Divine Rise of the Runelords

Game Master nate lange

The joy of new life brought on by spring has been broken by a series of shocking murders. Can the heroes of Sandpoint stop the culprit before he strikes again...

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This is the official recruitment for a special version of Rise of the Runelords. *Please read this entire post before asking questions or making pitches.*

What makes this special: each character in this play through will have been chosen by one of the gods- marked from birth and delivered to Sandpoint to be taught by the priests there. This must be a significant element of each character's background. And each player must select one of the 6 gods worshiped at the Sandpoint Cathedral to be the god that chose your character. More details about this are spread through various sections.

Character Creation basics:
- 25 point buy (standard Paizo sliding scale)
- alignment within 1 step of your god; no evil, even CN is really pushing the limits of what I'll accept
- *NO 3pp materials*
- we will be using Hero Points; you cannot take the anti-hero option

- all core races are fine. see the special note about humans below.
- you may apply with a featured race, with the following caveats: no aasimars (it would interact oddly with a plot point); a tiefling must be chosen by Sarenrae (the backstory should include being shunned as a result, and some form of redemption); the chances that I'll accept more than 1 character with a featured race are very slim.
- no uncommon races.

Humans: Humans are by far the most common race in Varisia (and most of Golarion). Ideally, I would like the party to reflect that. I also think there should be more in-game/mechanical cause for humans to be so dominant- so... Humans gain +2 to any one physical stat, and +2 to any one mental stat; this replaces their normal stat adjustments and does not alter any other racial abilities (dual talent is not available).

all paizo classes are available (see unchained section though). no high-tech archetypes. you may multi-class or take prestige classes normally.

*Please Note*
While all classes are permitted some may have a very difficult time fitting with the theme. You are all servants of specific gods- something like a shaman or spiritualist that's gaining power from another entity (beside the god who chose you) may be very difficult to make work.

Divine Power:
each character gets to pick one domain (or subdomain) granted by their god. the available gods are: Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, or Shelyn. their domains and subdomains can be found at the Archives of Nethys.

the character gains all the granted powers of that domain, as a cleric of their character level (using Wis for DCs/# of uses/etc as normal). they also gain the domain's spells as Spell-like abilities. each SLA is usable 1/day starting when their character level is double the spell level (so they gain the 1st level spell at second, the 2nd level domain spell at 4th, 3rd at 6th, etc). The caster level for these SLAs is equal to their character level and any effect tied to their casting stat (such as DCs) is based on Cha. I understand that using 2 separate stats for the powers and spells might be tough on MAD characters, but it will help mitigate against anyone trying to super-specialize one stat like some pally or oracle builds do.

- summoners and rogues must use the unchained versions.
- barbarians must use the standard version.
- monks can apply as standard or unchained versions.

- we are using background skills. because of your particular backgrounds, knowledge[religion] is available as a background skill.

- no variant multiclassing. (your divine power is kind of already a better version of VMC Cleric).

- only rogues get skill unlocks (classes or archetypes like investigator or slayer that have an opportunity to select a rogue talent may choose to gain signature skill as a bonus feat in place of any rogue talent).

- we will not be using the Stamina system (we have enough options, and enough things to track, already)

You're welcome to take item crafting feats but we're going to keep the pace of the game fairly brisk so be warned that the amount of free time you have (or don't have) will restrict how much crafting you can get done.

everyone gets Birthmark as their campaign trait it's normally a faith trait, but for this campaign it will count in all ways as a campaign trait. this should be reflected in their backstory, and everyone's parents/guardians/whatever should have brought them to Sandpoint because of their birthmark (at least 6 months ago, but as early as infancy if you prefer).

everyone may pick two more traits following the normal rules. no drawbacks.

i love a great backstory as much as the next guy but please try to limit your backstory to 1 page or less. there are two reasons for this: you're 1st level with 0xp, you haven't been through all that much yet; and, based on the interest check I may have a lot of backgrounds to get through.

sample post:
when I evaluate applications I base a fair bit on the quality of writing and on how much the character feels like an actual character (do they have their own voice? do they seem like more than an empty suit of armor waiting to swing a sword?)- to help with the difficult job of evaluating that, I need everyone to write a sample post. the game will start on the morning of the Swallowtail Festival (an Autumnal Equinox festival on which the new cathedral building is being dedicated), but visitors and vendors will start arriving in town a few days earlier... write a post as if it were in gameplay, set in the day or two before we actually start. for this post feel free to invent a visitor or vendor, or 'unimportant' local (and to write their 'part' as well as your character's). in addition to helping me with my evaluations this post will be the first thing you put up in the gameplay thread, so it will also serve as sort of an introduction of your character to the other players.

I tried to be thorough, but I'm sure I forgot stuff. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'm fairly busy tonight but usually I'm pretty quick to reply. Recruitment will be open until midnight GMT on December 23rd! I'll post the selected 4-5 party members on 12/26 and everyone will have until 12/28 to check in on the discussion thread.

Argh, I'm so torn, I almost want to withdraw my application for Alistair's game now. If I don't get in there I'll probably apply with a somewhat similar character.

What do you think of the Oracle archtype Spirit Guide? Obviously most of the power would come from her deity (Desna), but she also dabbles in spirits as a way to explore the world. Exploring the world and all that inhabit it is one of Desna's themes after all. Would you allow reflavoring the Seeker archtype somewhat or would it be strictly for members of the Pathfinder's Society (and hence be hard to make work).

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lol- that didn't take long.

the short answer is, you're welcome to apply with classes or archetypes like the spirit guide that do involve other sources of power but the burden is on you to make that feel like a natural, believable thing that fits with the theme.

i'm hesitant about reflavoring things like archetypes that are specifically tied to regions or organizations... you can try writing up an alternative bit of fluff that explains why/how/where you learned that stuff but if i don't 'feel' it (which is completely subjective) I'll shoot it down.

Will have my submission ready tonight.

I'll be applying with Milton McMurray White Mage of Sarenrae. I intend to move into the Evangilist PrC when I qualify for it. Alias is a work in progress.

