey forth. And I consider the Professor part of my family so that is why I seek to pay my respects.

Thanks for the submissions everyone.

Now, for those who have already applied and for those applications that forthcoming, please include what you envision your role will be mechanically. You don't need to do this in-character, unless you just want to. This is required to be considered for selection.

Also, here's the list of applicants thus far. Let me know if I've missed anyone. (Good to see all the monk submissions!)

Current Applicants
Gwyndle - Gnome Arcane Duelist Bard
Baruk - Orc (or Half-Orc) Monk
Azubah - Human Oracle of Bones
Kelgar Ironhand - Dwarven Battle Cleric
Reusten van der Zicht - Human Inquisitor
Zar'tan Vische - Human Magus
Kayela Rest Bringer - Human Oracle
Dante Graustark - Human Fighter
Bricker Longfellow - Halfling Rogue Cleric
Iesha Moonlight - Half-Elf Cleric
Razida Duivel - Human Gunslinger
Nornan - Human Barbarian
Soval - Human Monk


I don't think a full Orc would be welcomed into Ustalav at all, so we'll probably be sticking Half-Orc. That said, if you are selected, we can discuss which race you should take. I'm open-minded.

Click the link to learn about the "Stepped Advancement System."

Also, yes, I have studied some philosophy. Why do you ask?

Grand Lodge

My gunslinger will likely be ranged support for whatever melee person there is. He will have some long-range capabilities through the use of a crossbow so he'll be able to switch between long range and close range. He also has the Heal skill so he'll be able to offer first aid if necessary.

Oh, and he has a large wagon, so the party won't have to travel on foot.

RPG Superstar 2015 Top 8

If it's not too late to throw another hat into the ring (gosh, skip reading the boards for one day and this is what happens :)), I'd like to do so. I've always wanted to play through a Golarion-based Adventure Path and learn more about Golarion that way. Unfortunately, most of the pbps I've joined have fallen apart (with one exception which adapts Kingmaker to homebrew, so I still haven't had a real chance to adventure in Golarion).

I'll follow up with a submission.

Reusten's kind of a mixed bag mechanically. If I didn't really like the concept I'd probably put together someone more specialized for something. (Actually... I don't see many backline arcane casters... might put one together if I find some time! :P)

Anyway... I envision Reusten as providing some combat support - probably mostly ranged (although 1d4 piercing with the hand crossbow isn't much). He'd be effective at providing tactical support by identifying monsters, and he'd be able to use social skills for investigative purposes.

I envision Iesha as more support than combat; diplomat, healer & buffer. She will fight if necessary, never willingly striking the first blow. She will also put herself at risk to heal and buff party members.

My original background for Iesha; will this work for you?

A young elf named Saeveril Chalithar was captured by a Drow raiding party. Held as a slave for years, he ultimately sired children [a boy and twin girls] on one of his captors. When the House holding him was attacked in a power struggle he took advantage of the confusion to flee with his children. However, he was only able to rescue his son, Tebryn. Severely wounded in his escape, he died after reaching the surface world in Ustalav. He lived long enough to be found by a Varisian run circus, and to give them the child's name. Tebryn was adopted by their fortune-teller, after a harrowing to see his fate. The young elf grew up as part of the circus, becoming a talented bard and often hiding his heritage as part of the freak show. Eventually he fell in love with Alicianna, grand-daughter of the fortune-teller who had adopted him. Not long after the troup was attacked by undead. They managed to escape, with only a few losses, due to Tebryn's sacrifice. He stayed back and cover their escape, but died after being overrun. The troup was approached by Professor Lorrimor, who wanted details of the assault. While he was there, Alicianna died in childbirth, after giving her daughter a name. The current headman, who had been in love with her, blamed Tebryn and the child. Professor Lorrimor recognized the birthmark on the baby as a symbol of Shelyn and offered to provide a home for the child. It was he who placed her with the temple, and he has monitored her all her life. She is not, at this time, aware of her full heritage, though (GM option) the proessor may have left her some information.

II'm looking at Soval as a Master of the Four Winds archetype.

