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This is a Kingmaker AP play by post previously for members of the IBEX community, now open to the general gaming community as a whole.

A modified Kingmaker AP play by post using additional rules from the Ultimate Campaign sourcebook as well as a few GM tweaks and perks.

Initiative Rules:

To prevent long delays I have instituted a rule for combat initiatives. Initiatives will be paired off in groups. Players in each group will have 36 hours from the previous groups' posts to make their posts. If they do not do so, I will pass whichever player's turn that has not posted, their character(s) will stand in place, total defense, with no spell casting, no attacks, nothing but defend themselves from being the "targets" they are allowing their character(s) to be. The Ditzie map program should make combat more fun, though I imagine some of you may need a little time to get the hang of it.

Ditzie Maps:

We will be using ditzie for combat mapping purposes.

The idea is pretty simple. At the start of an encounter I'll post a map which will have movable tokens atop it. You click the link and move your token to where you want to go. The next step is important, click ENTER and copy the new web address, paste the new web address in a link included in your post. The next person should always use the person before them's link. Make sure to use the copy of the map that the player before you posted.

Its also very important that you click the Preview button before you post, especially when you moved in combat. Clicking the Preview button before you post refreshes the feed without posting, so you can make sure your post is correct before you commit to it. Please preview every post before you submit it, editing if something's needs changed.

Unfortunately Ditzie doesn't always work well on touch devices. You can view the map but can't interact with it. In the case you may need to post from your phone or tablet, just describe your movement with your post and I or another player will move your token as soon as possible.

Barony Exploration Map

Barony of the Greenbelt - Desna (Month 3)

Brevoy is a relatively young nation, having only existed since 4499 AR. The history of Brevoy before this time is the history of two often-warring nations, Issia and Rostland. The coming of Choral the Conqueror changed all this. After securing the defeat of one and surrender of the other of two nations, Choral christened his family House Rogarvia. Choral only ruled his new land for a decade before disappearing, leaving his descendants to rule, using the threat of the conqueror's return and his fearsome dragon allies to maintain their power. The dragons seemingly disappeared after Brevoy's creation, but they returned once to lay siege to Skywatch, an observatory-cum-fortress held by those still loyal to Rostland. The Rogarvians' rule ended with the mysterious disappearance of every member of House Rogarvia in 4699 AR, leaving Brevoy in a precarious political position.

House Rogarvia ruled Brevoy for exactly 200 years, until the entire family vanished in mid-winter. No evidence was found to indicate why or how they disappeared. The country is currently ruled by King Noleski Surtova of House Surtova, who claimed the throne on the 21st of Kuthona, 4699, due to his being of the line of Nikos Surtova and Myrna Rogarvia. At his side sits his sister, Natala Surtova, who reigns as an unofficial Queen, ostensibly only until the bachelor-King Noleski marries—something which the populace has been hoping he will do. The monarch lives in the Ruby Fortress, sitting on the Dragonscale Throne.

House Surtova has only maintained rule by allying with former enemies and using fear of the return of Rogarvia as a tool to unite Brevoy and its seven noble human families; Garess, Lebeda, Lodovka, Medvyed, Orlovsky, Rogarvia, and Surtova. It is rumored a replacement House should be formed in place of Rogarvia, cementing a Surtovan claim to the throne, for surely such a house would be indebted to the powers that create it.

Most of Issia supported Surtovan ascension, but Rostland has done so reluctantly. Many proud Issians flocked to the banner of the nation's military, the Crimson Guard. A period of transition followed, as less desirable elements left the service to be replaced by a stronger nationalistic spirit. Still, some Houses, such as House Orlovsky, only acknowledge Noleski as reigning Lord Regent and diplomatic relations are growing tense. Increasingly, it appears that Brevoy is on the verge of collapsing back into two separate nations.

Cloth, exotic curiosities, and spices are Brevoy's main imports, while common exports include copper, fur, fish and shellfish, grain, iron, salt, and timber. Stone for building is uncommon, so most buildings are constructed from wood. Trade is key to the continued survival of the nation, and recent events in the wild lands south of Brevoy have put this survival in jeopardy.

Brevoy's main geographical features are the Lake of Mists and Veils that forms its northern border and the Icerime Peaks on its eastern border with Old Iobaria. Other notable geographic features include the Golushkin Mountains on Brevoy's western border with Numeria, Acuben Isle, which hosts the city of Winterbreak and that borders Winterbreak Bay, the city of Eagle's Watch on the majestic Mount Veshka, the melted Valley of Fire where Aldori rebels had their last stand against Choral the Conqueror, and Brevoy's Lake Reykal, where just over 200 years ago the capital of New Stetven was built on the ruins of the old Taldan settlement of Stetven. The farthest point north in Brevoy is the highly inaccessible Claw Point, on the edge of Iobaria. The farthest point south is where the city of Restov meets the Shrike River.

Major rivers in Brevoy include the Awzera River that flows east into Lake Reykal across the lands of House Garess and House Lebeda, the East Sellen River that flows south out of the Icerime Peaks, through the Gronzi Forest, into Lake Reykal and then down south past New Stetven into the River Kingdoms.