Dot. I'm thinking of playing a Paladin of Shelyn

Dot for interest. ('Allo, friends!)

nate lange wrote:

each character gets to pick one domain (or subdomain) granted by their god. the available gods are: Abadar, Desna, Erastil, Gozreh, Sarenrae, or Shelyn. their domains and subdomains can be found at the Archives of Nethys.

the character gains all the granted powers of that domain, as a cleric of their character level (using Wis for DCs/# of uses/etc as normal). they also gain the domain's spells as Spell-like abilities. each SLA is usable 1/day starting when their character level is double the spell level (so they gain the 1st level spell at second, the 2nd level domain spell at 4th, 3rd at 6th, etc). The caster level for these SLAs is equal to their character level and any effect tied to their casting stat (such as DCs) is based on Cha. I understand that using 2 separate stats for the powers and spells might be tough on MAD characters, but it will help mitigate against anyone trying to super-specialize one stat like some pally or oracle builds do.

Since this is something that every character gets, do those who take Divine classes such as Cleric or Inquisitor get this as an additional domain?

Dotting for interest.

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@Yorick- yes. This is separate from any class features. If you take the same domain with divine power and a class feature you track the uses and everything separately (no double animal companion though- if you take animal twice I'll give you boon companion or something similar instead of one of the companions)

I do have a question about traits, is Rich Parents allowed? If not, well that's no biggy, I'll still use the story i've got in mind for the character, I'll just hand-wave a bit.

Dot. Still going for my Deliverer Slayer (Erastil); should have her done within the next day or two :)


Going with a pyrokineticist - Shoanti orphan taken in by Sarenrite clergy... All the mechanical stuff is done (barring selecting some fun traits and buying some stuff - kineticists really don't get much stuff so that won't take too long!!!)...

Looking forward to seeing what else gets proposed - like DM Nate says, should be a good level of interest in this one.

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Dotting in, hmm what to play...

Probably going with Desna as the patron goddess.


Dotting for interest, working on a Fighter blessed by Abadar. Once I get the mechanical stuff out of the way I'll be able to concentrate on writing a backstory.

DM, my completed submission.

Let me know if I missed anything.

Sample Post - The Music of the Spheres:

The Swallowtail Festival is in less than a week and Talene’s mother’s cousin, Ethram Valdemar, promised to pay for a Bard to entertain the residents and still her mother had interviewed no potential candidates!
Talene’s nerves increased as the days went by and the Festival approached with no Bard presented to her. Desna’s followers just HAD to have a Bard to represent the Lady at the Festival, after all she is the Goddess of Musicians. Talene decided to take matters into her own hands.

Under the cloak of night she traveled to the Rusty Dragon Inn to see if any performers of note would be within its walls. Upon her arrival, Talene was shocked at the amount of people who had crowded into the Dragon for a pint of ale and a night of laughter before the Festival proper began.

As the hours passed though no performed stepped onto stage. Talene approached Ameiko Kaijitsu the proprietor of the Inn to inquire about the talent arranged for that night, ”Sorry dear, wait is that you…” ”Shhhh”, Talene replied. ”I am here in secret”. Ameiko winked, ”Well dear stranger the Bard I had commissioned for entertainment tonight got cold feet and is huddled in his room, he won’t come out!”

Talene inquired as to his room and hurried up the stairs to meet with the man, a Chris Wink. ”Mr. Wink, may I visit with you?” Talene asked through the door.

The door opened and standing in the doorway was a Human male wearing a ridiculous blue costume a look of disgust on his face. ”Can I help you? I’ll not be going on tonight and will be out tomorrow as I already told the proprietress”.

Talene gave the man one of her winning smiles, ”I am not here for that at all. I need a performed for the Festival to represent my Lady and I fear I am fast running out of time to find one. What instrument prey tell do you play?”

Wink seemed a bit taken aback, ”I play the spheres a combination of windchimes and quite literally spheres which hold liquid but one of the glass spheres cracked and without it, my show is a ruin. I’ll not perform without one”.

Talene retorts, ”An interesting taste in instruments, what if I told you that I could provide such a sphere to you? The Goddess has a way of looking out for me and I think if you agree to help me she shall aid you in turn”.

Stamping his foot with a look of impatience Mr. Wink scowled at Talene, ”Produce a replica of this and I’ll do your show for free!” From behind the doorway, Mr. Wink produced a glass sphere cracked in half, still wet form the liquid inside despite most of its contents having been spilled out. The sphere was as large as the head of a bugbear but obviously much more beautiful.

”I’ll see what….” before she could finish her sentence Mr. Wink slammed the door in Talene’s face. …I can do”. Talene shrugged and walked back down the hall, the sphere in hand careful not to cut herself on the broken glass. ”Now to find a glass blower who can replicate this, with cousin Ethram’s resources, that should be no trouble at all!” Talene murmured to herself excitedly as she exited the Dragon and into the dark night of Sandpoint.

How much gold will we have to work with?

Dot! I will likely revise my Desna-worshipping Bloodrager (Destined or Celestial) and submit within the week.

Ceridwyn Reese's Background:

First, let me apologize if this is a little long. I tend to go a little overboard.

Ceridwyn sighed as another argument filled the small private room she'd lead her aunts, uncles and cousins into when it became apparent that the friendly visit was more of a business call, and she could see the writing on the wall when the snide comments started before the head priestess of the temple had even finished welcoming them.

It wasn't that the comments were directed at her. She'd almost welcome it if that were the case. Rather, it was because her mother and father were from two families in the middle of a feud over a contract that was nearly a hundred years old and had been settled almost as long ago. Her parents had decided to elope and run off to Sandpoint to start a new life. Instead of merchants, they became artisans and performers. Her father was a woodcarver and carpenter while her mother worked with glass at the Glassworks and painted around town and in the parlors of some of Sandpoint's Nobility. Her father was also a pretty good player of the guitar, and her mother had a voice that was a joy to listen to, and the two of them often played at the Hagfish while she and the other munchkins, as her father called the children that Ceridwyn was friends with.

She leaned on the table as the argument dragged on and on. Then, she saw her chance to try diffusing things. Uncle Halwn was about to have to take a breath, the man was a rather alarming shade of puce. She took a breath to say something, and before she can even get "I" out, Aunt Owena and Cousin Alis start screeching at each other.