Currently, his personality lends itself to a mobile striker type. His ability to enhance his strike with elemental energy serves to enhance his damage ability in critical combats. His mobility will alow him to best position to support other members with flanking. The variety of Knowledge skills will allow him to support the group out of combat by assisting with the gathering of any needed information.

GM_Todd wrote:

Thanks for the submissions everyone.

Now, for those who have already applied and for those applications that forthcoming, please include what you envision your role will be mechanically. You don't need to do this in-character, unless you just want to. This is required to be considered for selection.

I don't think a full Orc would be welcomed into Ustalav at all, so we'll probably be sticking Half-Orc. That said, if you are selected, we can discuss which race you should take. I'm open-minded.
Click the link to learn about the "Stepped Advancement System."

Also, yes, I have studied some philosophy. Why do you ask?

** spoiler omitted **

GM Todd:

Barruk would play the roll of an intelligent front line fighter. He's not quite a dwarf in full plate, but the idea is that he plays to his strength and cunning, and as such would be a maneuver master who takes levels in the lore warden archetype. He would attempt to play the role of a damage dealer and battle-field control with his maneuver mastery and use of two-weapon fighting to use flurry of blows in combat. Outside of combat, Barruk would still be a moderately mobile character. Barruk effectively plays as an educated and versatile fighter. (if you were willing to house rule an monk-fighter multi-class feat, he would be much less awkward as we get to higher levels as he meets it's prerequisites.)

Having looked at the racial modifiers for an orc, even with my desire to role-play one, they really hurt the character I'm trying to build, even with a 20 point buy! The -2 to all mental stats isn't canceled out by a +4 bonus to any physical stat for a character that believes in mind-as-matter, even if that +4 is to strength. Truth be told, the human would best mechanically fit the character idea (that +1 skill point and feat are much better than dark vision, ferocity, and being more scary!), but I really want to hold onto that racial heritage that makes things a little more interesting for history and Role-playing.

Also, I really like the stepped advancement system, and might incorporate it into my Jade Regent table-top game since my players keep grumbling about the horrors of having to use a medium experience track. As far as philosophy goes, I was just curious. I've studied some recently in college, and it's sparked my interest. I'd really like to put some philosophical ideas into a character that I can role-play and it seems like this might be a great campaign to do so, provided that I am graced with one of your few spots!


I... I dont know where the professor intended me to fit with the team. I'm not really a fighter, well, not by choice. Yes, I do carry a large axe. Its the way of my people. And I do know how to use it, we are trained from birth. I have no other skills, I am not sneaky, I know no magic. So, perhaps that is my role. I can use my brain, at least to begin with. The few times I've been in fights, usually over some sort of bullying since I cant stand that, I lose myself in the fight.

So, to answer your question in a roundabout way, before any fight, I am of use planning, arranging things. Once things get started, perhaps I am best used as the lead fighter.

Eh, I'm kinda enjoying doing this all IC. ;)

My build isn't the most practical in the world, but I do believe it can and will fare well in close quarters combat. Thanks to my high AC and decent to hit, I can pose as a close quarters fighter, whilst lending buffs in the form of inspire courage to the entire party. My decent Dex mod also makes ranged combat possible. By capitalizing off critical hits in later levels, I can make up for my relatively inferior damage output.

The Haunted Gnome feats are largely for show, but for enemies who happen to be susceptible to fear, it's a decent debuff. Seeing as it's tied into my backstory, it also leaves a few roleplaying opportunities open.

Top that off with decent social skills and I believe you have yourself a jack of all trades, master of none.

Also, if the plausibility of the good professor having had his life saved so many times is called into question, I can easily adapt to a different campaign trait, if necessary.

I have made my first two selections. These two players may report to the discussion thread and flesh out their characters.

I'm posting these first two, as I want to help curb the influx of submissions in the appropriate direction.

The First Two
Reusten van der Zicht - Human Inquisitor
Soval - Human Monk

If you've applied with an Inquisitor or a monk, note that those roles are filled. I do want you to apply with another concept, though. Based upon these two selections, I will likely be picking a party of five, rather than just four.


In the interest of "spreading the love," I don't think that I will select your character as she's already participating in the AP as-is. That doesn't seem fun for you or me.

