DM RichD's Giantslayer Campaign

Game Master Briccone

GiantSlayer Book 2: The Hill Giant's Pledge
Part 3: Redlake Fort

The heroes infiltrate an abandoned border fort full of orcs, ogres, and hill giants to end the threat against Trunau once and for all, only to learn of a much greater danger: a mysterious warlord amassing an army of giants for some fell purpose.

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Brinya Kelver

Cham Larringfass

Coxswain Halrex



Kagak Of The Rolling Thunder


Kurst Grath

Omast Frum


Captain Raag Bloodtusk

Rodrik Grath

Sara Morninghawk



Handout #1

Handout #2

Handout #3 (Journal)

Handout #4

Handout #5



A. Commons
B. Ramblehouse
C. Longhouse
D. Brinya Kelver's Lodgings
E. South Tower
F. Sanctuary
G. Clamor
H. Plague House
I. Flame of The Fallen
J. Commons Beacon
K. Inner Gates Beacon
L. Inner Quarter
M. Hopespring Beacon
N. Barterstones
O. Hopespring
P. House Of Wonders
Q. Trunau Countinghouse

Inner Quarter

K. The Inner Quarter Beacon
L1. The Southern Barricade
L2a & L2b. Southern Gate Towers
L2c. Southern Lookout
L3. Staginsdar Household
L4. Inner Quarter Well (You are here)
L5. The Killin' Ground
L6. Homes
L7. Eastern Lookout

--Items that have been identified for future reference--

Potion of Cure Light Wounds
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Shield of Faith
Potion of Pass Without Trace

Scroll of Barkskin

Belt of Tumbling

Oil Of Magic Weapon

--DM Shortcuts--

[dice=BB Beetle]d20+0[/dice]
[dice=Khari Dronwoth]d20+0[/dice]
[dice=Kiln Redaxe]d20+1[/dice]
[dice=Kurag Urlot III]d20+4[/dice]
[dice=Rask Hammersong]d20+0[/dice]

b]ooc]Round ?[/b][/ooc]
ooc]BB Beetle ?(44/44)[/ooc]
ooc]Khari Dronwoth ?(54/54)[/ooc]
ooc]Kiln Redaxe ?(90/90)[/ooc]
ooc]Kurag Urlot III ?(56/56)[/ooc]
ooc]Rask Hammersong ?(84/84)[/ooc]

Dice=BB Perception DC12]d20+7[/Dice]
Dice=Bormann Perception DC12]d20+10[/Dice]
Dice=Greta Perception DC12]d20+3[/Dice]
Dice=Kurag Perception DC12]d20+11[/Dice]
Dice=Rask Hammersong DC12]d20+11[/Dice]