DM Frogfoot's Skinwalker campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Dalton the Thirsty

Skinwalker Race

Map of Varisia


Strain variant rules

Important NPCs


Alpha Male Durmond Swifteye
Alpha Female Ceyne Twoclaws
Beta Male Bornir
Beta Female Niniel


High Shaman Ishmael
Shaman Mayhew, Shaman Nersad, and Shaman Tergan - the Shamans chosen as ambassadors of the Scaleheart to the Moot


Lord Temmeruk - Ruler of the Coldborn tribe and host to the Confederacy of Tribes' Moot

Player List by Tribe:

Scaleheart (Werecrocodile)
- Harthresh (Barbarian) - Conflicted / Territorial
Witchwolf (Werewolf)
- Kenna Icemane (Fighter) - Undecided Motivations
- Kysira Silvercoat (Monk/Shaman) - War

Coldborn (Werebears)
- Arren Icewalker (Druid) - War (Reluctantly)
- Harsuk (Bard) - Diplomacy

Nightsulk (Wererat)
- Mori (Investigator) - Diplomacy

Fanglord (Weretigers)
- Saipres (Bloodrager) - Diplomacy

Bloodmarked (Werebats)
- Darath (Alchemist) - Diplomacy

Ragebred (Wereboar)
Seascarred (Weresharks)

Tribe Descriptions:

Bloodmarked tribe: Ruling matriarchal council of 3 sharing joint leadership. Membership of this council changes monthly, at a nocturnal blood-orgy ritual that takes place under a full moon, but decisions made by previous ruling councils may not be changed for 12 cycles.
The secular Bloodmarked are the most intellectual of the tribes, being the only tribe that has officially dedicated itself to learning and understanding more about the world around them. They work closely with the wealthy Seascarred tribe in their pursuit of greater delving into science and magic. The Bloodmarked even have a school system inside the Calphiak mountains, though they regularly must fight off incursions from the more hostile inhabitants of the Darklands.

The Bloodmarked seek open and friendly relations with all other tribes, but their strange fetish rituals and blood orgies cause the other tribes - with the exception of the Nightskulk and the Seascarred - to look askance at them.

They live in the Calphiak mountain ranges and the Mierani Forest.

Coldborn tribe: Generally the coldborn only gather as a tribe for matters of dire importance; most coldborn families are self-sufficient. However, Temmeruk is the oldest and wisest of the coldborn, and speaks for the tribe when it is necessary, having the final say on disputes.

The Coldborn are a peace-loving tribe, and have the highest concentration of druids and rangers of any of the tribes. Coldborn healers are renowned among the tribes for their intimate knowledge of biology. They mainly keep to themselves, but will welcome any member of any tribe into their borders with only gentle warnings about bad behavior. The Coldborn are the oldest tribe, with history dating back beyond record, and so their voice is highly respected by most of the other tribes. The Witchwolves feel that they're too passive and reluctant to use their strength, and the Scaleheart consider them to be ruled by fear of involvement in the outside world.
The Coldborn live on the Storval Plateau.

Ragebred tribe: The Ragebred rule by strength. There are two boars in charge of the clan, the Chief and the Under-Chief. Only the Under-Chief may challenge the Chief for his position, but anyone may challenge the Under-Chief for his position.

The Ragebred are an insular people, mistrusting outsiders - even other skinwalkers, though relations are better with them. If a wereboar-kin is born into a human family elsewhere in the world, 9 times out of 10 they are cast out when their transformations occur. Their porcine features call demons to mind among some religious communities in the world, and so the Ragebred justly feel that their tribe is the sole haven where a wereboarkin can live free of judgment and persecution. This persecution complex has sparked intense pride in the Ragebred. To slight a Ragebred's honor or family is to invite instant death. The one tribe that the Ragebred regularly do dealings with is the Coldborn, whose quiet dignity appeals to the proud wereboars, and the Nightskulk, who, they feel, understand being persecuted.

The Ragebred control the Gnasher mountain range and Lake Skotha, all the way to Lampblack River Falls.

Scaleheart tribe: the Scaleheart tribe is a true democracy - all decisions that affect the entire tribe are voted on by the entire tribe. This means that most decisions take a prohibitively long time to officially decide on, leading most day-to-day governing decisions to be placed in the hands of the shamans of the community, of which there are 9, with one High Shaman. These spiritual leaders claim to have a direct conduit to the Gods and rule with divine authority.

The Scaleheart are a deeply religious community. They don't like to travel often, as they are most comfortable among the waterways of their home, but Scaleheart missionaries have been found preaching all over Varisia and greater Golarion. The Witchwolves embrace the spirituality of the Scaleheart wholeheartedly, as do the Coldborn, but the Bloodmarked are not a very religious people overall. This has led to relationships between the tribes to be very...strained. As a result of the geographical differences between the two tribes, they largely leave each other alone. Some Scalehearts follow the Fanglords on their nomadic journeys when the caravans of the were-tigers pass by their homes.

