DM Frogfoot's Goblin Mayhem Campaign (Inactive)

Game Master Dalton the Thirsty

Fodder: Every time you return to the warband camp to gather followers, roll 2d6+Cha and gain that many goblin followers. Goblin followers are weak and largely useless, but can be promoted if they survive multiple raids. Most don't.

Follower Commands:

AID ME, WHELPS!: You may use the Aid Another move on yourself using your goblin followers, exposing them to danger.

DEFEND ME!: You may react to an attack by commanding your followers to sacrifice themselves defending you. Gain armor equal to the number of goblins you sacrifice in this way.

KILL!: You may command your followers to attack with you, increasing your damage at the risk near-certainty of losing some of them.

Optional advanced move for those who want it, this can be selected when you level up:
Inspired Warleader Advanced move, level 2-5

You're a seasoned warleader and goblins are more likely to follow you. You may use your primary stat for purposes of Gathering Followers.