DM Brainiac's War for the Crown: Table 1 (Inactive)

Game Master Brainiac

Current Date: 21 Kuthona, 4718 AR

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Agents of Change: Persona Rules

Dramatis Personae:

Movers and Shakers

Lady Martella Lotheed, your patron and burgeoning spymaster
Princess Eutropia Stavian I, sole heir to Grand Prince Stavian III
Maxillar Pythareus, commander-in-chief of Taldan military forces

Leaders of Meratt

Bartelby Lotheed, deposed count and Martella's half-brother
Baron Nicolaus Okerra, hero of the tournament circuit
Dame Parthena Crabbe (and Sepsinia), local busybody
Her Grace Baroness Legate Adella Voinum, grumpy old woman
Baron Araig Telus, former curse victim
Onora Piscum, sheriff of Stachys
Archbanker Lady Paril, high priest of Abadar

Other Notables
Duchess Veleto Lotheed, trompe d'oeil
Archbanker Lady Paril, high priest of Abadar in Lotheedar
Selli Okerra, daughter of the baron
Kurana, Melodie's soucouyant mother
Dame Carodd Hellebore and Syras Cockleburr, Esquire, hangers-on

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Dame Malphene Trant, narcissistic ass
Lucretzia Marthane, mild-mannered alter ego of the Night Swan

Faces of the Senate

Lady Gloriana Morilla, ally of Eutropia and patron of the Sovereign Court
Countess Abrielle Pace, ridiculously gauche
Duke Leonard Centimus, wheelchair-bound lawmaker

The Departed

Kalbio of Breezy Creek, exalted weaver
Grand Prince Stavian III, emperor of Taldor
Imistos Gulbend, treacherous halfling
Wyssilka the Fantabulous, halfling jester
Lord Titus Lotheed-Casava, Bartelby's boorish cousin
Sir Gul Gusairne, the count's seneschal

Init Block:
[dice=Mai Zhi]1d20+7[/dice]

[dice=Mai Zhi]d20+17[/dice]