The scaleheart live primarily in the Mindspin and Wyvern mountains, near the few rivers and lakes of the Cinderlands.

Nightskulk tribe: The Nightskulk tribe has largely integrated into the human culture, and remains a loose organization of enormous family units. Though the Nightskulk are not ashamed of their heritage, most do hide it in the presence of humans to avoid persecutions, and as a result the ratfolk-kin do not have an open "seat of government" like the other tribes do. Most of the skinwalkers spend their days living largely human lives in the towns bordering the wilderness. However, the nightskulk tribe is also one of the wealthiest of the skinwalker tribes, due to their connections to the merchant guilds of the outside world.

The Nightskulk are a pragmatic tribe. Their natural cunning, as well as their knowledge of how people treat were-rats, has led the majority of them to live secret, double lives. Most humans along the southerly port towns of Varisia would be shocked at how many of their neighbors, friends and co-workers are actually nightskulks in disguise. Those few wererat-kin who could not conceal their identities correctly operate out of a small area in the outskirts of Riddleport, but these wererat-kin are not held in high esteem by their more secretive brethren. The Ragebred empathize with the prosecution that Nightskulks face, and surprisingly, get along famously with the wererat-kin, being closest to them as allies. Most other tribes, however, mistrust the Nightskulk just as much as normal humans would, a position that most Nightskulk feel to be unfair.

Still, the Nightskulk are successful at business and trade, both legal and illegal, and your average Nightskulk is wealthier than almost any other member of the other tribes (with the possible exception of the Seascarred). The Nightskulk can be found in nearly every town across Varisia, but inhabit Riddleport primarily.

Seascarred tribe: The Seascarred live on the coast, as one might imagine, and are perhaps the most technologically advanced of the skinwalker tribes. They have a hereditary Chieftain who adoped the reins of leadership from his deceased father. The Seascarred regularly can be found among the crews and even in the captains' quarters of pirate ships roaming the Inner Sea region, and the rumors persist that they do so under explicit protection from the Ruling Chief, who benefits from the raids these privateers commit.

The Seascarred are largely criminals and pirates, going so far as to call their Chieftain the Pirate King of Rimeskull. In the Steaming Sea and the Varisian Bay, traders and merchants are ever on the alert for the Fanged Skull flag, a variant on the traditional Jolly Roger with curved fishbones and sharp teeth. The influence the Pirate King has over the legitimate rulers of Rimeskull is an open secret in Varisia.

The seascarred live primarily in the northlands near the coast, from Rimeskull to Crystilan.

Fanglord tribe: The Fanglords inhabit the widest area of the Riverlands and are largely nomadic. Their tribe's yearly roaming cycle takes them all throughout Varisia together. The Fanglords have an elected council of 5 Fanglords, known as the Tiger's Claw, make all the decisions for them, which is re-nominated every 6 years for new recruits to join.

The Fanglords believe themselves to be members of the master race of Golarion. They claim that no creature alive can match the majesty or strength of a tiger, nor the presence and intelligence of a man, and thus, the combination of the two is the pinnacle of evolution. Due to their haughty natures, the Fanglords don't interact much with the other tribes in general, preferring instead to keep to themselves and roam Varisia on their endless nomadic journey. Despite their arrogance, they are a largely peaceful people, fighting only to defend themselves historically. Most Fanglord males prefer to leave the fighting to the women, and dedicate themselves to poetry and the arts.

The fanglords live a nomadic lifestyle that takes them across all corners of Varisia, but spend the majority of the year in the regions of the Nolands and the Uplands of Velashu.

Witchwolf tribe: The witchwolves have a healthy appreciation for bloodlust, killing, and hunting, and they enjoy all three tremendously. Strength is all that matters for the witchwolf tribe, and they have channeled their innate athleticism into yearly games that the tribe hosts for competition. Skinwalkers from all tribes compete, but there is a secret set of games for witchwolves only that all aspiring leaders of the tribe - who are themselves alphas of their own pack family - must participate in. Whichever witchwolf wins the contest is Alpha Male, Chief, until next year. The current Chief has been victorious for 5 years in a row now.

The Witchwolves respect strength and revere games that showcase athleticism. Their relationship with the Ragebred and the Scaleheart is a tight one, and witchwolf culture embraces the well-known power of their cousins. They feel that the Coldborn are too passive, content to stay in their plateau and, in their eyes, look down on everyone else. This sentiment has been especially felt lately due to Temmeruk calling the council of tribes together. Bloodmarked and Nightskulk are not to be trusted.
The witchwolves live primarily at Wormwood Hall and inhabit the entire forests of Churlwood and Lurkwood.