GM Kyshkumen's The Dragons Demand

Game Master Kyshkumen

Hunclay's Estate

Map of Belhaim


Lady Origena Devy has asked you to investigate the cause of the towers collapse and locate the wizard Hunclay. Reward 500 gold

Lady Origena Devy has asked you to drive off or defeat the kobolds. Reward 12 amethysts worth 1200 gold

Find and return Isadorer Malak's missing daughter. Reward 200 gold

Help Nighttail take control of the Blood Vow kobold tribe.

Secure Hunclays manor and possessions for an estate auction. Reward 5000 gold

Hunt down the dire wolf harassing Abrassus Ranch. Reward 800 gold.

Explore Hunclay's cave. Found 3233 gold

Free the Shae from Hunclay's basement.


Hunclay's key
Small kobold chest key
Large kobold key
Animal hair cloak
Bone wand
Two scrolls
Small box with leather headband
Master work cold iron longsword
Ring of Hunclay's keys
Scroll of Permanency CL 12
Dust of Darkness x5

Hunclay's spell books:
level 0=All
level 1=Alarm, burning hands, charm person, color spray, comprehend languages, crafter's fortune, ear-piecing scream, expeditious retreat, grease, heightened awareness, identify, infernal healing, mage armor, magic missle, magic weapon, Obscuring mist, Ray of enfeeblement, shield, shocking grasp, sleep, stone fist, summon monster I, true strike, unseen servant, vanish
level 2=Acid arrow, arcane lock, blur, cat's grace, create pit, dark vision, false life, flaming sphere, glitterdust, invisibility, knock, levitate, make whole, mirror image, scorching ray, see invisibility, sonic scream, spectral hand, spider climb, summon monster II, summon swarm, web
level 3=arcane sight, daylight, disable construct, dispel magic, displacement, explosive runes, fireball, fly, haste, heroism, hold person, secret page, spiked pit, stinking cloud, summon monster III, tongues, vampiric touch.
level 4=Acid pit, black tentacles, control summoned creature, dimension door, earth glide, enervation, illusory wall, greater infernal healing, greater invisibility, stoneskin, summon monster IV, wall of ice.
level 5=Cone of cold, dominate person, fire snake, hold monster, life bubble, magic jar, overland flight, permanency, summon monster V, teleport.


Deputy Gergis=Unfriendly

Talia Orem (Inn keeper)=Friendly

Xemmne (Apothecary)=Helpful-10% discount

Bassy (Historian)=Friendly

Name unknown (Undertaker)=Indifferent

Lady Origena Devy (Baroness)=Indifferent

Wizard Hunclay=Deceased

Eupaphenia (Preistess of Abadar)=Indifferent

Baccus (Blacksmith)=Friendly

Ionnia Nachis (Scribe)=Friendly

Caspar Tymek (General store)=Friendly

Isadorer Malak (Dairy farmer)=Helpful

Abrassus (Shepard)=Helpful


Bassy's really old

The Crypt of Tula's haunted by her husband's spirit

Hunclay was spooky, worshiped devils and collected evil books.

The Ironan monks from the monastery didn't vanish. They wandered out in to the marsh to die in a vile ritual.

Strange foot prints that look like a giant wolf. Only they were on the roof as well.

There is a large boar eating dragon out in the marsh.


Lot 1, Exotic birds
Lot 2, Kitchen lot (Hunclay's dinnerware and silverware)
Lot 3, Parlor lot (A globe of golarion on a mahogany stand, along with some sextants, astrolabes and paintings of unearthly landscapes.)
Lot 4, Dining room lot (Oak table along with finely carved oak chairs and several paintings of desert landscapes.)
Lot 5, Library lot (Collection of over 600 books along with 16 rare books on astronomy.)
Lot 6, Stuffed grizzly bear
Lot 7, Book of extended summoning
Lot 8, Flesh golem manual
Lot 9, Manual of war
Lot 10, Assorted Potions (2 vials of keen edge, potion of undetectable alignment, potion of protection from acid, and potion of protection from fire.)
Lot 11, Assorted scrolls (Scroll of campfire wall, Scroll of excruciating deformation, a scroll of haunting mists, and a scroll of magic circle against chaos.)
Lot 12, Hunclay's spellbooks (see above)
Lot 13, Bedroom lot (The armoires and wardrobes full of rich clothing)
Lot 14, Observatory lot (50 rare star charts, platinum astrolabe, 6 rare tomes on astronomy and two finely crafted hand telescopes.)
Lot 15, Storage lot (Wine, food and spell components)
Lot 16, Clockwork lab lot (All the tools , gears, springs and parts needed to build clockwork contraptions.
Lot 17, Summoning journal (Journal found in the basement explaining the various creatures summoned and what Hunclay learned rom them.)