You have an incredibly strong story and character development, so if you'd like to submit another character, I'd consider him/her. I hope you understand.

As a battle cleric you expect kelgar to buff himself and the party then wade in. He's got heals available if needed and some debuffs as well. His AC isn't great but his HP aren't bad and with buffs, he'll do well up front. Sense motive is his best skill. So basically he's a support/melee

Seeing as you've covered the niches that I'd hoped for Barruk to fill, I'd like to change a bit of his history, his class, and the mechanical role that he'll aim to fill. I still would like to play a half-orc, saved by the professor, but with a twist on the old story. Instead of a monastary of Iori that took in the way-ward soul with orcish blood in a place where few would look kindly on those from Belkzen, it was a dwarvish temple of Torag. Barruk's hardship their at the hands of gruff dwarves would be a long and arduous many years where he had to earn the trust and respect of those who were now in charge of his education. Barruk would match the dwarven stubbornness, and surprise them by also matching their patience and determination as well. He took heart in the ideals that Torag taught, and found that he proffered the make and blessing of a shield above all else. Barruk's short life span meant that he had little time to learn to serve his god at the forge, and the dwarves gruffly encouraged him towards the art of battle, and the ideals of duty and protection. It was soon discovered that the warrior was as adept at wielding shields as tools of battle in more ways than one, earning him the nick-name "Shieldhammer" by the dwarves, which the young warrior took as his surname. He still looked to the professor as a teacher, and as the man who saved his life, and finally set foot out of the monastery for the first time in many years to travel to the funeral of the man he cherished dearly.

Mechanically, Barruk will use the fighter archetype of Brawler, and specialize in two-weapon fighting with shields, and play the role of tank, strategist, and protector by dealing lots of damage, making use of battle-field control, and taking hits like the half-orc raised by dwarves that he is. His personality is a bit more stoic and gruff than most due to his being raised by dwarves, and he doesn't place much stock in magic, especially of the arcane variety.

If there's anything else you'd like to see or know about Barruk, or if you'd rather see another character concept all together for some reason, let me know!

Grand Lodge

Bricker focuses his Rogue skills on thieving and sneaking unlike most cunning rouges he is not one that is good at getting out of situations. As a cleric he focuses on buff spells bless and such and or miscellaneous spells such as comprehend languages and detect undead. He focuses on his thieving abilities and rogue skills he does not enjoy not having a break when he wants it and complains A LOT.

Character sheet:
Halfling Rogue 1
Small humanoid (halfling)
Init +4; Senses Perception +8
AC 17, touch 15, flat-footed 13
(armor +2, Dex +4, size +1)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +1, Ref +7, Will +3 (+4 vs fear)
Spd 20 ft.
Melee shortsword +5 (1d4, 19-20/x2) or
dagger +5 (1d3, 19-20/x2)
Ranged light crossbow +5 (1d6, 19-20/x2) or
thrown dagger +5 (1d3, 19-20/x2) or
splash weapon +5 touch (varies)
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks sneak attack +1d6
Str 10 (+1), Dex 18 (+4), Con 10 (+0), Int 14 (+2), Wis 14 (+1), Cha 10 (+0)
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 14
Feats Weapon finesse
Skills Acrobatics +10, Climb +7, Disable Device +9, Disguise +4, Escape Artist +8, Knowledge (local) +6, Perception +7 (+8 finding traps), Sleight of Hand +8, Stealth +12, Swim +5
Languages Common, Halfling, Dwarven, Elven
SQ trapfinding +1
Combat Gear flask of acid (2), sunrod (2); Other Gear shortsword, dagger (4), light crossbow and 10 bolts, leather armor, backpack, belt pouch, thieves’ tools, silk rope (50 ft.), grappling hook, bedroll, flint and steel, rations (10), waterskin, 10 gp, 9 sp

Reposting Hrolfas from the previous recruitment thread. He's still the superstitious barbaric Kellid as before. If need be, I can tone down the fear of magic into a large distrust instead. As for where I see him mechanically, he's there to provide front line power/support. I expect he'll pick up the rage piwers like superstitious, witch hunter, etx., as well as some survival oriented powers. Basically, throw himself at enemies, and dice them up. Hopefully he serves as an able distraction from the squishy guys.