Brevoy's geography differs markedly between the country's northern and southern reaches. The change in geography marks the old boundary between the kingdoms of old Issia and Rostland. The northern part of Brevoy, the former kingdom of Issia, is mostly rugged hills that are unsuitable for agriculture. South of the massive Gronzi Forest lies what was once Rostland. This area, the Rostland Plains, consists of rolling fertile grassland and is thought of as the breadbasket of the north.

It can take days to travel between small settlements and longer between larger population clusters. Most of the towns and cities are located are nestled at the bases of mountains, along the lakes, or beside the riverways.

The peasants of Brevoy are the largest part of the population and owe taxes and fealty to one of the house lords. Their life consists of working from dawn to dusk, either farming, if the live in Rostland, or either fishing or mining if they live in Issia. The man of the house may visit the local tavern in the evening. During the winter when fishing or farming cannot be done, household chores fill the days. The peasants try to live simply, support their families, and avoid the notice of nobles and priests.

Issia first came into existence when human explorers from Taldor came across a disease-ravaged frontier colony of the ancient Iobarian empire. The area that came to be known as Issia was too barren to allow true agriculture so the inhabitants turned to raiding to support themselves. Issia became renowned as a land of river pirates and other such scoundrels with the center of raiding activity being the boisterous Port Ice.

When Choral the Conqueror came to the region in 4499 AR and laid waste to the nation of Rostland to the south, House Surtova readily surrendered, deferring to him and the self-proclaimed nobility of House Rovargia. As a result, Issia survived the transition into the new nation of Brevoy far better than Rostland did, having fought to prevent their conquering. The surrender also allowed House Surtova to ingratiate itself into the new regime more easily, eventually allowing it to gain control of Brevoy after every member of House Rovargia within Brevoy's borders mysteriously disappeared. House Surtova was immediately ready, stepping in as if on cue to fill the power vacuum in the capitol of New Stetven.

Issia makes up the northern half of Brevoy, from the Lake of Mists and Veils in the north down to and including the Gronzi Forest in the south. The rugged hills of this region have little vegetation and poor soil. The lands of Issia lay south of the Lake of Mists and Veils and are barren and unsuitable for agriculture. Food is imported from Rostland or points further south. Issia is dotted with many tiny isolated fishing villages and citizens make most of their living from the lakes and rivers through fishing.

The people of Issia were renowned in centuries past as raiders and pirates. Today many Issians are simple fishermen or traders trying to make a living plying the waterways of the north. There have always been rumors that there was something odd about the rural folk of Issia (even in the cities of Restov and New Stetven with hushed whispers about them engaging in dark practices such as inhuman, or rather nonhuman sacrifices. Outsiders to this day often find themselves shunned in the smaller villages and rumor has it that the true masters of Issia lie beneath the freezing depths of the Lake of Mists and Veils.

Rostland occupies the southern half of the nation of Brevoy, from Gronzi Forest and Lake Reykal on its northern borders to the frontier capital of Restov and the edge of the untamed wilderness of the Stolen Lands in the River Kingdoms to the south. The heavily traveled Sellen River flows through Rostland, carrying the produce from its fertile farmlands and grassy rolling hills throughout the region. For centuries, the rich stores of food from Rostland have sustained the more desolate region of Issia to the north.

Rostland was first inhabited by Taldan explorers in the latter half of the Age of Enthronement under the leadership of Baron Sirian First, a hotheaded, impulsive noble forced to emigrate from Taldor after losing one too many duels. When the fledgling colony suffered a number of brutal attacks from bandit lords to the south, First accepted the challenge of the ruling bandit lord—a duel for the future of the burgeoning settlement. Unable to best the bandit king, First paid his wager and disappeared, most assuming he was gone for good, too embarrassed to show his face after the defeat. Several years later, First returned a changed man.

Answering to the name Sirian Aldori, the "Sword Baron" challenged the bandit lord to a rematch and defeated him handily in seconds. He followed this with a standing offer of 100,000 gold as a reward for any who could best him in a battle of blades. None could defeat him, whether through legitimate means or trickery and magic. At first, Aldori refused to teach anyone his techniques, but he eventually capitulated and began to train a select group of swordsmen under the condition that they each swore to change their name to Aldori and never teach their techniques to any outside the swordpact. These swordsmen, regardless of gender or race, became known as the Aldori swordlords. They ruled Rostland for generations, known as the Aldori swordpact, each as prickly and impulsive as the order's founder.

In 4499 AR, the armies of Choral the Conqueror swept into Rostland, and despite a strong resistance mustered by the swordlords, the nation fell at the barbarian's hand and at the talons of his red dragon servitors. The most memorable conflict between the Rostlandi and Choral's armies is now known as the Valley of Fire, and somber songs of swordlord Estruan Aldori's defeat remain a popular aspect of folk culture in Brevoy, the River Kingdoms, and Mendev. After annihilating the Rostlandi army, Choral's red dragons turned their attention to Rostland itself, and initiated a brutal onslaught of fire and blood that brought the once-proud nation to its knees. In only a handful of days, the people of Rostland surrendered to their new ruler and his heirs in House Rogarvia.

Many Aldori swordlords fled Rostland under Choral's rule, establishing a strong presence in the city of Mivon to the south, amid the River Kingdoms. Others fled to the Free City of Restov in the far south of Brevoy. The Aldori stronghold of Skywatch maintained the resistance even after the rest of Rostland had fallen, but even this seat of independent Aldori power was reduced to ashes by Choral and his dragons, eventually to be rebuilt by House Rogarvia.

