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The Giantslayer Adventure Path begins in the fortified town of Trunau in the southern part of the Hold of Belkzen. A series of strange events trouble the beleaguered town. At the town’s request, the PCs must uncover the source behind these events and step in to save the town from forces which seek an end to Trunau and it's peoples.

I will be posting maps, information, and update materials here to the Campaign page from time to time for handy reference.

Trunau NPCs of Note:

Chief Defender Halgra, the elected leader of Trunau and human female ex-adventurer. At 62, Halgra has birthed many children, some half-orc or elven, and most of her adult offspring have taken up residence with her at the Ivory Hall. Halgra

Councilor & Banker Lessie Crumkin, human female cleric of Abadar. Her duties lie in tending to the faithful of Abadar and overseeing the finances of Trunau.

Councilor Agrit Staginsdar, dwarf female wizard and spouse of Sara Morninghawk. Agrit comes from a long line of dwarven warriors, but turned away from martial skills in favor of arcane pursuits, making her one of the oddest members of the small dwarven population of Trunau.

Councilor Sara Morninghawk, half-orc female smithy and weaponsmaker, spouse of Agrit Staginsdar. Sara is perhaps the finest weaponsmaker in the area, a Trunau native born of a Shoanti mother shortly after arriving in Trunau. Sara

High Priestess Tyari Varvatos, human female cleric of Iomedae, and head of the Sanctuary, Iomedae's temple in Trunau. Tyari is the younger sister of the Second Sword Knight of the Sancta Iomedae in Vigil.

Sir Brantos Calderon, human male paladin of Iomedae, provides protection for the Sanctuary of Iomedae. Brantos is a former native of Castle Firrine.

Hopespring Warden Silvermane, mute elven druid and oldest living resident of Trunau. It is believed Silvermane lived over the Hopespring before Trunau was built.

Master of Stores Kessen Plumb, human male shopkeeper and chief trade spokesperson for Trunau. He oversees the safekeeping of the Siegestone, a mystical means of feeding Trunau during the worst sieges the town has ever faced.

Patrol Lieutenant Kurst Grath, human male guards lieutenant and son of Jagrin Grath. Twin brother of Rodrik, Kurst is a quiet and thoughtful leader, respected by his men and the town. Kurst

Patrol Captain Rodrik Grath, human male guards captain and son of Jagrin Grath, also a known poet and storyteller. His works have made him a local hero. The older twin to Kurst, Rodrik is outgoing and personable, beloved of his men and the town as a whole. Rodrik

Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath, human male guards commander and father of Kurst and Rodrik Grath. Jagrin Garth has served in the Trunau militia for 32 years, well after a raid by Twisted Nail orcs slew his wife, the mother of his twin boys, 15 years ago.

Weekly News in Review:

Trunau Weekly Post 14 Calistra 4715

Items in the News

On the 16th, Chief Defender Halgra of the Blackened Blades will be hosting the Hopeknife Ceremony of her youngest daughter, Ruby. All citizens are welcome to attend. Festivities are to begin shortly after sundown at the Commons Amphitheater. Events to include Tug o War, Archery, Hammer Toss, and Horseshoes. Refreshments to be provided.

Another string of burglaries has swept through the various quarters of Trunau. Items of value reported lost include a silver locket with portrait, a pair of gold goblets, a small folk full ermine cloak, and miscellaneous coins and barter valuables of indeterminate cost. Anyone with information should report the same to Patrol Lieutenant Kurst Grath at the Longhouse.

Quinn and Birtles' Varisian Traveling Emporium will be departing Trunau on 20 Calistra. The wagons will be travelling to Vigil and points East, taking advantage of recent fair weather. Anyone of able mind and body interested in providing guardian and scouting services should seek Caravan Master Lucius Quinn amongst the Barterstones.

Patrol Leader Jagrin Grath celebrated his 32nd year of service with the Trunau militia last week. Patrol Leader Grath has been a staunch and faithful defender of Trunau these many years. Every citizen owes our senior militiaman an enormous debt of gratitude. His zeal and perseverance have led us through many harrowing times against the numerous inhumans that seek to end our fair community. As Grath said in his latest speech, "If we humans do not defend ourselves, how can we hope to remain of pure blood, a pure, proud, and prosperous Trunau."

Strange "white sword" graffiti continues to appear all over Trunau. To date, twelve instances of these markings have been sighted, in both the Upper and Lower quarters of town. Local clergywoman Tyari Varvatos of the Sanctuary remains steadfast that these markings are not the work of an overzealous Iomedean follower. So far, it is reported the markings resist efforts to purge them from their stained locations. Anyone with information regarding these marks should report the same to Patrol Sergeant Omast Frum. Omast

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Othdan Meriman, please seek out Orto Meriman at Meriman's Farm. Othdan was last seen leaving the Killin' Grounds with local maiden, Amilee Kurtfine. Master Meriman only wants to know his eldest son is safe and sound. Amilee Kurtfine reports Othdan left Trunau via the North Gate on 12 Calistril. Othdan

Patrol Captain Rodrik Grath's latest publication "The Other Side of Contempt" has become a successful though highly controversial hit. Copies have been purchased by storytellers from both Vigil and Castle Firrine. Unlike his other works, in this our native author has created a voice which many today are reluctant to hear. Patrol Captain Grath has taken quarters at the Ramblehouse for those interested in acquiring a signed copy of the work.

Anyone interested in selling shovels or other digging tools, please seek out Rashad Durngon daily at Durngon Farms or nightly at the Killin' Grounds. Farmer Durngon needs additional assistance in working and preparing a new irrigation channel for his bean and barley farm past the western forks. Fair wages for fair work is guaranteed.

Ditzie Maps:
We will be using ditzie for combat mapping purposes.

The idea is pretty simple. At the start of an encounter I'll post a map which will have movable tokens atop it. You click the link and move your token to where you want to go. The next step is important, click ENTER and copy the new web address, paste the new web address in a link included in your post. The next person should always use the person before them's link. Make sure to use the copy of the map that the player before you posted.

Its also very important that you click the Preview button before you post, especially when you moved in combat. Clicking the Preview button before you post refreshes the feed without posting, so you can make sure your post is correct before you commit to it. Please preview every post before you submit it, editing if something's needs changed.

Unfortunately Ditzie doesn't always work well on touch devices. You can view the map but can't interact with it. In the case you may need to post from your phone or tablet, just describe your movement with your post and I or another player will move your token as soon as possible.