Zar'tan is melee and acrance blaster. He can help cover arcane knowledge and spell craft. Throw in some intimidate for good measure. Basically dame but has some utility.

Applying as Alice Morell, Changeling Ninja (or Rogue if you prefer.).



1. Who are you and where are you from?

I am Alice Morell. I am from the capital of Caliphus in the kingdom known as Ustalav. My adopted parents, Edmus and Marla Morell, are worshippers of Pharasma. They took me in as one of their own after finding me crying as a baby near the local market. They could not have children of their own, so they thought of me as a "blessing from Pharasma". Being mightily superstitious and religious they saw me as their chance to have a purpose in their lives, and gave me everything I could possibly need. My father is one of the heads of the Caliphus Temple of Pharasma and my mother was the daughter of a local councilman named Esteban Harmon.

I grew up a curious one, always seeking out adventure. I loved to learn how various things worked, even if it got me into trouble. I opened doors that shouldn't be open, because why shouldn't I be able to see what was beyond? One day on my 16th birthday, I had a strange urge to travel. To where I don't know. I told my parents and my father looked at me with great concern. He then forbid me to go and hurried off to the church saying he had matters to attend to. Being curious, and not able to resist the temptation of this..calling, I set out one night as quietly as possible. My journey took me to a remote location several days north (I believe Northeast). I saw strange ugly creatures who welcomed be with cackling glee by two terrible looking misshapen old women. Terrified I awaited these strange hags to prepare some sort of ritual, thinking I should run off.

Apparently my father slowly come to know what I really was, and was just trying to hide it from the other townsfolk who surely would cast judgement upon me. He knew all too well where I was headed and knew even with his forbiddence I would likely try to leave. He made a promise that he'd send me away if I were to be rescued to the other church heads. Not long after I left, he brought a few of the temple guards with him to find what he knew was a deadly hag coven. Luckily, for me anyway, they arrived in time to stop the ritual, defeating two of the hags and driving the third off. My father was badly wounded and one of the temple guards was slain. The journey back to town was met with disdain from all but my father, who had a silent solemn look on his face. Upon returning I slept in my bed one final time as I awoke to a tearful mother waking me for breakfast and helpign me pack. Few words were spoken, but my father mentioned a old friend I was to study with in the town of Ravengro by the name of Professor Petros Lorrimor (Could easily be another acquaintance if you don't like this tie in.).

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?

I was sent by my father to "study" with Professor Lorrimor. Though I knew it was mainly to get me out of Caliphas to prevent any backlash from the hag incident. Me being curious had me investigating all that I could in my new city. One night I ventured a little to close to something I shouldn't have and encountered what I ascertained to be some sort of ghostly presence. Immediately I froze in fear and managed to run as fast as I could not looking back. I wasn't sure if this was more hag trickery or not, but I was determined not to find out. I told Professor Lorrimor of this incident and he was highly intriqued, prodding me for more information and bringing it up regularly saying he was needing the information for his "studies". This prompted me to research as much as I could about combating ghosts, zombies, and all manner of things deemed as undead. (I chose undead because it says non humanoid. I'd take monstrous humanoid for the hag encounter if it's ok thought since it makes a lot of sense to me. I don't know if it'd be optimal or not, but don't really care. ( I know the player's guide suggests Aberration, Animal, Construct, and Undead.).

3. How would you describe your personality?

I am highly curious and somewhat reserved. My past experiences have left me a little unsure of my place in the world, and I have a fear of not being accepted. I mean well, and like my parents worship Pharasma. I like to observe people, especially those I do not know. I usually will do so by hiding somewhere while I listen in on them. My curiousity tends to have me go places I shouldn't go and as mentioned I have become adept at picking locks, and sneaking around or hiding. I never mean no harm though. I do so only to satisfy my own curiousity.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
I tend not to, especially since I was forced to leave my own home based on the prejudice and superstitious people living there. I try to respect these beliefs though, as to not draw the attention and ire of the citizens of my current home.