Oh well. At any rate, her mother and father had loved each other enough to leave their comfortable lives and work for their living away from the feud. A few years later, they had given birth to a bouncy, bubbly baby girl they named Ceridwyn. Then, one night, the entire town was plagued by nightmares no one seemed to be able to recall. Unfortunately for Sandpoint, that wasn't the end of it. First, it was Ameiko's mother, who died, plummeting to her death on the jagged rocks below the balcony of the Kaijitsu Manor. Then came the murders.

Ceridwyn pulled out a knife and a small statuette of a praying maiden she had been working on for the past two weeks and started whittling as Cousin Emrys began his convoluted, long-winded lecture on the importance of being clear and concise. She'd tried to interrupt him once and gotten three lectures on the importance of letting others finish what they were saying from three different family members.

It was merely sad at first. A loving father killed in cold blood and maimed to the point his wife and daughter couldn't even see him one last time. As the town woke to murder after murder, suspicion and paranoia set in. There seemed to be no pattern to the murders other than the bodies were horribly mutilated, chopped into pieces and their eyes and tongues plucked from their heads. Three weeks into one of the darkest moments in Sandpoint's history, if not the darkest, Ceridwyn woke up to find that her parents had been murdered early that morning. Suddenly alone, she was taken in by Shelynite clergy of the small chapel that served as Sandpoint's religious center. After one more week of terror, and the discovery of who the murderer was, a simple old wood-carver named Stoot, Ceridwyn left Sandpoint for her family in Magnimar.

The young girl grieved for her parents, her mother's and her father's families did give her time to do that, but after a few months, she soon found herself in the mess she was dealing with now. Her father's family, the Reeses, and her mother's family, The Maddoxes, were competing merchant families, with a rivalry dating back to the fall of Aroden, and a blood feud over a small contract that one of them, who changed with the person telling the tale, had won. That had been in Korvosa, and it had traveled with the families to Magnimar. Her grandparents had not approved of her parents' marriage, but that didn't stop them from making poor Ceridwyn a prize in their feud. She'd been showered with gifts, money, jewels, and praise. All of it was made worse when they learned that she'd been marked at birth by Shelyn, if the mark on her back was anything to go by. Which ever family she choose would be blessed by Shelyn herself, they had reasoned.

Ceridwyn had practically fled into service with the Shelynite church to get away from the constant bickering. As she moved up as an acolyte, she found herself drawn to the knights that served the Eternal Rose. Shortly after turning fifteen, she entered into her apprenticeship as a paladin. Now that she'd completed her training, three years later, she was being assailed with a new gift to woo her affections. Whichever family she chose would build a chapel for her to run as she saw fit. And that was what had lead to the current argument between hydras.

Little did they know, she wouldn't be taking either of them up on their offer, though she was going to make a point of soothing any hurt feelings. They were her family after all. She had hoped to reconcile both sides of her family, but given the slap fight between Uncle Floyd and Uncle Lloyd that was developing, and that she'd have to step in to break up before it became an all out brawl, she wasn't very hopeful about that. Who knew what was going to happen when she left for Sandpoint tomorrow.


The six months after arriving in Sandpoint had done wonders to improve Ceridwyn's morale. Away from overbearing aunts and uncles and nosy cousins, she had been able to relax and enjoy life without the constant threat of having to play referee. She had been approached by Cyrdak within hours of arriving, and although the dress he had wanted her to wear made her turn beet red when she saw it, she had appreciated the gesture. Ever since then, she felt more at home here than in Magnimar. She'd performed at Ameiko's Rusty Dragon several times since then, but not before Jargie had asked her to play at the Hagfish every week in memory of her parents. She and Ameiko had become friends, which for some reason caused Cyrdak to treat her rather coolly when she mentioned it.

But in comparison to all that, nothing was like the excitement she felt as the Swallowtail Festival approached. She'd left before the old chapel had burned to the ground, taking Father Tobyn with it, but the sorrow she felt for the kindly, if strict, man's passing was more than outweighed at the sight of the grand cathedral that had been built to take its place. She had heard that the festival this year was to be the best yet, culminating with the consecration of the new cathedral. She remembered the festival from her childhood, and the glee she felt was quite contagious as she found herself eight once more as she watched everything being readied for the festival.

Cliff Notes (Because I did go way overboard.):

-Ceridwyn was born in Sandpoint.
-Her parents were from two feuding families.
-Her parents were murdered by the Chopper five years ago.
-She was sent to Magnimar to live with her family there.
-She wound up living in a Shelynite temple instead.
-She trained to be a paladin while in Magnimar
-She returned to Sandpoint about six months before the Swallowtail Festival, mainly to get away from all the bickering.
-She made friends with Jargie and Ameiko.
-Cyrdak may or may not want her to perform in a slinky, almost scandalously skimpy, dress at his theater.
-She's excited for the Swallowtail Festival.

I'll be working on the sample post and the crunch as I get time. Sorry for the wall of text. I do hope someone enjoys reading it.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

@Adam- I'd prefer to avoid traits like rich parents... It just seems weird to me that your parents would deliver you to the cathedral for training and service and then be like "oh, ps, here's hundreds of gold pieces worth of stuff, hide it in your humble quarters for later..."

Starting Wealth- I knew I was forgetting something. Everyone gets average starting wealth by class.

I was actually going to use it and do a bit of a reflavor on it. Her mother's and her father's families have been giving her gifts and money as a way to win her over. I can jsut handwave it as she gave it to the Shelynite clergy to either use or sell so they can care for those less fortunate. I can also adjust her background so she's living at the cathedral instead of crashing on Ameiko's couch or something.

Updated with Equipment.

Hum, before I go much further with my first idea, I suppose I'd better ask a question:

When you talk about the stronger the connection to our character's god the better, does that mean that they need to be all gung-ho and happy that they've been marked by a deity in such a manner? The character I have in mind has a lot of mixed feelings on the issue and some possible resentment/doubt about being chosen, which also ties into why she's a slayer and not a hunter or ranger. Primarily, I'd rather not go to the trouble of writing the backstory only for it to not be in line with what you're wanting to see. If this wouldn't work, I do have a possible backup idea for a paladin of Abadar, but I wanted to check first :)

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

I'm open to characters having mixed feelings about having been chosen though I'd prefer for the majority to embrace it.

