Duboris's "A Dirge For Everything"

Game Master Duboris

Chapter 1: Rebirth and a Song
- The players awake to a new way of life, and the comfort of... a Dirge. The Adventure Begins

NPC's Met

Blacksmith Arcus: (Expert 9) A Dwarf from Hazrit. Bit of a jolly man, really, but too occupied with work to ever act it out. He's the assigner of your first job in the Nexus, to retrieve his magical tools from the wyrmling that killed him. He was apparently killed by the same 4 year old wyrmling, which escaped a recent conflict.

Apothecary Marco: (Wizard 7) Marco is a rather intelligent wizard with a strange creature that rides his shoulders as he feverishly studies multiple things at once. He seems to be the local seller of magical equipment and potions. His backstory is unknown.

Finelia: (Ranger 3 Expert 2) Finelia's been quiet, for the most part. Looking at her corner, you'd think she was the local jeweler, as well as a bow maker. She seems rather good at it. She seems rather confident, and doesn't dislike Arcus or Marco, though enjoys poking fun. Her backstory is unknown. She's obviously fond of bows.

Rydel: (Fighter 2 Monk 3) One of the 2 known lovers, he's a bit stoic in his mannerisms and seems to be a no-nonsense kind of guy. He's never without Anastasia. Breaking the mold, Rydel has a rather large hammer in his main hand, and a Kukri in his left, if he has to.

Anastasia: (Sorcerer 5) The other lover, she's the exact opposite of Rydel, by being far more bubbly. She enjoys meeting new people, while at the same time, dislikes it, as she knows they've died. She has a quarterstaff at almost all times.

Rodrick: (Rogue 7) A strange man indeed, really. No one knows much about him, other than he asks for plenty of favors. He's apparently very well-informed on the goings-on of the nexus. He's got a rather large nose, and a unnervingly irritating manner of speaking. He's got a belt full of daggers.

Lars: (Unconfirmed) Not been met yet, but he's been referred to plenty of times as "Bird." He's apparently doing something important.

Oswald: (Antipaladin 8) Unanimously considered both a useful person, and a bad egg. He's a confirmed Anti paladin of a lusty demon lord, though which one has yet to be confirmed. A viciously black, lightless scythe hangs from his back.

Sebastian: (Expert 7) The masked man in the merchant area, he's simply been polishing his various items, all of which seem to be made of gold, and look rather magical, evident by their glowing. No one's really talked to him yet, though. He's got plenty of weapons, so it's unsure which he actually uses.

Cecille: (Fighter 5) The stoic, red-headed warrior with wide, long, curly and poofy hair decked in banded mail, much like Tera's. She seems to be involved with Agristrad, though, exactly what is unknown.

Damien: (Fighter 2 Ranger 5) A man with rather lengthy eyebrows and goatee with short hair, and a stereotypical, yet large archer's hat. A black feather hangs from it, along with the long, black longbow on his back.

Bagrin: (Fighter 7) The crestfallen warrior of the Nexus, he dons leather armor, a sour mood, and a shortsword/shield combo, being one of the most typical fighters imaginable. He's rumored to have died the most out of anyone in the Nexus, and it shows. The shortsword has never been removed from it's sheathe, but he's apparently an accomplished warrior.

Mephisto: (Fighter 1 Sorcerer 6) A rather comely woman, she is a hoarder of all things informative involving the Nexus. Drama inducing or otherwise, she seems to use her own charms to keep things going rather forcibly if she must. Fickle, a bit, in her choosing, she still manages to get what she often needs through unknown things.

Orca: (Fighter 2 Cleric 6) The mute Cleric Vindicator of Iomedae, Orca frequently uses her helm of telepathy to speak to those of weak will. They are more than capable of speaking normally for the duration, much to their allies's surprise, but such conversation can easily be private. The staff she wields is a Staff infused with the silent metamagic, a lesser one, which she uses to remove curses.


Colorless Aether
- Is experience
- Is in everything
- Gained upon killing something, or after having done something experience worthy
- Cannot be converted into white, or colored Aether
- Can be made from White Aether at a 4 to 1 ratio.
- 4000 white Aether can be turned into 1000 Colorless Aether

White Aether
- Is converted into pretty much everything
- Is pretty much everything
- Can be willed onto others in exact amounts.
- If people don't want it, they can refrain from accepting.
- Can be converted into raw materials.
- Cannot be converted into full-blown items.
- Crafting still requires skills and craft checks.
- Still requires the crafting process.
- Can be made from crushing colored items, and gold.
- Is worth 2 gold per 1.
- 5000 gold is 2500 Aether.

Crushing Items
- Yields 1/4th of buying price in Aether.
- Yields 1/2 an item's creation price.
- Those are the same.
- Cannot be undone, unless through crafting.
- Convenient, in that you can reformat equipment with time.

-=-=-= What that basically means is that if you have a +1 flaming longsword, you can crush it, take it to Arcus and Marco and have them craft it into a +2 longsword, or a +1 Corrosive Dagger, or any other such mix. You'll still have to pay them, though. =-=-=-

-=-=-= If you wish to crush an item that happens to be cursed, you're in poor luck. The curse has to be removed before it's crushed. =-=-=-

Colored Aether
- Converted from White Aether
- Colored Aether is a posession, and is colored by a person's Aura.
- All Auras are unique.
- Giving someone an item is as simple as willing the item as their possession.
- This can be done from anywhere.
- They can not reject the offer.

-=-=-= Cannot will a known cursed item into another's possession to remove the curse. =-=-=-

White Aether and Craft Skills

Only people who have Craft skills have the means necessary to remake white Aether into tangible equipment. Alchemy applies to all things alchemical, and you can convert it into any amount of resources you wish, so long as it's limited. These resources convert back with a 1 to 1 ratio, so you can mold the aether to your desires.

A Smith would convert aether into raw ore, and use his other materials to craft that. A staff maker would will the cylindrical tube into existence, and sculpt from there.

This stuff also applies to those with item creation feats that lack a craft skill and rely entirely on spellcraft, such as Bannon with scribe scroll. He can will as much paper as he wants into existence, but the process still costs the same.

The cost for making anything is it's crafting price in gold halved, as aether.

I'll answer any questions.