Party Role


Alice isn't necessarily scared of fighting, but she does tend to try to attack from and in the shadows if possible. Due to observing people constantly she knows how to size up people, and although she hasn't done a lot of fighting, she is confident in her ability to strike with her claws at vital spots if necessary, though she wouldn't go out of her way to kill anyone. She uses her keen night vision and has almost a sixth sense when trying to locate foes (Blindfight). She is highly trained in disabling objects or locks (Vagabond Child), but being a little socially awkward has caused her to come across as weird to other people at times, in addition to her mismatched eyes and pale skin.
She has some knowledge of religion due to her upbringing as well. She has studied a lot about undead since coming to Ravengro as well.

Gywndle wrote:
Also, if the plausibility of the good professor having had his life saved so many times is called into question, I can easily adapt to a different campaign trait, if necessary.

You bring up an interesting point. For this AP, i fidn their campaign traits to be subpar comapred to other APs. I thinkt hats why we are seeing so many, Chance Savior.

Silver Crusade

Though I haven't finish the character yet (noting 20-point buy), and if it is not too late, I would like to toss my hat in for consideration.

1. Who are you and where are you from?
The name is MacRonan BlackEagle and I hail from Lockridge, in the River Kingdoms state of Lambreth, though I acknowledge neither place as home.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
I came across the good professor in my travels in a tavern when I was deep in my cups, trying to find my place in the world after failing to join the Knights of Ozem. Sensing my depression, he talked with me and in the process took a young man that was lost in the darkness of uncertainty and brought him back to the light. I traveled with Professor Lorrimor, serving as both an aide and guard as needed. Though we eventually parted ways, I look back on that time fondly and look forward to the time when I can repay the debt of kindness I've accrued with him.

3. How would you describe your personality?
I am trusting and loyal to those I call friend, but a danger to any that would threaten myself and those in my charge. And though I will gladly lay down my life in the defense of both my ideals and those in my charge, doing so is a last resort after all other options are exhausted. Betrayal is not suffered lightly by me.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Having spent some time in Ustalav, I can say that I am not blind to the superstitions of its people nor do I question them. Indeed, I hold myself open to the possibility that there may be something to their beliefs. Only time will tell if I am able to see things as they do.

Party role: MacRonan's role in the party would be function as the group's shield, placing himself where he is needed to safeguard those he is with that would be highly sought after enemy targets from harm. And though he would serve primarily as a "wall," MacRonan's mount actually gives him more mobility that would enable him to serve in a skirmishing role as needed when not in a dungeon setting.

This is DeathQuaker with my submission, if you are still taking them.

1. Who are you and where are you from?
I am Nadiya, a traveling witch. I was born in a village which was destroyed when I was very small and have spent my life since traveling from village to village. I consider all of Ustalav my home, wherever I have traveled and wherever I will.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
I met him while I was working as a midwife in a village. He was researching local mysteries of the land, and was intrigued to learn my mother was the source of the locals’ stories of “Old Lady Nadiya,” who is described as anything from a kindly old witch to a fey spirit who appears to assist the needy (in reality, we traveled to survive and work for a living, and she sometimes used her Old Ways of magic to help heal others). I told him my version of the story and in turn he regaled me with many tales of his own.

3. How would you describe your personality?
I am somewhat inquisitive and quite compassionate, although I don’t always show it outwardly. I’ll offer anyone a hand who needs it, but I tend not to tolerate fools gladly. I admit Professor Lorrimor has made me interested in adventuring more than simply traveling to do my work, although whatever I do I hope I can help people.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
Obviously not completely, or I wouldn’t be a witch, now would I? But many of these superstitions are part of the culture I grew up in, and I’m sure more have slipped into my way of thinking than I’d usually care to admit. I try to ask a lot of questions, though, not assume something is as always has been told.

Party Role: Nadiya can support, fight, and even heal a bit with her spells and hexes, focusing on aiding her allies and cursing her foes rather than dealing direct damage (although she can do that too if she must). She’s knowledgeable of magic and plant and animal lore, which will be undoubtedly useful to the party, as will her ability to craft alchemical aids.