When I say the stronger the connection to your god the better what I really mean is:
An elementalist wizard with know(nature) chosen by Erastil is better than a standard wizard that just happens to be chosen by Abadar;
Or, a paladin of Shelyn who chooses to fight with a glaive and invests his background skills in craft(painting) and perform(dance) is better than one chosen by Erastil who fights with a greatsword and takes zero outdoorsy skills.

Does that help clarify?

Ok let's try this again, TurtSnacko's submission, Tony Sinclair a inquisitor of Erastil!


Tony Sinclair NG
Feather and plant domain Inquisitor/1
Int +4 Senses perception +8
AC 17 touch 14 flat-footed 13 (+3 dex, +4 armor)
hp 10
Fort +3 Ref +4 Will +6
Speed 30ft
Melee wooden fist (1d4+3) 5/rounds
Ranged composite longbow +4 (1d8)
Special Attacks judgement/1day
Str 14 Dex 19 Con 12 Int 10 Wis 16 Cha 10
Base Atk +0
CMD 16
Feats point blank shot, precise shot,
Skills perception +8, spellcraft +4, sense motive +8, swim +6, deplomacy +4, knowledge nature +4, survival +7, handle animal +8, linguistics +1
Traits indomitable faith, birthmark
Racial Traits talented
Languages common, sylvan
Combat Gear trail rations 10 days
Other Gear studded leather, composite longbow, 30 arrows, 20 Blunt arrows.
Special Abilities

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
An inquisitor is proficient with all simple weapons, plus the hand crossbow, longbow, repeating crossbow, shortbow, and the favored weapon of her deity. She is also proficient with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

An inquisitor casts divine spells drawn from the inquisitor spell list. She can cast any spell she knows at any time without preparing it ahead of time, assuming she has not yet used up her allotment of spells per day for the spell's level.

To learn or cast a spell, an inquisitor must have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against an inquisitor's spell is 10 + the spell level + the inquisitor's Wisdom modifier.

An inquisitor can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level each day. Her base daily spell allotment is given on Table 2–3. In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Wisdom score (see Table 1–3 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook).

An inquisitor's selection of spells is extremely limited. An inquisitor begins play knowing four 0-level spells and two 1st-level spells of the inquisitor's choice. At each new inquisitor level, she gains one or more new spells as indicated on Table 2–4. (Unlike spells per day, the number of spells an inquisitor knows is not affected by her Wisdom score. The numbers on Table 2–4 are fixed.)

Upon reaching 5th level, and at every third inquisitor level thereafter (8th, 11th, and so on), an inquisitor can choose to learn a new spell in place of one she already knows. In effect, the inquisitor “loses” the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell's level must be the same as that of the spell being exchanged, and it must be at least one level lower than the highest-level inquisitor spell she can cast. The inquisitor may swap out only a single spell at any given level and must choose whether or not to swap the spell at the same time that she gains new spells known for the level.

Like a cleric's deity, an inquisitor's deity influences her alignment, what magic she can perform, and her values. Although not as tied to the tenets of the deity as a cleric, an inquisitor must still hold such guidelines in high regard, despite that fact she can go against them if it serves the greater good of the faith. An inquisitor can select one domain from among those belonging to her deity. She can select an alignment domain only if her alignment matches that domain. With the GM's approval, an inquisitor can be devoted to an ideal instead of a deity, selecting one domain to represent her personal inclination and abilities. The restriction on alignment domains still applies.

Each domain grants a number of domain powers, depending on the level of the inquisitor. An inquisitor does not gain the bonus spells listed for each domain, nor does she gain bonus spell slots. The inquisitor uses her level as her effective cleric level when determining the power and effect of her domain powers. If the inquisitor has cleric levels, one of her two domain selections must be the same domain selected as an inquisitor. Levels of cleric and inquisitor stack for the purpose of determining domain powers and abilities, but not for bonus spells.

Judgment (Su)
Starting at 1st level, an inquisitor can pronounce judgment upon her foes as a swift action. Starting when the judgment is made, the inquisitor receives a bonus or special ability based on the type of judgment made.

At 1st level, an inquisitor can use this ability once per day. At 4th level and every three levels thereafter, the inquisitor can use this ability one additional time per day. Once activated, this ability lasts until the combat ends, at which point all of the bonuses immediately end. The inquisitor must participate in the combat to gain these bonuses. If she is frightened, panicked, paralyzed, stunned, unconscious, or otherwise prevented from participating in the combat, the ability does not end, but the bonuses do not resume until she can participate in the combat again.

When the inquisitor uses this ability, she must select one type of judgment to make. As a swift action, she can change this judgment to another type. If the inquisitor is evil, she receives profane bonuses instead of sacred, as appropriate. Neutral inquisitors must select profane or sacred bonuses. Once made, this choice cannot be changed.

The inquisitor is filled with divine wrath, gaining a +1 sacred bonus on all weapon damage rolls. This bonus increases by +1 for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

The inquisitor is surrounded by a healing light, gaining fast healing 1. This causes the inquisitor to heal 1 point of damage each round as long as the inquisitor is alive and the judgment lasts. The amount of healing increases by 1 point for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

This judgment spurs the inquisitor to seek justice, granting a +1 sacred bonus on all attack rolls. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, this bonus is doubled on all attack rolls made to confirm critical hits.

This judgment gives the inquisitor great focus and makes her spells more potent. This benefit grants a +1 sacred bonus on concentration checks and caster level checks made to overcome a target's spell resistance. This bonus increases by +1 for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

The inquisitor is surrounded by a protective aura, granting a +1 sacred bonus to Armor Class. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, this bonus is doubled against attack rolls made to confirm critical hits against the inquisitor.

The inquisitor is protected from the vile taint of her foes, gaining a +1 sacred bonus on all saving throws. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, the bonus is doubled against curses, diseases, and poisons.

This judgment makes the inquisitor resistant to harm, granting DR 1/magic. This DR increases by 1 for every five levels she possesses. At 10th level, this DR changes from magic to an alignment (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful) that is opposite the inquisitor's. If she is neutral, the inquisitor does not receive this increase.

