GM SpiderBeard's Carrion Crown

Game Master Barvo Delancy

Chapter Five: Ashes at Dawn

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The trail of the Whispering Way leads our heroes to the puritanical fishing community of Thrushmoor, where the death cultists were recently sighted. But the cult’s interest lies beyond Thrushmoor, in the infamous village of Illmarsh.

Dramatis Personae


Wren the Feathermage
An explosion of colour and noise, Wren has come out of her secluded life of communing with the birds out of sympathy for the Beast and their shared experience of prejudice and hatred of the ignorant.

Whiskeyjack Dunaldthal
Saved from his addiction by a vision of Angradd, Whiskeyjack now goes forth to do battle in his God's name, and bring drink and cheer through what is surely divinely-gifted whiskey.

Enthusiastic and skilled with arcane fire, diminutive Vladlena hails from distant Caliphas.

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