Character background pasted from my profile:


When little Nadiya (called Navala when she was little) was barely walking, her home village in rural Ustalav was raided by orcs, and burned down to the last hut. Out of a family of seven, only she and her mother survived, fleeing into the woods to hide and survive. Mother had a few tricks up her sleeve—old magics passed down from generation to generation—that had helped her save her and Navala, and keep them alive. She put these same “tricks” to work to provide them some way of living, given home and all valuables were utterly gone. Using gifts of healing and magical boons—and sometimes darker curses to fend off even darker foes, Navala’s mother offered services to nearby villages that others could not provide—but they could never stay long, the locals’ gratitude for their help often lasting too short a while, their fear of magic outweighing the benefits they provided. Still, Mother persisted in her work, and the locals grew to tell tales of Old Lady Nadiya, the kind witch who came at the moment a baby’s birth was breach, or appeared at the moment a traveler was in trouble on the road.
Old Lady Nadiya eventually died, perhaps of old age or disease; she fended off her daughter’s inquiries with stoic silence. Navala’s theory was that her mother never forgave herself for the death of the rest of her family, and the burden of guilt eventually crushed her spirit so much that she gave up on life.
Navala traded her diminutive name for her true given name, which was also her mother’s: Nadiya. She travels around Ustalav in her mother’s stead, having learned all that her mother taught her, and carrying on the legacy “Old Lady” Nadiya, the magic matron who appears when necessity draws her, even though Nadiya herself is just 25 years old.
During one stay in a local village, she met Professor Lorrimor, out to explore local ruins and unravel local mysteries. Indeed, he was in fact drawn to her, wanting to learn the truth about the legend of the kindly witch Nadiya. She related to him the story of her mother—less romantic than the stories that surrounded her—but he still admired the kindnesses Nadiya and her mother brought to a rough, wild territory, when they themselves were seldom treated as well as they treated others. She in turn asked him many questions about his own travels, and was inspired by his tales of discovery, which led her to seek out mysteries herself, to improve her magic that she may better serve the poor folk of Ustalav.

If accepted I may revise further as needed.

Nadiya wrote:

Party Role: Nadiya can support, fight, and even heal a bit with her spells and hexes, focusing on aiding her foes and cursing her allies rather than dealing direct damage (although she can do that too if she must). She’s knowledgeable of magic and plant and animal lore, which will be undoubtedly useful...

Sounds great! When do we start? *winks* Remind me not to get on your good side!

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Dragonserpent wrote:
Nadiya wrote:

Party Role: Nadiya can support, fight, and even heal a bit with her spells and hexes, focusing on aiding her foes and cursing her allies rather than dealing direct damage (although she can do that too if she must). She’s knowledgeable of magic and plant and animal lore, which will be undoubtedly useful...
Sounds great! When do we start? *winks* Remind me not to get on your good side!

Whoops. Fixed that, thanks for pointing it out (TOTALLY different character concept there!). I blame the neighbors next door who partied the other night till 4 AM...

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Very interested. Will fill out once I get home. Works too busy to be typing everything I plan on my phone.

I hadn't seen a lot of straight-up combatants, so an Ustalavan Half-Orc fighter for your consideration

The Questions
1. Who are you and where are you from?
I am Dmitri Kuznetsov. I was born in a little village in northern Vieland called Tochka. They did not care for monsters there, however, so I was taken away by the church of Pharasma and raised in the Grey House in Lepidstadt.

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
My tutor in warfare, Alexei Danesti, put me in contact with the Professor when he was hiring bodyguards for an investigation of Vieland’s Kellid ruins. The professor never flinched, never looked at me like a monster, and always spoke to me like a person. I shall miss him terribly.

3. How would you describe your personality?
People say I am a monster. They say I eat bad children and murder pets. I say I have never done these things, even though I have met children who could have used eating. The clerics told me growing up that suffering developed the soul and was a blessing from the Lady of Graves. While I pay my respects to blessed Pharasma, I have had quite enough of those sort of blessings and try to abate her blessings for others. I despise needless suffering and when a strong man can help, I help.

