DM Frogfoot's Homebrew Adventure - the Wastes of Belkzen (Inactive)

Game Master Dalton the Thirsty


Party Loot

You will begin at level 1, using the average starting gold.

The campaign will begin in Freedom Town, a small settlement within the Hold of Belkzen that is a haven for the lawless, near the border of Lastwall. It is known that Freedom Town exists, but within Vigil, the capital of neighboring Lastwall, their lawless ways are viewed as a minor nuisance. After all, the orcs, bandits, and undead that infest the Hold of Belkzen will destroy them within a few years or so. The population of Freedom Town is largely made up of smugglers, former adventurers, exiles, criminals, and any free-spirited individuals who dislike living under too much governmental authority. You will be working for the Sheriff of Freedom Town, the ratfolk gunslinger Marshall Oswald, as his deputies, and he will be tasking you with assisting with matters of Freedom Town security and interest.

All non-evil alignments are allowed, but keep in mind that you will be working for a "legitimate authority figure," and in order for the campaign to work the way I'd like it to, you must genuinely have regard for the deputy job.

All races are allowed.

All classes are allowed. Yes, even synthesist summoners or psionics. I ask that you please do not try to munchkin your character too much. I am far more impressed with creativity and roleplaying than amazing numbers. Guns are common.


Marshall Oswald, Ratfolk Gunslinger, Sheriff of Freedom Town

Lewis Faelorn: Lewis is not actually as old as he looks, merely defeated. He was a former soldier for Lastwall's armies, fighting orcs in the mountains to the southwest of here. When the orcs were sacking Ironhearth Foundry, Lewis was chastised for leaving his post to fight in the battle. He fought alongside the dwarves there, for he knew some of them and called them his friends. They all perished when Ironhearth was sacked by the Steel-Eaters. When he escaped, he bitterly returned to Vigil and made an impassioned attempt to "Get those scum-sucking vermin to answer for their crimes." He doesn't elaborate further on what it was he attempted to do, but he was exiled for it and has been drinking away his sorrows ever since.

Leonard Truffe: The tall man identifies himself as Leonard Truffe, and he walks around the countertop as he identifies what Suny is after. By the time she's finished paying, he's standing directly in front of her - looming at a height of almost seven feet. Arwen and Marco know as residents that Truffe's reputation as a gentle giant is well-deserved - any trouble that happens within Freedom Town's limits hardly ever touches his Inn.

Orsain: A traveling human merchant with connections in Vigil, he and his travelling companions were captured by the Gnarltusk tribe and rescued by the Freedom Town deputies.

Leora: a half-elf girl who was travelling with Orsain's merchant caravan when it was captured by the Gnarltusk tribe. Has a crush on Gryndar Grogslayer.

Melisa: a human woman whose son, Trent, was killed in the escape attempt from the Gnarltusk tribe.

Erwin: A human druid, operating for some unknown reason in the Hold of Belkzen region. With his animal companion Hierodotus he works to undermine the orcs in the area in their nefarious schemes. Has past connections with Oswald.

Billy-Bob, Jed, Lucretia, Sienne, and Throg: the traveling caravan of religious pilgrims that you protected from a goblin firebomber raid.

Uflad: The only wizard you've spoken to yet from Mindspin

Othellus: The leader of the wizarding community in Mindspin
Linnea and Tayvan: Other wizards in Mindspin

Map of the Center Square of Freedom Town.

Your allies-to-be:

The Town of Trunau. If Freedom Town is a den of thieves, Trunau is a home for warriors. For those of you not in the know, Trunau is far deeper into orcish territory than we are, and every single able-bodied citizen is tasked with their defense. When they were first established, they were raided every day, from every direction. They survived, and became tough as nails as a result. Not the friendliest town you'll ever meet, but then, neither are we." He grins, but the expression still looks grim. "The orcs have taken to calling it Manhome, and they avoid attacking them for the most part nowadays. There's no love lost between the greenskins and the humans there, so finding allies is a good bet.

The Mindspin Colony in the Mindspin Mountains, just south of the Flood Road. There's a small colony of wizards living there who fled Kaer Maga. They would have settled here, but I didn't want a wizard's tower getting set up in town. It would've been a lightning rod for Vigil to bring down the hammer on us, and I'm content to be largely ignored by them for now." He toys with the hammer on his sidearm absently as he speaks. "They're still sore at me for not letting them settle here, but the Steel Eaters are a threat to their ivory tower, so they would probably help you if you convinced them it was in their best interest. I doubt they're combat-trained themselves, but they have magical artifacts, I'm told.

Caine Bloodtusk, the Bastard He's a wereboar, and a bastard. Leads his "family" of wereboars to the south, here," he gestures on the map, "near Nirmathas territory. But he owes me a big favor, one that I didn't even want to acknowledge for a long time. If you say you're with me, he will help you. The trick will be identifying yourself before he shifts into wereboar form and attacks you with the rest of his inbred kin.

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