Most Rostlandi are simple farmers, craftsmen, and tradesmen, possessing outgoing and happy personalities. The people of Rostland are welcoming of strangers, but do require that visitors to their land conform to the plentiful and intricate local customs. Obsessed with honor and personal standing, Rostlandi are easy to provoke or offend, and one wrong word can quickly find the offender in front of the local magistrate or in a personal duel. Despite their proud, parochial tendencies, Rostlandi make loyal allies and fast friends if outsiders prove their worth by learning and adhering to the native customs.

Notes on Cities:

Fort Drelev is the seat of power from which Baron Hannis Drelev governs his chartered holdings on behalf of Brevoy. The Baron has rapidly and expensively managed to develop Fort Drelev in an impressive town nearly twice the size of Olegton. The town is guarded and manned by a contingent of Crimson Guards on loan from King Noleski. Many of the town's buildings are ill-filled or were only partially completed before being occupied and remain in such states. The Baron has increased taxes upon the populace to attempt to cajoule further aid from Brevoy to complete his plans for growth, be it through begging or bribery.

Fort Serenko This wooden fortification has stood for years on the southern border of Brevoy, but with the growing tensions between Issia and Rostland, King Noleski ordered the soldiers and scouts stationed there recalled to Restov to support the mayorship of Waldorf Dupreux. The fort is now abandoned, though rumors abound that soon a new tenant will be taking up residence, one more ameniable to New Stetven.

New Stetven stands on the southern bank of Lake Reykal in central Brevoy and serves as the nation's capital. The city has been the seat of power in Brevoy since the warlord Choral the Conqueror founded it in 4499 AR after uniting the separate nations of Issia and Rostland under his rule.
Today, New Stetven is a bustling trade city, acting as a hub for exporting Issia's supply of fish, grain, timber, and ore to northern Brevoy and nearby Mendev, Numeria, and down the East Sellen River to the River Kingdoms. In exchange for these goods, much-needed imports such as livestock, textiles, worked metal goods, rare Numerian skymetals and ancient relics are common in New Stetven's rough-and-tumble marketplaces.
New Stetven has made prodigious use of wood in constructing everything from mansions, to streets, to forts, is known as "The City of Wooden Palaces." Due to the prodigious number of wooden structures within its walls, the city boasts several volunteer fire brigades that protect its buildings—citizens mostly join these brigades out of a sense of civic pride. There are but two notable stone structures in New Stetven—the Ruby Fortress, where the Dragonscale Throne sits; and the Bulwark of Gorum, a temple to the Gorum, the Lord of Iron.

Nivakta's Crossing is the souternmost village of Rostland, Nivakta's Crossing is an alert town of trademen, hunters, fishermen, and trappers. The village itself is surrounded by a wooden palisade and is set on the northeastern bank of the Shrike River. A sturdy high bridge allows access over the river to the wilderness to the south, the southernmost side of the bridge being fortified by well-manned guard towers.
The people of Nivakta's Crossing are sturdy, down to earth, and possess stunted senses of humor. Serious to a fault, they are somewhat suspicious of visitors from what they call "the South," be they are willing to take coin for trade nonetheless. A meandering track leads on into the Nomen Heights meeting up with the town of Varnhold.

Port Ice on the southern bank of the Lake of Mists and Veils in northern Brevoy, is a refuge for ruffians and lake pirates. While the city was once the capital of the former nation of Issia, it has been part of greater Brevoy since 4499 AR, when Choral the Conqueror united the region with its southern neighbor, Rostland. Even when Choral made New Stetven capital of Brevoy, Port Ice remained the seat of power of the conniving pirate lords of House Surtova.
When Choral's descendants in House Rogarvia mysteriously disappeared to a man in 4699 AR, Noleski Surtova, then ruler of Port Ice, leapt at the opportunity and took control of the nation in the absence of its traditional sovereigns and has since moved his court to New Stetven to the south. King Noleski's uncle, Domani Surtova, now serves in the White Manor as Port Ice's current caretaker. He has in recent months begun overseeing an increase in a number of barbarian mercenaries from the wilder lands of Iobaria and Numeria calling northern Brevoy home.
The Port is often overcome by ice and snow in the winter months and sits closed, only visited occasionally until the spring's thaw. The summer months are spent frantically stockpiling supplies for the next winter.

Free City of Restov Restov is one of the two largest cities in the fertile region of Rostland in southern Brevoy. It is known as the Free City of Restov, but it is allied with Brevoy.
Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius up until recently lead the city, which is a trade and cultural center that borders the River Kingdoms, the Shrike River, and the Stolen Lands. Sellemius was not from any of the noble families, which allowed the inhabitants to keep the memories of the Aldori Swordlords and times before Choral the Conqueror alive. The arrival of Castellan Waldorf Dupreux as the new lord mayor, accompanied with Crimson Guards from Fort Serenko has met with much tension and unease, further straining relations between the North and the South.
As the birthplace of the Aldori dueling style, the city boasts several Aldori and Taldan dueling schools, which has led to the city being a favored place for young nobles to practice dueling championships. A large amount of Aldori duelists came to the city from Rostland after Choral the Conqueror united Brevoy.
Restov is filled with people who are often refined, including a gentry that believes they are quite sophisticated, if rough around the edges. Taldans smile at those that believe themselves cultured, as they see the natives as being quaint barbarians. As Restov is relatively wealthy, there are many lords and merchants whose sons take up dueling. Fights are common; rhetoric of rebellion against the king can be heard throughout the city. The main church in the city is dedicated to Erastil watched over by High Priest Ezvanki Keegh. The city is home to the High Aldori Swordlord Jamandi Aldori.
Many firebrands who oppose King Noleski Surtova also hide amongst the taphouses of Restov, raising dissent. More recently, the citizens of Restov have become troubled about the politics and tensions between Rostland and Issia to the north. The more racially diverse Restov has been increasingly harassed for it's more tolerant attitudes towards those of other races, beliefs, or customs by members of the Brevic military, the Crimson Guard.