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav?
What you call superstition has been built on more experience and more truth than the pointed heads at Lepidstadt University have ever found in their books and their beakers. Carry bloodroot, lock your doors at night, and never disparage tradition – you never know which gods or demons you might offend in so doing.

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Here's my character submission.

MacRonan BlackEagle:

MacRonan BlackEagle
Male human Knight-Errant Cavalier (emissary, honor guard) 1
LG Medium humanoid (human - Kellid) (5'11, 185 lbs.)
Deity Iomedae
Homeland River Kingdoms
Init +5; Senses Perception +1

AC 20, touch 13, flat-footed 17 (+5 armor, +3 Dex, +2 shield)
hp 12 (1d10+2)
Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +2

Speed 30 ft.
Melee longsword +5 (1d8+4/19-20) or
heavy mace +5 (1d8+4) or
longsword +1 (1d8+4/19-20) and heavy shield bash +1(1d4+2) or
heavy mace +1 (1d8+4) and heavy shield bash +1 (1d4+2) or
lance +5 (1d8+6/x3) or
Ranged composite shortbow +4 (1d6+4/x3)
Special Attacks challenge +1 (1/day)

Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 7, Wis 13, Cha 7
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 18
Feats Improved Shield Bash, Mounted Combat*, Two-Weapon Fighting*
Skills Handle Animal +2, Ride +5, Sense Motive +5
Traits On The Payroll, Reactionary, Rich Parents
Languages Common (Taldan), Hallit
SQ in or out of the saddle, mount, order (knight errant), sworn defense
Gear scale mail, heavy steel shield, composite longbow (+4 Str. bonus) with 20 arrows, heavy mace, longsword, backpack, banner, bit and bridle, leather barding, rations (4), military saddle, sunrods (3)

Still working out the character, so if any changes need to be made let me know so that I can do that.

1. Who are you and where are you from?
"Oh! Ahem! I didn't see you there!"
A pale half-elf with dark hair and spectacles leaps nervously out his seat, where he seems to have dozed off. "I am Leviticus Mortimer the Forth. Er, Fifth! Any how, you said something?" The half elf snaps his fingers. "Right! I come from many places, and truth be told, all I remember of my youth was the road. You see, I've traveled with the worshipers of Desna, Circus acts, archaeologists, artists, and vagabonds of many a kind in my child-hood. I don't really know who my parents were, if they abandoned me, or if I just wondered off some day. I spent quite some time in Osirion training to go on a crypt excavation before I got the news... The dazed looking fellow blinks several times, before turning to you, fidgeting. "Did you... want to know anything else?"

2. How were you acquainted with Professor Lorrimor?
"By Desna's feet! Of course I knew Mori! He was one of the best teachers I've ever had the good grace of knowing!" He grins. "Always called him Mori, since when I met him. I was younger then, and he hated the name, so naturally, I had to call him that. We wrote for years, and I always addressed my letters to him as such." A shadow passes over the half-elf's grinning face, and his smile fades to a frown. "I guess he won't be bothered by that any more..."

3. How would you describe your personality?
The elf pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looks up in thought. "I honestly don't think about my personality very much. I understand people pretty well, but I prefer to study objects, or history, because when I try and interact with them, they just don't... Well, fit the equation, for lack of a better term." The half elf smiles. "I don't mind much, there's plenty of things that I'm able to make much more sense of. I'm a scholar, an explorer, and a lover of learning."

4. Do you buy into the superstitious paradigms of the denizens of Ustalav? "Come now, while I'm sure there are reasons for superstitions that come with any culture, you can't ask me to believe that these things have just naturally occurred in a population group with out the influence of humanoid spreading rumors and asserting their opinions as fact! It happens all the time, every where you go!"

Party Role:
Levi fills a role very much like a rogue, via the Crypt breaker archetype. He has trapfinding, bombs that deal extra damage to undead and constructs, coupled with extracts and crypt breaker draught. If it's alright with you, I'd like to also use the Mindchemist archetype, sans the cognatogen due to the crypt breaker's draught. If that's alright with you, he plays the roll of a knowledgeable scholar as well, solid knowledge checks to identify situations and questions.

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