DM Goat's Frostfur Captives (Inactive)

Game Master Capricornus

A Pathfinder Society Scenario for levels 1-3

Current Map

A few notes on how I will run this game.

Block Initiative:

I will be using Block Initiative. That is; I will roll initiative for all participants in a battle. They will be displayed like this;

Bob, Sue
Everyone Else

In this case it doesn't matter what order Bob and Sue act. The Skeleton will then act, and then everyone else may do so in any order they get to it.

I will roll saves for anyone who needs one to speed things up.

Perception and Sense Motive:
If there is a passive Perception or Sense Motive check, or opposed Stealth check called for in the scenario, I will roll them and then inform the players who succeeded in a spoiler.

I will put a spoiler up in a post formatted like; Knowledge: History DC 15

You are free to make checks on it and read the spoiler if you hit the DC.

If you are going to be absent for a couple days, post about it in the Discussion thread and you may be botted for the duration. If you do not post in a day and don't let me know, you will be botted, but if you do not come back to the scenario within a certain time I will assume your character has just wandered off and will not get credit for the scenario. That being said, even I flake out once in a while, and a sincere 'sorry, I flaked out' will usually suffice.

Combat Map:
I will be using Google Docs for maps. You will all have icons you will be able to move around. I do sometimes forget to set the permissions correctly, so just let me know and I'll fix it asap.