Skywatch The observatory is older than any known settlement in the region, and its origins and purpose remain a mystery. The ancient structure was obviously built to accommodate beings much larger than humans, and it has been preserved through the ages by powerful magic. Who built the ancient structure and why is as yet unknown.
The city of Skywatch began as a simple outpost, built by House Surtova, around the observatory during the early years of Issia's history. This fortification was overtaken by the Aldori during Issia's constant war with neighboring Rostland, and it served as an Aldori stronghold even after Choral the Conqueror brought both nations to their knees and united them under his rule.
A few years later, however, Choral and his red dragon allies put an end to the Aldori separatists at Skywatch, burning the fortress to the ground. Choral then showed a great deal of interest in the observatory and began excavating and researching the mysterious observatory after the Aldori defeat and built the modern city of Skywatch atop the original settlement's burnt ruins. After his departure, House Rogarvia took over the endeavour on Choral's behalf. The goals and any results from this examination of the observatory are unknown. Markings found at the site are similar to those found by the sage Holgast at the site of the Charter Stone.

Varnhold The town of Varnhold was established in the central Nomen Heights, in a wide valley between two low mountains of the Tors of Levenies. Varnhold was built by a group of mercenaries led by Maegar Varn and his band of soldiers. They were chosen by Castellan Waldorf Dupreux to replace a different group originally intended to settle the Nomen Heights. Maegar Varn is the third son of Androth Varn, a Brevic baron of Issian decent. As such, he does not stand to inherit his father's titles and holdings. The opportunity to found a colony favorably inclined to the Dragonscale Throne was his best chance to make his fortune.

Notes on Natural Features:

The Gronzi Forest, also known as "The Forest" to the locals of Brevoy, is the only woodland of any size within that nation. It covers House Medvyed's lands and sweeps from the Icerime Peaks to the shores of Lake Reykal, the former border between the nations of Issia and Rostland. Illegal hunting and woodcutting goes on around the forest's outskirts—particularly in its west—even though its resources are ostensibly protected by the Brevic Crown and more recently even the slightest poaching, even for survival, are being heavily prosecuted by the Crimson Guard. The parts of the forest near the capital of New Stetven have largely been clear-cut to rebuild and expand the city. Its woodcutters must travel ever further to the north and west to find unspoiled stands of lumber.
The forest is currently menaced by a bandit chieftain known as Duma the Sly, a firebrand who speaks out against King Noleski, raiding merchants, travelers, and tax-collectors loyal to the Regency. The chieftain gives part of his proceeds to the poor, so the people love him, even as King Surtova and the Crimson Guard actively oppose his efforts. Many locals claim Duma is a bastard son of House Rogarvia, kinder than his predecessors and having a stronger claim to the Dragonscale Throne than King Noleski.
The forest is also home to communities of gnomes and a few other displaced non-humans driven from homes in the North. These enclaves are considered uncivilized and shamanistic by the usual standards of their races and mostly keep to themselves. At this time they only wish to survive and be left to their own devices.

The Shrike River is a tributary to the mighty Sellen River that flows through the River Kingdoms. It begins high in the Icerime Peaks, the mountains that separate Brevoy on the continent of Avistan from the wild land of Iobaria in Casmaron. From its many smaller tributaries it pools in a large lake in the Hills of Nomen and then flows generally westward past the city of Restov. From there it turns southwestward through the Stolen Lands, past the Narlmarches, and into the East Sellen River at the city of Mivon. Trade along such a vital river would be beneficial to any nation formed along it's banks.

The Valley of Fire The Valley of Fire lies in the southern part of the Icerime Peaks of Brevoy. The land there is blackened and melted and it has been that way ever since Choral the Conqueror's red dragon allies scourged the land in 4499 AR, destroying the Aldori swordlords' last great army of peasants, soldiers and minor noble scions.
Ghosts of the souls who died in the valley still haunt it, preying on the living who dare travel to the accursed place. There are still treasures to be found in the Valley, however. In fact, artifacts like magical longswords have been discovered on the ancient battlefield in recent months.

