GM Choon Presents: The (Gestalt) War of Dragonfires (Inactive)

Game Master Choon

Current Battle Map

Setting notes:

The city states of Calfon and Galbar have been at war for several years now, and neither is pulling punches. The cities stand about 60 miles apart on opposite sides of a 20 mile wide stretch of land between the Sea of Slaves in the south and the Q'Tel mountains in the north. This strip of land was once fertile farmland, but is now the site of the most destructive and brutal war the world has ever known. No holds are being barred. No strategy untested. That roughly 20 by 50 mile stretch of the world has become hell on earth.
You are a special tactics squad consisting of trained beasts, professional soldiers, mages, priests, mercenaries, and just about everything else. Your job is to take out the horrors that Galbar is unleashing on your countrymen, assassinate key leaders, stunt offensives with backline attacks, and support your side's offensives as shock troops.
Your faction, Calfon, is smaller in number, but has the advantage of excellent archery traditions and an advanced knowledge of engineering and fortifications. Glabar has the distinct advantage in men, but is also famous for their heavy armor, making their men in general rather hard to kill. Calfon is trying to force Galbar into a war of attrition, but the lines haven't quite solidified enough to implement that yet. This is still a very fluid war, and death can come at any time.

The Count
the Dead:
the Maimed:
the MIA:

Build Rules:

Build Rules
Starting Level: 6th, Gestalt
Point buy, 20 pts.
Wealth: by level, 16k
Races: Anything below 20 RP, no race builder.
Classes: Paizo is approved, naturally.
Dreamscarred Press is approved.
HP: max 1st, rolled (min 1/2 die) thereafter. (if you wish, rolling 1/2 die + the 1/2 die will do this. For example, a d10 class would roll 1d5+5, a d8 would roll 1d4+4)
Traits: ZERO. I have an idea for those that will come into play later.
Alignment: Any BUT! You must be willing to play nice and work with your team.

Additional clarifications:
-- "Will there be RP?"
Yes, but your job is to take out monsters. This will be leaning toward the combat side. I do have this idea for a monster that functions off Diplomacy attempts, but that's all you're getting from me on that. The lion's share of RP will be with each other.

--Multiclassing one (or both) sides of your gestalt is acceptable, but PrC's that are dual progression (eg., progressing both a divine and arcane casting ability or something like that) are only available on one side of the gestalt and only apply to that side. The side on which they are used must be the side that qualified for it.

--Psionics transparency is in full force, yes.

-- Pool power points from psionic classes as per the multiclassing rules

--Templates are a no go, sadly. I have to draw the line somewhere for my sanity's sake.

--Which gods?
Use Golarion Deities for simplicity's sake.

The other side of the Coin :

This is not really for you to build some kind of unstoppable combat monster. This event's main purpose is to foster experimentation. Everyone has a list of characters they wish they could build and take for a spin. This is your chance. That's because Mortality will likely be high. You will be facing challenges that would be considered near-suicidal or definitely-suicidal in standard games. That's your job. You are the ones to stand up to the things that are specifically designed to mow your countrymen down.

How it works:

-I send your suped up characters up against a madhouse challenge. Youall attempt to overcome it without dying.
-Everytime something major happens (aka: when I can't decide to kill you or not) and at the beginning of every round I shall make the Fate Roll. This is a 1d20. The higher I roll, the worse it is for youall. Basically it decides how mean I will be. I'm not naturally a mean person, so this is me abstracting my responsibility to be deadly and taking some of that responsibility and putting it on the boards.