The inquisitor is shielded by a flickering aura, gaining 2 points of energy resistance against one energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) chosen when the judgment is declared. The protection increases by 2 for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

This judgment bathes the inquisitor's weapons in a divine light. The inquisitor's weapons count as magic for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction. At 6th level, the inquisitor's weapons also count as one alignment type (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful) for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. The type selected must match one of the inquisitor's alignments. If the inquisitor is neutral, she does not receive this bonus. At 10th level, the inquisitor's weapons also count as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction (but not for reducing hardness).
Monster Lore (Ex)
The inquisitor adds her Wisdom modifier on Knowledge skill checks in addition to her Intelligence modifier, when making skill checks to identify the abilities and weaknesses of creatures.

Inquisitors learn a number of orisons, or 0-level spells, as noted on Table 2–4 under “Spells Known.” These spells are cast like any other spell, but they are not expended when cast and may be used again. Orisons prepared using other spell slots, such as those due to metamagic feats, are expended normally.

Stern Gaze (Ex)
Inquisitors are skilled at sensing deception and intimidating their foes. An inquisitor receives a morale bonus on all Intimidate and Sense Motive checks equal to 1/2 her inquisitor level (minimum +1).


Read Magic, Detect Magic, Light, Sift;


Born into riches and nobility, Tony Sinclair had a pretty sheltered life. Anything he could ever want was handed to him on a silver platter, literally. His family loved him, he had a beautiful fiancé, life was good. The Sinclair family was a noble house which raised through the ranks of power through trade, particularly lumber.

They lived in a particularly heavy forested area of Varisia and used the bounty of nature to fund their rise to power. The family had repeatedly come to blows with druids many times in their history and did not have a good relationship with the church of Erastil, in fact Tony's father openly mock them on several occasions, ignoring the fact his son had a mark that suspiciously looked like the dead eyes emblem. unknowingly gaining the ire of Erastil himself.

on the night before his wedding, Tony decided to go on a hunt. He wasn't able to find anything and quickly through in the towel. But on his way back, he ran into a pure white stag trapped under some fallen trees. A 30ft tall behemoth, its antlers were large and resembled branches and vines wrapped themselves around the stag's legs, the only thing that ran through Tony's mind was how majestic and beautiful this creature was. So he spent hours to free the stag and watch contently as it ran away, completely in awe of the beast. He had no idea that he had just saved a Herald of Erastil.

When he went to bed, he was taken to the plane of nature, where to his surprise, the stag he saved was in front of him. After some minor panicking, it explained that it was actually the Herald of Erastil himself and that Tony had passed the test. He told him that if Tony could convince his family to officially apologize to Erastil, then Erastil will spare his family of the destruction he is going to bring onto them.

When Tony woke up, he had thought it was all a dream. Until he saw the same white stag staring at him through his window. Tony quickly ran to his wedding ceremony, underdressed, Uncleaned, and desperate.
Tony pleaded with his family to apologize to the god, but his father would have none of it and, furious at his son's weakness of will, disowned him in front of everyone in the family

Heart broken at his father's reaction to him trying to save them, he ran away from the compound. As soon as his feet touched the earth outside, the foundation of the compound shattered, bringing the whole thing down upon the entirety of the Sinclair line, killing everyone.
After those events he was led to sandpoint by the stag and taken in by the local clergy where he has resided since, serving Erastil to the beSt of his ability.

looks and personality:

his look

Tony is a man(Boy?) who tries to be humble in everything he does, he is a lover of animals and nature. Though he has been known to go a bit gung-ho at times.
He dislikes fire for obvious reasons.
He Hates arrogant people with superiority complexes and hates when he fails at anything, not because of any belief that he is perfect, but because he believes that if he fails enough that what happened to his family, Will happen again to someone else.

small story:

The Swallowtail Festival

Those three words set the hearts of the people of sandpoint on fire every time there mentioned. Children wait in baited breath for its day to come and the adults accepted it as a sign that they had survived another year. Many traders and entrepreneurs would enter for a chance to sell there many exotic do-dad's. It was safe to say that people loved the Swallowtail festival.

Tony Sinclair was no different.

He had only been here in sandpoint for going on three years now, and it never got old. The smiles on people's faces always was the best part.
Currently, Tony was sitting on a stool in his favorite hang-out, the community bar "The Tipsy Cow."

The bar was filled with the loud banter of peasants getting drunk and having a good time together and Tony enjoyed every minute of it. These people were a true community that stuck with each other; he should know after all.

Taking a swig of some fire whisky, Tony sighs in contentment and leans into the table to keep enjoying the atmosphere.

"so this is where you always go Tony..."

Opening only his left eye, Tony looks and sees a young lass of 16...did he mention that she was glaring at him with a fire as red as her hair in her eyes?
Fully turning to face the girl, Tony gives a little grin "oh, hello sister Mirabell, how are you this fine morning?"

Impossibly, Mirabells glare got even more deep "what do you think your doing in a bar of all places? Drinking too? You have to be a role model to the children Tony!"

Tony just hummed to himself in response and turns back to his drink, he quickly downs it and turns back to Mirabell "Mira...there is only so much one can accomplish inside of the church, at some point you must leave your high horse and join the masses. If you don't, how will you understand them? How will you help them? I am a child of Erastil, while I was not gifted his power over community, that does not give me the right to ignore those responsibility like they arn't my problem." Tony turns to the rest of the bar and with a flourish of the hands, calls out "and what a beautiful, wonderful community it is!"

Roars of approval roll from the crowd as some come over and pat Tony on the back while offering kind words to a kind man.

Turning to Mirabell, Tony gives her one more smile before sitting down and ordering some more whisky. Mirabell is silent, then huffs and quickly leaves the establishment, burning with embarrassment.

The bar-hand then walks over with a large mug of ale "sorry Tony, we be out of the whisky but heres a mug of ale on the house"

Tony takes the offered mug in hand and offers his thanks "thank you Gino"

He loved this town.

It does indeed, thank you!

Here is my entry.