Notes on Historical Events:

Choral Rogarvia, or as he became to be known, Choral the Conqueror, invaded the area that would become modern-day Brevoy in 4499 AR. Before he conquered the northern kingdom of Issia, he worked out an agreement with Lord Nikos Surtova at the edge of the Lake of Mists and Veils in 4499 AR. The two men staked out a truce that was bound with the promise of Nikos' daughter Myrna Surtova in marriage to Choral. In the agreement, Issia's ruling House Surtova kept much of its power and wealth while they served as vassals under Choral's leadership.
The Aldori Swordlords from southern Rostland, however, did not accede to a peace with Choral and were defeated by a pair of Choral's red dragon allies at the Valley of Fire.
Only the fortress of Skywatch continued to resist Choral's dominance, but even this bastion of the Aldori fell a few years later later when Choral and his dragons arrived and burnt the castle to the ground. With his victory complete, Choral showed interest in the observatory and ordered the structure to be unearthed and restored.
Choral disappeared around 4509 AR, leaving his descendants to rule Brevoy from the Dragonscale Throne at the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven for exactly two hundred years from his conquest. Every member of the noble house disappeared in 4699 AR.
It is not known where Choral went when he abandoned his throne, but rumours state that he disappeared into the depths of the Gronzi Forest. If such tales can be believed, he swore he would return when the time was right.

The Vanishing is a mysterious event that occurred in the nation of Brevoy in early 4699 AR. Prior to this event, the descendants of Choral the Conqueror ruled the unified nation Brevoy under the name House Rogarvia. Yet on the fateful mid-winter day on which the Vanishing occurred, every member of House Rogarvia disappeared without a trace, leaving the Dragonscale Throne vacant. In their absence, House Rogarvia was replaced by House Surtova as the ruling dynasty in Brevoy, and Noleski Surtova now reigns from the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven.
Strangely, on that same day in 4699 Skywatch sealed itself off from all outsiders, including supply caravans. Since that day, no message sent to Skywatch has received a response and even powerful divination magic fails to penetrate the city's ancient walls
The Golka dwarves in Golushkin sealed themselves off from the world at the same time as the Vanishing. Toval Golka, son of the current chief, is ward and now heir of Lord Howlan Garess of Brevoy. The outside world has lost all contact with the Golkas of Golushkin.
No explanation of the fate of the Rogarvias, Skywatch, or the Golka dwarves has ever been put forward and the Vanishing remains a mystery over a decade later.

House Surtova:

House Surtova is the current ruling family of Brevoy is the oldest Brevic noble family and the most influential. Their original holdings are the environs of Port Ice in northern Issia on the shores of the Lake of Mists and Veils. Lord Nikos Surtova ruled Issia until Choral the Conqueror arrived in 4499 AR. Upon meeting, Surtova agreed to surrender Issia to Choral in exchange for House Surtova retaining a powerful place under Choral. Surtova married Myrna Rogarvia, daughter of Choral. This became important in 4699 AR as their descendant, Noleski Surtova, immediately claimed regency to the throne when House Rogarvia disappeared, until the Rogarvia's return.

The Surtovans are known as careful and cunning diplomats. Before Choral the Conqueror invaded, the Surtovans were known as pirates and raiders, and the family still has many connections with the pirates and brigands of the region, many of whom are distant relations of the Surtova clan. One of the more active pirates of the Lake of Mists and Veils, Captain Vali Dobos, is rumoured to have a close connection with the Surtova's.

Their family motto is "Ours Is the Right," which likely reflects their belief in a right to rulership of Brevoy since their family formerly ruled Issia as a group of crafty pirate-kings. Their crest is a gray ship in front of fields of blue on the lower half and black with silver stars on the upper half.

The Other Noble Houses:

House Lebeda is based to the southwest of Lake Reykal in Brevoy, controlling the plains and significant portions of the lake's shipping. They are considered to be the Brevic noble family that epitomizes Rostland, having significant Taldan blood, an appreciation for fine things, and a love of sword fighting. Dame Sarrona Lebeda currently leads the house as regent until her son Lander comes of age. The oldest child, Elanna, is the house's representative in New Stetven; rumors say she is trying to arrange a marriage with King Noleski to force the house into line with House Surtova and weaken Rostlandi resistance.

House Orlovsky controls northeastern Brevoy from Eagle's Watch on Mount Veshka. They try to rise above petty political maneuvers. As staunch allies of the now disappeared House Rogarvia, this has landed them in a prickly situation. While they wish to remain neutral, events are soon to force a decision. If Lord Poul Orlovsky chooses to rebel against Noleski Surtova's increasing campaign to forsake his regency for true rulership, Orlovsku could potentially align with other houses supporting House Medvyed's claim to regency. These three houses could disrupt supply and travel routes between House Surtova's two power bases, Port Ice and New Stetven.

House Garess is based in the western part of Brevoy, in the foothills of the Golushkin Mountains. It is led by Lord Howlan Garess, who is a widower. His adoptive heir is Toval Golka, a dwarf and son of the clan-chief of the Golka dwarves' holding. House Garess had a good relationship with the Golka dwarves until the dwarves vanished. Members of the house worked the metal that the dwarves mined. Howlan's own son disappeared in the Vanishing along with all the Golka dwarves, deep inside dwarven hold of Golushkin within the Golushkin Mountains. It is rumored that House Surtova and King Noleski are not keen on allowing a nonhuman to be recognized as the legitimate heir to any the holdings of any Brevic nobility. What this bodes for House Garess should the elder Garess pass in the near future remains to be seen.

House Lodovka is a noble family of Brevoy with their headquarters on Acuben Isle on the Lake of Mists and Veils. They have traditionally been a power on the lake. Led by Lord Kozek Lodovka, both their fleet size and influence along the lake continue to increase. The fleet primarily catches fish and freshwater crabs. As the House most closely allied with House Surtova, it is believed that ultimately King Noleski will chose his Queen from amongst Lodovka's many eligible candidates.

