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Skallywag, land-lubber, pox, bilge rat, heartie, Jack Tar, knave. All of these are names you’ve heard, or worn during your time, and one way or another, you’ve found your way to Port Peril, the capital of the Shackles. Amidst its twisting streets and alleys filled with brothels, taverns, gambling halls, and assorted vice dens, you’ve either come to find your fate, press your luck, or in a valiant and vain effort, try to civilize this pirate’s den.

Whether you seek to revel in its debauchery, seek your destiny on the many ships that enter and leave the harbor, or are looking for that rare item that seem to mysteriously wind up in Port Peril’s market, you’ll need to be on your guard. Pirates are a suspicious lot, and one thing is certain….Dead Men Tell No Tales

Boarding Party

Man's Promise

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