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Hello fellow nerds! I am currently running a Carrion Crown AP that has the group just hitting level two. A player has recently left the game and I am looking for a replacement in a couple days. I recommend looking through the gameplay feed to get an idea of the group so far before making any submissions. good luck throughout the process. Its a 20 point buy with no drop stats below 8 before racial modifiers and take the appropriate gold for second level. Here is the Adventure background about two days after the late professor was buried. Please make sure to have a proper tie in to the story. Good Luck everyone! any questions ill answer throughout the next couple days. I will make my decision hopefully at the end of the week and will contact the picked individual via private messaging prior to closing the recruitment feed.

Pfs legal? Just wondering before I submit. :)

There is a interest check in PFS by one of the current players but I haven't decided if I want to go through the hassle of getting it sanctioned mid game. Ill figure it out this week but currently it is not PFS legal but it might as the game continues.

Thanks. I have char idea in mind. Will read then submit :)

The questions I always ask..What does the group consist of?
Archetypes allowed? Any core or base class?
Anything the group prefers?

This is my first play-by post game so i wanted it kind of bare bones adventure. So I will only be accepting core classes and races but any feats or archetypes from additional resource books like the Advanced players guide, ultimate magic, and ultimate combat will be accepted.

Just to give you an idea of my idea:
Half elf summoner
If allowed : drow descendant

Grew up as an outcast. Invented an imaginary friend. Later this friend became real. The professor found out, and his heritage made it even more interesting for the professor. They became good friends. With his death he could not ignore the funeral. So he went. But due to circumstances, he was delayed. And arrived late

half elf is fine but it has to be a base class, summoner is not from the core rule book unfortunately.

Mmmm. Rather then a Neutral Human Cleric. Neg.Energy?

Alright, I would like to submit Basil Kettering, a LN Human Cleric of Pharasma, for consideration :-)

I have applied for a position in the original recritment thread and I am still interested in playing.

Human diviner Castor Drey of Tymon is ready to find out, why the good professor asked for him in his will.
If Castor is choosen, I will update him to 2nd level.

throwing my paladin into the ring of selectees.

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