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Carrion Crown AP
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Undiomede House
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Carrion Crown AP


(Fireday, 18th Calistril, 4711AR)

Feldgrau map
Feldgrau Tower

The way to the grave of the professor is met by a mob. The situation is resolved with violence.

The professor is then buried with some moving speeches.

Back at the house there are introductions and then the opening of the last will.

Not so well talk to Father Grimburrow at the temple.

Got the talk from the sheriff with a threat to put them in prison.

Girls with scary skipping song.

Visit to the Harrowstone. Found proof of murder. And signs of ritual. Read name of Hawkran. Short encounterwith skeletons. Left out the rats. Returned to Lorrimor house.

Found Zombie Prof. Visited Temple again. Brought the professor back and fought more undead on the cemetery, the marketplace in in a pig pen. Returned all dead to the restlands for Father Grimburrow to take care of.

(New day: Starday, 19th Calistril, 4711AR)

Visited by Father Grimburrow and the sheriff in the morning. Got suspected by the sheriff to have smeared the memorial. Visited the Crypt with the father and got the Haunt Siphons.

Checked the memorial and scared the deputies by casting.

Visiting Jominda and inviting her to come along.

Going to the Harrowstone without Jominda

Fighting the Scythe

Entering the foyer with Spugnoir getting trapped in there.

Explored the offices (safe not opened)

encountered the cold spot and smashed in the iron door. Emptied the room with the prisoners goods.

Moved through the training room and encountered the furnace.

Met Jominda in the foyer.

Cleared out the old chapel of the spiders.

Had fun with the animated manacles. Got them removed by Jorfa.

Went through the town hall meeting, saved the hall and got the job. Failed at setting up the Sheriff with Jominda.

(New day: Sunday, 20th Calistril, 4711AR)

Visited the Harrowstone and met Vesorianna. Beat the straitjacket.
Moved upstairs.

Cleared the upstairs. Mostly. Piper and Charlatan are down.

Cleared Hells Basement, central dungeon room, the oubliette (the lopper), the guardrooms (headless guard, Mosswater Marauder)

(New day: Moonday, 21st Calistril, 4711AR)

Cleared the Reapers Hold with the torture room. And visited the Splatterman.

Found Stam.
(New day: Toilday, 22st Calistril, 4711AR)

Went into the Harrowstone again and finished the Splatterman.
Received the badge of the warden.

New day, Wealday, 23rd Calistril, 4711AR)
Everything done what has to be done. Received a reqard from the council and took part in a celebration.

Brought together the Sheriff and Jominda. Well, kind of.

Moonday, 20th Pharast, 4711AR

Left Ravengro towards Lepidstadt.

In the last night before reaching the city encountered a Will-o-Wisp

Oathday, 23rd Pharast, 4711

Met the crooked kin and fought the Phase Spider. Retrieved the body of dead Alice.

Arrived in Lepidstadt.

Got hired by Judge Daramid to defend the beast.

Solved all the crimes related to the trial and brought most of the culprits to the sword.

Also saved Count Caromarc from his own creations that he was left with by the whispering path.

Left for Ascanor lodge, killed the Weaverworm on the way, disabled the hail of bolts trap by self sacrifice and arrived at the lodge. Went for a Werewolfhunt with Duristan that got Grergof and Duristan infected with lycanthropy.