Finwad's Pit

Game Master DajellyMan

A deep pit is discovered with untapped ruins beneath. Untapped ruins means untapped treasure! A small settlement has sprung up to profit of the large rush of adventurers.

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*Gotta start off by thanking Charlemagne's Brain for coming up with the coolest campaign concept ever!*

A few years ago, an adventuring gnome named Finwad discovered a deep pit in the plains near the southern end of the World's Edge mountains. Delving into the darkness, he discovered the ruins of a lost Dwarven city.

The ruins were surprisingly undisturbed, and it appeared noone had set foot down here for centuries. Banking on the promise of untapped riches below, a small settlement started growing around the pit in order to cater to the needs of the increasing number of adventurers hoping to claim some treasure of their own. The settlement has become known as Finwad's Pit, in honor of the brave gnome who discovered the place.