Matrim Shadows:

Male Rogue 1 CG Human
hp 12 (1d8+4)
Speed 40 ft/x4
Init +6
Senses Perception +2
Archetype Knife Master
God Desna


AC: 18
touch: 14
flat-footed: 14 (+4 armor, +4 dex)
Fort +3
Ref +6
Will +2
Armor Chain Shirt, Light


Melee Starknife +1 (1d4) 20/x3 CM +1
Melee Starknife +1 (1d4) 20/x3 CM +1
Special Attacks Sneak Attack [1d8] (PFCR 68)
BAB +0
CMB +0
CMD +14


Str 10
Dex 19
Con 17
Int 8
Wis 14
Cha 7


Adopted - Wolfwood was a Half-Elf - Elven Reflexes +2 Init
Crowd Doger


Acrobatics +6(8) Modifier: +4, Rank: +1, Bonus +1(2)
Appraise +3 Modifier: -1, Rank: +1, Bonus +3
Bluff +3 Modifier: -2, Rank: +1, Bonus +4
Climb +2 Modifier: +2, Rank: +0, Bonus +1
Craft -1 Modifier: -1, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Diplomacy -2 Modifier: -2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Disable Device +6 Modifier: +4, Rank: +1, Bonus +1
Disguise -2 Modifier: -2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Escape Artist +2 Modifier: +4, Rank: +0, Bonus -2
Heal +2 Modifier: +2, Rank: +0, Bonus +1
Intimidate -2 Modifier: -2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Perception +2 Modifier: +2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Perform (Act) -2 Modifier: -2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Profession (gambler) +6 Modifier: +2, Rank: +1, Bonus +3
Ride +2 Modifier: +2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Sense Motive +2 Modifier: +2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Sleight of Hand +6 Modifier: +4, Rank: +1, Bonus +1
Stealth +2 Modifier: +4, Rank: +0, Bonus -2
Survival +2 Modifier: +2, Rank: +0, Bonus +0
Swim -2 Modifier: +0, Rank: +0, Bonus -2
Use MagicDevice +2 Modifier: -2, Rank: +1, Bonus +3

Class Abilities:

Favorite Class (Rogue +1 Health Points)
Hidden Blade (PFUC 72)
Sneak Attack
Armor Proficiency (LIGHT) (PFCR 118)

Domain, Travel ~ Exploration:

Travel ~ Exploration
Granted Powers: You are an explorer and find enlightenment in the simple joy of travel, be it by foot or conveyance or magic. Increase your base speed by 10 feet.

Door Sight (Su): You can lay your hand upon any surface and see what is on the other side, as if using clairvoyance. Using this power takes 1 minute, during which time you must be touching the surface you want to see through. You can keep looking for as long as 10 minutes with each use of this power, but must touch the surface and take no other action the entire time. The surface cannot be thicker than 6 inches plus 1 inch per cleric Rogue level you possess. You can use this power a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Domain Spells:


Convincing Liar
Birthmark A butterfly with a Starknife shaped body.




Chain Shirt
Starknife Will buy soon


Starting Gold:[b] 140 gp
[b]Character Creation Purchesses

Chain Shirt ~ 100 gp
Starknife ~ 24 gp
Starknife ~ 24 gp Will buy soon
Remaining Gold: 16 gp

Items Used:

I have used Nothing Yet.

Abandoned as a baby, Matrim spent most of his childhood in one orphanage after another, getting to fights with the other kids because of a butterfly shaped birthmark on his neck. He grew to be tough by the time he was 8 years old. No one really wanted to mess with him, nor did they want to adopt him. He was an unwanted child and that causes pain, even if those on the outside don’t see it. On his 9th birthday, he was pulled aside by the Chaplin who ran the orphanage. Wolfwood was a great man, never afraid to do what was necessary to keep his kids safe. Wolfwood took Matrim to the church of Desna to show the priests there the mark on Matrim’s neck. The priest quickly took Matrim aside and asked him about some odd items that they had in storage. Matrim didn’t know what to think of them, and chose those that resembled the lines of the butterfly birthmark on his neck. The priest soon asked him if he would want to stay with them and become a priest. Responding quickly, Matrim turned them down. Not detoured, the priests told him to hold onto the starknifes and kept a close watch on him.
Later that night, Wolfwood asked Matrim why he didn’t want to go with them. Matrim laughed. ”Do you really think I want to live my life praying to a god?” undenounced to Matrim, that god would not be done with him for a while yet.

Five years passed since Matrim received the Starknifes from the Priesthood of Desna and his life has had its ups and downs. Several times he had to leave the orphanage to find food for the other kids. Wolfwood passed away just a year ago now and times are tough. From the original staff of ten guardians, only 2 remain and the money they receive from the churches of Standpoint is not enough to feed those still living here. Matrim has decided to leave and try to live on his own, sending whatever he can get back to those still living at the home he grew up on.

Several years has passed and Matrim is now nineteen. The year has been a tough one but he has been able to gain some skills at robbery. He is able to sense what is on the other side of a door before he opens it. This has saved him more than a few times and he is thankful to the gods for that. While he was in the orphanage, he learned that some people have more than they need, so he only takes what he needs and some extra for those left behind. He never steals from someone who has nothing and to those, he leaves a little behind.
One night, he was at an older church, it looked familiar to him but he couldn’t place it. He had only been here once before anyways. He entered through a haze and as he moves through the church, he can tell something is off as the doors are all open and ready for him to enter. A sound comes from over his shoulder, ”What are you doing Matrim, didn’t I raise you better than this?”
Matrim swung his a blade over his shoulder, hitting thin air. ”Who’s there?” he calls out, but only echoes of the man’s voice remains. Out of the haze he can see two people kneeling in the dirt. The sun is shining down bright on those two, but everything else is fuzzy and Matrim can’t make it out.
The taller of the one looks at the smaller, younger one. ”Now, remember Matrim. You are a kid, and as a kid you can’t go wielding the knives like that. You might hurt yourself.” the man picked up the Starknifes from the ground. ”When you are older, I’ll let you have these again.” The scene in front of him faded as a tear trailed down Matrim’s cheek.
”My Starknifes, I’ve forgotten about those.” he thought to himself.
Even though the question wasn’t spoken, a voice answered him back, inside of his head. ”They will be there when you need them.”
Matrim spun around. ”Who’s there? Show yourself.”
The voice laughed and a man walked out of the haze. ”The question isn’t who I am. But it’s who you are?” the man faded back into the haze.
Matrim raced to get the man, but ended up looking back at another memory. This one was finding Wolfwood on the back-steps. He was sitting, looking out at the city. ”Come and sit down Matrim.” he said as he noticed the man staring at him.
Matrim didn’t know what to do, Wolfwood is long gone. But the boy inside of him took over and walked him over there. Sitting down Wolfwood looked over him. ”I have been watching you these past few years.” a smile appeared on Wolfwoods face. ”Not everything I saw made me proud. But, you remembered to take care of your brothers and sisters. That is what really matters.”
”How?” was all Matrim could get out.
Wolfwood laughed. ”Well, being dead means I can do a lot more than I ever did alive. And your god saw to it that I was well treated.”
Matrim didn’t know what to think. ”My god?”
Wolfwood didn’t say anything, he just reached out and touched Matrim on the side of his neck. ”Since you were born, you have had this mark. This is the marking of Desna, the god of luck, travelers, stars and dreams.”
Dreams that one word got to Matrim. ”This is all just a dream, isn’t it?”
Wolfwood frowned. ”I am afraid so my son. When you awake, you’ll be in your room and tonight didn’t happen.”
”I don’t want to lose you again Wolfwood. The world isn’t the same without you.”
”The world turns even after we are gone Matrim. It is your job to see that your life isn’t what is stopping.”
Slowly the scene faded, but Wolfwood had one more thing to pass along to his adopted son. ”Tomorrow is the Swallowtail Festival. Go there and start living your life.”