House Medvyed is a noble house of Brevoy that holds authority over the eastern lands that border and contain the Icerime Peaks and Gronzi Forest. They have maintained the traditions of worshiping nature, the "Old Way". The people of the area raise mountain goats and sheep. They hunt in the forest and farm what little good land is on the edges of their concerns. Religion in this area tends to be more centralized on Erastil, but vicious rumors persist of hidden shrines to Lamashtu amongst the house's nonhuman retainers. These claims are savagely refuted by all members of the House's ruling family. Lord Gurev Medvyed believes these rumors have been spread by agents of House Surtova. House Medvyed held title to Castellan of Rostland until that position was abolished by King Noleski.

House Rogarvia, the former ruling house of Brevoy was founded by the descendants of Choral the Conqueror and Myrna Rogarvia, daughter of Nikos Surtova. Choral united Rostland and Issia into the kingdom of Brevoy after invading from Iobaria, accompanied by dragons. Most members of the House, including King Urzen Rogarvia, disappeared mysteriously in 4699 AR, in an event called the "Vanishing". Their loss is not greatly mourned by the Brevic people and loyalists are calling for an investigation instead of blind allegiance to Noleski Surtova, who declared himself king. The House built the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven on the shores of Lake Reykal as their stronghold. The Rogarvians were known to be ruthless rulers who did their best to hold Brevoy's disparate houses and factions together.

The Dupreux Family have long been sycophantic servants to House Surtova, working alongside and supporting their numerous interests since the surrender to Chorval the Conqueror. It has been the desire of the Dupreux family that House Rogarvia be removed from the rolls of nobility in Brevoy, to be replaced by a more worthy, vital one, in the interests of the people and House Surtova of course.

The Khavortorov Family are a hot-tempered family that has produced knights for many generations. They are trying to better establish themselves as a great house of Brevoy now that their lieges, the Rogarvias, have disappeared. Many of the Khavortorov's are experts with the Aldori dueling sword. Should the family succeed in becoming a new House, their support for Rostland could tip the scales against House Surtova's hold on the Regency.

Notes on Persons of Interest:

King Noleski Surtova Alignment Neutral, with evil tendencies
King Noleski Surtova has reigned over the nation of Brevoy since 4699 AR, when the entirety of the ruling House Rogarvia mysteriously vanished. He succeeded King Urzen Rogarvia. Prior to taking the crown and the Dragonscale Throne within the Ruby Fortress in New Stetven, Surtova ruled Port Ice as have members of House Surtova for more than a thousand years. King Noleski is a bachelor. He is being pressured to get married and produce an heir, to the consternation of his sister Natala.

King Noleski enjoys many titles as ruler of Brevoy, including:
King of All Brevoy, in the Name of Choral, Lord of Issia and Prince of Rostland, Suzerain of New Stetven, Overlord of Restov, and Defender of the Lake of Mists and Veils; Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, Blood of the Conqueror, Overlord and rightful King of all Brevoy.

Natala Surtova Alignment Lawful Evil
Natala Surtova of Brevoy is sister to King Noleski. As her brother is a bachelor, she has significant influence over him and many see her role as that of unofficial queen. She is jealous of potential brides for her brother, having special hatred for Elanna Lebeda in particular.

Natala enjoys many titles as sister to the ruler of Brevoy, including:
Queen Sister of All Brevoy, in the Name of Noleski, Her Highness of Issia and Princess of Rostland, Dame of New Stetven, Lady of Restov, and She of the Lake of Mists and Veils; Sister Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, Blood of the Conqueror, Overlady and rightful Queen Sister of all Brevoy.

Castellan Waldorf Dupreux Alignment Neutral Evil
Castellan Walforf Dupreux of the family Dupreux has served in the governmental bodies of House Surtova for nearly thirty years, beginning oversight of small businesses to now acting as a functionary of Issia and a watchful eye on behalf of King Noleski and more importantly, his Queen-Sister Natala. He succeeded his father in the role nearly a decade ago, the elder Dupreux suffering a heart attack a month prior to the Vanishing of House Rogarvia in 4699. He has stood by the Regency every day since, serving their interests, and his own, on behalf of and under the support of the Dragonscale Throne. Like King Noleski, Castellan Dupreux is a bachelor. Recently Dupreux has taken up residence in Olegton, intent upon making the Barony his own fiefdom.

Waldorf enjoys many titles as an aide to the ruler of Brevoy, including:
Castellan of Issia, Lord of Rostland, Chamberlain of New Stetven, and newly appointed Lord Mayor of Restov; He is an Agent of the Regency, and one of the Watchful Eyes of Brevoy.

Important Barony Update:

The Current Campaign date is the 13th of Desnus 4710.

This will be the third month of the Barony's existence. Work is underway on the construction of additional housing at Olegton and a new smithy. Previous work converted Oleg's fort into a watchtower, an inn was built, a new shop was erected and two rounds of housing for colonists has been completed.

The overall population of the Barony is roughly 1750 persons.
Demographics are 1411 Humans, 118 Dwarves, 80 Gnomes, 69 Halflings, 38 Half-Elves, 19 Elves, and 10 Others, being mostly Half-Orcs.

