GM Helio's Ballad of the Stolen Lands

Game Master Helio

Map of the Stolen Lands
Loot Sheet

NPC List


Oleg Leveton, Owner and Proprietor of Oleg's Trading Post
Svetlana Leveton, Oleg's Wife and business partner
Kesten Garess, Guardsman and noble of House Garess
Drekel, Kesten's right hand man, much to his chagrin
Jhod, Cleric of Erastil
Karina Orlovsky, One-time party member recalled to Brevoy for a family matter.
Dendarial, One-time party member that went his own way after one too many disagreements with Tyanos and disappeared to the south...

Runt, Press-ganged Bandit and ex-merchantman with basic knowledge of trade and leathercraft. Now works at Oleg's.
Tork, Ex-Bandit with a checkered past, with basic knowledge of woodlore and survivalism. Now works at Oleg's.
Siril, the bowman from Kressle's camp, who has very nearly died about three times so far. Now works with Kesten.
Bokken, Eccentric Alchemist Hermit
Happs, Illana, and the residents of Happston--Bandits, travelers, pioneers, or prisoners?
Errol Flynn, bardic traveler that escorted Lady Karina homeward.
Mikred and Vadren Leary, father-and-son hunters and outdoorsmen.


Saerin, Elven bow-wielding bandit. Killed at Oleg's.
Kressle, Human Axe-wielding bandit leader. Killed at her campsite.
Falgrim Sneeg, Bandit of the Greenbelt, Kidnapper of Illana and Bane of Happston, Killed at Happston Ambush
Wetscale, One-time party member that stayed on to help Jhod. Was killed by Falgrim Sneeg to prove he meant business.

Active Quests

Map the Greenbelt (Primary objective)
Svetlana's Missing Wedding Band
Collect Fangberries for Crazy Bokken
Tuskgutter, big ol' boar bounty
Neutralize the Sootscale Kobolds
Deal with the Stag Lord
Capture Falgrim Sneeg

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