Matrim woke up, looking over to his table was one of his two Starknifes that Wolfwood took away so long ago. He got up and got dressed, ready for his new life.

Why would you use a canon character from another setting as your character name? That is just so jarring.

oyzar wrote:
Why would you use a canon character from another setting as your character name? That is just so jarring.

Is that better?

Looks better to me, but the GM is the final arbiter of what works and what doesn't.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

@Adam- your background is interesting and well written but in a way is sort of the opposite of what I'm hoping for... the idea was that all the PCs have been living and learning together on the cathedral grounds. There's almost a sort of subtle Hogwarts undertone (you've all been recognized as special and sent to live somewhere special where your gifts can be nurtured and developed). But you're starting and Sandpoint then moving away...

actually, everyone should read that feedback... The thing about Hogwarts wasn't a conscious part of my design but I think it really clarifies the feel I'm hoping for. It's certainly not a perfect metaphor (the PCs are the only special students, there's no sprawling magical campus, etc) but I think that's sort of what I'm hoping for.

I just need to edit Wolfwoods message to Matrim and I think it would work.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

@oyzar- I assume you're withdrawing now?

@Talene- your timeline needs some adjusting... Father Tobyn just died 5 years ago (when the old cathedral burned down).

Yeah I'm withdrawing, sorry for the trouble. I'm happy I finally got into another game though, but sadly it's nearly the same as this one.

Do you have a requirement for how often people should post? Sorry to ask, but the other games I've seen on here that were interesting both said you had to post something like two or three times per day. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to live up to something like that.

Edit: I don't see a lot of interest for Gozreh, (everyone is onto Desna, Sarenrae & Shelyn in particular, but Erastil isn't far behind) so I'm thinking of playing a druid, as straight as possible.

nate lange wrote:

@oyzar- I assume you're withdrawing now?

@Talene- your timeline needs some adjusting... Father Tobyn just died 5 years ago (when the old cathedral burned down).

OK, will fix that at some point this week, easy enough to do.

nate lange wrote:

@Adam- your background is interesting and well written but in a way is sort of the opposite of what I'm hoping for... the idea was that all the PCs have been living and learning together on the cathedral grounds. There's almost a sort of subtle Hogwarts undertone (you've all been recognized as special and sent to live somewhere special where your gifts can be nurtured and developed). But you're starting and Sandpoint then moving away...

actually, everyone should read that feedback... The thing about Hogwarts wasn't a conscious part of my design but I think it really clarifies the feel I'm hoping for. It's certainly not a perfect metaphor (the PCs are the only special students, there's no sprawling magical campus, etc) but I think that's sort of what I'm hoping for.

Roger one rewrite coming up.

RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Oh, yeah, that's an important thing to have left out...

Posting Expectations
Quantity- I'm looking for a 1 post per day commitment (including weekends). We all know RL stuff comes up and there will be days that someone misses but once a day should be the norm. I don't expect people to post on major holidays but I do award single use boons to players who do.
Quality- I don't mind short posts where appropriate but posts should generally have a little substance; for example, a post really shouldn't be just die rolls (include a description of how you're attacking, or some thoughts on why you're making that action, or some RP with one of your companions or enemies).

I will work up a "Mystic Theurge" character playing on the dual nature of Gozreh. Will start as a cleric and add wizard as levels increase.

Hey nate, if it isn't so much trouble could you look over my submission at some point. I would like to know if my story is fine for your later plans with this game and if I would be better off coming up with a new story.

The major thing I am uncertain about is if the way he was brought into the clergy was fine and dandy.

TriShadow wrote:
I will work up a "Mystic Theurge" character playing on the dual nature of Gozreh. Will start as a cleric and add wizard as levels increase.

IMHO this sounds a lot more like Nethys (arcane/divine) than Gozreh (feminine/masculine). Maybe you could play around with your character's gender identity to bring out that distinction.

I can do once a day.

Okay, let's see.:
Thorn 'Rat', aged 15, Favored of Gozreh
N Male Human Druid
Init +2, Perception +9
AC 14, T 12, FF 12, CMD 13
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +6 (+3 vs charm & compulsion)
Hp: 10 (1d8+2)
Quarterstaff +1, 1d6+1
Dagger +1, 1d4+1
CMB +1
Thrown Dagger +2, 1d4+1
Spells Prepared (CL 1, Base DC 14)
0 - Light, Mending, Stabilize
1 - Entangle, GoodberryD, Shillelagh
Str 13, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 14
ART: Dual Talent(Dex/Wis)
BS: Appraise & Sleight of Hand
CF: Nature Sense, Spontaneous Casting, Wild Empathy +3, Weather Domain(Seasons & Storms Sub) (Untouched by the Seasons 7/d)
F: Spell Focus(Conjuration)
T: Birthmark(Gozreh), Fast Talker, Vagabond Child(Sleight of Hand)
S: Appraise +2, Bluff +7, Handle Animal +6, Knowledge(Nature) +7, Perception +9, Sleight of Hand +7, Suvival +11
FCB: +1hp.
DP: Plant(Growth): Enlarge Person 1/d, Enlarge 7rds/d
Gear: Quarterstaff, Leather Armor, dagger, 2 concealed daggers (each wrist)

With the story I had in mind he'd normally be a rogue 1/druid X, but I can make it work with background skills.