The Barony now consists of Olegton's hex, the hex southeast of Olegton with roadway and farms, and that of the aged alchemist Bokken, who has reluctantly consented to becoming a citizen of the Barony, allowing for an additional roadway and more farms to be developed.

25 hexes have been mapped and documented as part of the exploration of the Greenbelt.

Olegton Archaeology - Beneath Olegton a marker stone was discovered. It was a charter stone carved with a series of runes and markings not easily identified. The sage Holgast identified the markings as being of Cyclopean, Ghol-gan, and an unidentified language. The stone seems to be a history of the founding of a human settlement at or near Olegton. Further amateur exploration of the area has uncovered a few other artifacts of ancient origins, mostly ruined, though one piece of interest is currently housed at Oleg's shop, awaiting a buyer interested in the device.

Bokken's - The hermit and alchemist Bokken has declared a one mile area around his home as a "humanoid free zone" which cannot be settled nor trespassed without angering the old codger, save for a small footpath that leads to his door. He will allow for trade and only on the first and third days of the week, the remainder of the time he and his dog wish to be left to their own devices.

Trapper Lands - An area wherein trappers have set a heavy number of traps, making travel dangerous to the unwary. One trapper was found slain by a deadfall accident. The Barony has enacted regulations imposing fines for those trappers caught not marking areas set for traps in the Taldan tongue to warn travelers of the dangers.

Prankster Fey Nest - A prankster fey nest was discovered containing a Faerie Dragon and Grig who play pranks on passersby. The pair were kindly met and appeased to ease the passage of friendly travelers.

Moonradish Patch - A moonradish patch was found which is favored by colonists and kobolds alike. The first time locating the patch resulted in an unfortunate skirmish with a group of tipsy kobolds. A prisoner, Meepox, was allowed to return to his home with a message of future peaceful dialogue. He has recently returned to Olegton with missives from his chieftain and his tribal shaman.

Spider Grove - This wooded thicket housed a small colony of large spiders. The creatures were driven out but the dense copse makes for a sheltered and secluded spot for travelers looking for rest, or possibly others of a more sinister mindset. Plans are for future developments of the area to mark the spot for regular patrols.

Forgotten Temple of the Elk - A forgotten Temple of the Elk was located in the Narlmarch, once dedicated to Erastil. A diseased bear was slain at the temple. Sir Kenzi Eagle has been spending much time there, working to rebuild the site for future pilgrimages.

Thorn River Bandit Camp - Two days ago a trapper came to Olegton reporting he had discovered a hidden base of bandits, matching Deudermont's description of that used by Kressle and her Thorn River bandits. Information concerning the location of the Stag Lord's base is believed to be available there.

Gold Mine - An undeveloped gold mine was discovered just south of the colony. Initial estimates indicate this mine could be a potential source of good revenue for the kingdom and alleviate dependence upon future "donations" from Restov.

Tuskgutter's Hunting Grounds - A wounded hunter/woodsman from the Narlmarches came in identifiying the hunting grounds of the feared creature, Tuskgutter. He had attempted to stalk the creature through those grounds, only to find himself being hunted. The man was severely wounded and took almost a week to return to Olegton. He is willing to give directions to the grounds, but will not return there himself.

Rope Bridge - A rickety rope bridge was found allowing "mostly" safe passage across the Thorn River. Plans are in discussion to potentially claiming the hex in the future and building a more sturdy means of crossing the river.

Mite's Lair - Meepox delivered to Olegton a crude map identifying the location of a colony of mites. He indicated this band had been raiding his people and travelers in the area, bandits of the Stag Lord included. His chief stated that the mites are in league with the Stag Lord and pose a menace to all in the area. The Guardians of the Greenbelt defeated the mites and cleared out their warrens.

Nettles' Ferry and Ghost - A destroyed ferry crossing was discovered belonging to a slain man named Davik Nettle. His ghost currently haunts the area, seeking to slay all who apporach. His ghost has warned Irakli Laindir that he will begin to slay other travelers if the Stag Lord is not soon slain and his head cast into the river at the crossing, that his soul may at last be at peace. Attempts to quiet the ghost or end his cursed unlife have failed, with unfortunate injury to those who have tried to do so.

Thorn River - The banks of the Thorn River are thick with stinging nettles and tangles of sharp brambles. The river itself is relatively narrow, averaging 60 feet in width and 30 feet deep.

Shrike River - Splitting from the Little Sellen, the Shrike is named for the numerous flocks of birds that nest along its length. Averaging 300 feet wide and sometimes reaching depths of 60 feet or more, the Shrike would make an excellent trade route between Brevoy and the southern lands, were it not for a pair of 30-foot-high waterfalls, one located a few miles upriver from Nettles' Crossing, the other located further east in the Nomen Heights, that make safe river travel impossible between the two points. A land crossing and roadway would do much to alleviate this issue and bring revenue for any group able to successfully undergo this endeavor.

Shallows - A shallow crossing of the Thorn River was discovered just beyond where it joins the Shrike, roughly three foot deep throughout the crossing. Such a resource may be useful in providing additional travel across the river, or developed to allow barge traffic further up the waterway.

Sootscale Kobolds Silver Mine - Explorations uncovered the tribal home of the Sootscales, Meepo's kobold tribe. The band lairs in the remains of an abandoned silver mine, though one which it is believed could be once more made into an active and production resource. The kobold's chieftain, Tartuk, has decreed the lair and mine off limits to Greenbelt travelers or visitors, but Meepox indicates the tribe's shaman Klatoo indicates the tribe would be willing to ally with the Barony, become citizens, and allow for shared access to the operation of the "shiny stones" if only the tribe was free from the tyranny of Tartuk.

Seven Silvers Menu:

Full Meals
Baked Beef Steak in Gravy - 6 sp
Boiled Crawfish in Butter - 5 sp
Grilled Thorn River Trout - 6 sp
Marinated Mutton Brace - 8 sp
Poached Salmon w/ Wild Nuts- 6 sp
Roast Goose or Turkey - 9 sp
Savory Whole Hen - 5 sp
Spiced Sausages - 6 sp
Squab-Stuffed Wild Pheasant - 1 gp
Steak & Kidney Pie, Whole - 5 sp
Steak & Kidney Pie, Dollop - 2 sp
Stuffed Pork Chops - 6 sp
Venison Steak w/ Onions and Peppers- 8 sp
(Full meals served w/ honeyed loaves, spiced potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and daily desert)

Light Fare
Black Peppered Bread, small loaf - 4 cp
Boiled Chick Eggs, Trio - 1 sp
Boiled Haggis, bowl - 2 sp
Daily Desert - 1 gp
Fruit and Aged Cheese, bowl - 2 sp
Hearty Beef Stew, bowl - 3 sp
Oatmeal w/ Sweet Loaf - 6 cp
Salad Greens and Garnish, oiled & spiced - 1 sp
Vegetable and Broth, bowl - 1 sp
Yogurt w/ Minced Fruit - 1 sp

Common Beverages - Served per pint
Blackpeaks Ale - 7 cp
Bellis Sweet Mead - 14 cp (2sp w/ comb)
Brevic Pale Ale- 2 cp
Caydenbrew - 5 cp
Hardroot Cider - 7 cp
Hommlet Dark Stout - 3 cp
Luglurch Ale - 4 sp
Milk, Cows or Goat - 5 cp
Numerian Fire Lager - 1 sp
Redmik Applejack - 1 sp
Restov's Amber Ale - 4 cp
Sarain Special Lager - 1 sp
Verduran Black Tea - 2 cp
Water, Deep Well - 1 cp
Wench's Own Coffee - 1 cp
Wench's Special Brew - 2 cp

Wine - Served per glass
Andoren Golden - 2 sp
Brevic Tables - 8 cp
Corentyn Ruby Dry - 2 gp
Galtan Fireamber - 3 gp
House Jeggare Clear - 3 sp
Irrisen Icewine - 5 gp
Kyonin Emerald - 1 gp
Qadiran Lilac - 4 sp
Sarain Rose - 2 gp
Sauerton Red - 6 cp
Sealord Summer - 1 gp
Taldan White - 5 sp

Spirits - Served per gill
Absinthe - 3gp
Almas Reserve - b 5 sp
Anduran Special Red w - 1 sp
Chelaxian Pepper w - 2 sp
Dragon Punch w - 3 gp (10gp per mug)
Druman Cognac - 3 gp
Elidir Special Blend v - 2 gp
Oldlaw Whiskey - 2 gp
Taldan Sunfire b - 5 gp

Status of Warrants:

Deudermont – Sentenced year and a day service to Olegton

Owlin Creed - Executed by General Grailmont
Jeb Megesen - Captured, providing information

Grigori Danmer - Fled the area to Mivon
Wesley Wheaton – Fled the area in the Nomen Highlands

Tarel Brama - Slain in battle
Happs Bydon – Slain in battle
Isep - Slain in battle
Ogrich - Slain in battle
Valindra Ruez - Slain in battle
Jex Tarlow - Slain in battle
Gehen Tarr - Slain in battle

Auchs - Warrant Outstanding
Darobi D'winn - Warrant Outstanding
Aalric Deeds - Warrant Outstanding
Dovan of Nisroch - Warrant Outstanding
Viktoli Drake - Warrant Outstanding
Brann Duguide - Warrant Outstanding
Norry "Fatty" Dunn - Warrant Outstanding
Eirikk Emad - Warrant Outstanding
Maimun Greene - Warrant Outstandine
Kundal Greypelt - Warrant Outstanding
Grelm Hammerlock - Warrant Outstanding
Akiros Ismart - Warrant Outstanding
Cragger Kench - Warrant Outstanding
Knu - Warrant Outstanding
Kressle - Deceased
Garkem Leeth - Warrant Outstanding
Alyes Megesen - Warrant Outstanding
Jubi Nelosh - Warrant Outstanding
Nugrah - Warrant Outstanding
Breeg Orlivanch - Warrant Outstanding
Pratte - Warrant Outstanding
Rasme the Butcher - Warrant Outstanding
Topper Red - Warrant Outstanding
Falgrim Sneeg - Warrant Outstanding
Lanthan Steene - Warrant Outstanding
Nirashi Sylvanmede - Warrant Outstanding
Maria Thorne - Warrant Outstanding
Ulvin - Warrant Outstanding
Hermi Wepps - Warrant Outstanding
Pudge Whartley - Warrant Outstanding
Yoshiri - Warrant Outstanding
The Stag Lord - Warrant Outstanding