Would you allow Thorn to be a treesinger druid? It fits him better than regular druid, but it's normally elf only. If not, eh, that's fine.

Here is my submission, Pehmah Yonten, the paragon of Gozreh and the Green Faith.


Feale human Monk (Flowing Monk of the Iron Mountain) 1
CN Medium humanoid (human)
Init+2; Perception +8

AC 17, T 17, FF 14 (+4 Wisdom, +3 Dex)
hp 9 (1d8+1)
Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +6

Melee unarmed +2 (1d6+2) or flurry of blows +1/+1 (1d6+2)
RangedShuriken +3 (1d4+2)
Special attacks redirection (1/day), wooden fists
Bonus domain plant

Domain spell-like abilities
7 rounds/day - Wooden fist (free action, +1 damage)

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 18, Cha 12 [25-pt buy]
Base atk+0; CMB +2 (+4 trip); CMD 15 (17 vs. trip)
Feats Weapon Focus (unarmed), Combat Reflexes, Improved Trip, Improved Unarmed Strike
Traits Birthmark (Gozreh), Seeker, Child of Nature
Favored class bonus +1/4 ki point (1/4 gained)
Skills Acrobatics +7, Kn. (history,religion) +4, Perception +9, Sense Motive +8, Sleight of Hand +4, Survival +9
SQ Bonus domain (Plant), domain power (wooden fists), redirection, flurry of blows, unarmed strike,
Languages Common

Monk's kit:
-belt pouch
10 -torches
5 -trail rations

10 shuriken
25 gp


Pehmah was born in a small farming village in the Minkai region of Tian Jia, and the first several years of her life were relatively uneventful. Her family raised sheep, and they lived a simple yet satisfying life, like many of their neighbors. Her birth was uneventful, and it was noted that she carried a mark on her neck in the vague shape of a leaf.
That all changed when Pehmah was nine years old... a warlord gained power in a nearby small city, and he decided that the villages nearby must provide food for the city at no cost. At first, the farmers acquiesced... no point in fighting against a force you cannot defeat. But as the farmers grew more and more poor from using all their resources on crops and livestock that they could not sell, they grew more desperate. Pehmah's village was one of the first to create a small militia, and drive the "tax-collector" caravan out when they arrived to take supplies from the townspeople. Retribution was swift and deadly... the warlord sent a force in the middle of the night to sack the town, kill the men and take the women, children, and livestock. Pehmah's father sent her off into the woods at the beginning of the fighting, handing her a small knife with which to defend herself. "This is all our family has to show for our hard work. Do not let the greed of one destroy the lives of many. Go, and find a better life for yourself."
Pehmah ran into the woods, and found herself alternately foraging for food and running from relentless pursuers for weeks. During this time, she began to feel that she was being guided through the forest by some unseen force. Finally, she arrived at a small fishing village, and was able to stow away upon a trader's vessel boung for a distant land.
Pehmah was not discovered for weeks, able to hide in the bowels of the ship and steal small bits of food to keep fed. Unfortunately, she could only hide for so long, and eventually was caught by one of the deckhands. The captain, a harsh man from the Ulfen wastes, had poor Pehmah thrown overboard for her thievery.
As she was sinking into the open ocean, Pehmah had a vision of a drop of water, falling from leaf to leaf down an immense tree. When the droplet landed on one of the tree's roots, she had an intense feeling of welcoming, and instinctively knew which way the shore was. She begin swimming, and somehow was able to swim for almost an entire day, finally seeing land at daybreak of the following morning. She washed up, dehydrated and starving, on the beach near Sandpoint, and was found by a fisherman.
Today, Pehmah has focused her life on the study of the deity whom she believes saved her, Gozreh, father of the storm and mother of the wind. Now in her early twenties, she has become one of the foremost experts on the teachings of the Green Faith and Gozreh, and the mysterious mark on her neck (which has slowly become more intricate and recognizable as a leaf as she has aged) has given her purpose in life: to teach others of the wonders of the earth, wind, sky, and waves.

I'll work on her in-character post over the next day or so.

Something Wicked wrote:
IMHO this sounds a lot more like Nethys (arcane/divine) than Gozreh (feminine/masculine). Maybe you could play around with your character's gender identity to bring out that distinction.

I was thinking of going with a half-elf character that identifies as gender fluid. They would take the mark of Gozreh as a sign of acceptance and feel empowered to be a member of the community. The Theurge was more for the dual flavor, the feminine healing touch with the masculine rage of the elements.

Imo, the 'gender fluid indeterminate age divine caster of Gozreh' thing has been done to death by now.

Maybe I just always play with the people who're always coming up with this exact thing, but it's been literally every single druid/cleric/inquisitor of Gozreh I've ever seen in pathfinder, across four different game groups.

Well, it is a safe way for many people to explore the issue. My friend has a child that does not identify, and I would find this as a way to gain more insight to the relationship he has with his child. It is not a matter of "being done to death", it is a matter of having a safe platform with which to find a greater depth of understanding. The very nature of a "dual" god lends to this kind of character, so why not take the opportunity to play one?

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A Common Mistake- I see several people have included their first domain SLA in their crunch... please note that you don't gain that until 2nd level.

@tony- I'll try to offer some feedback soon.

Frankly, I don't think it matters if an idea has been "done to death," so long as it feels appropriate for -this- group. TriShadows cleric has no idea the others exist,so it's not fair to hold that against him/her. Everyone wants their character to be special, but it's okay to fall back on familiar tropes because the real flavor of your character will be determined by group dynamics, anyway. Otherwise no one would play a barbarian (am smash!) Or rogue (am sneak).

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