Constructs of Castrovel: A Numerian Campaign

Game Master Nimon

Campaign Set in Numeria, using Psionics and allowing Android characters among others.

Materials used to create this campaign- Inner Sea World Guide, Inner Sea Bestiary, Core and Third Dawn campaign setting. If other newer materials contradict what I have written it is because I do not own those materials and so I will not be using those ideas.

Age of Legend (approx. -5500) – Kellid tribals witness a strange “Metal Mountain” fall from the sky leaving the Silver Mount and other strange metallic debris across the land.
4709 - A monstrous metal scorpion takes prisoners in the Felldales region of Numeria.
4711 - End of “Official Timeline”
4712 - The Technic League rediscovers a secret to enhance the Automatons of Silver Mount, at that moment a bright beam of light shoots into the sky. It remains there for 20 years.
4720 - The Technic League creates a coup against the Black Sovereign, who is killed in the revolution. The Technic League begins a campaign to unify Numeria, their main targets are Castle Urion , Iadenveigh, Hajoth Hakados, and the followers of Erastil that reject technology.
4732 -On the 20th anniversary of the Bright Beam of Starfall being lit, a large “metal skyship” is seen landing on Silver Mount. Not long after its arrival the Bright Beam expands and forms a strange force field around central Numeria in a 50 mile radius, with Silver Mount at its center.
4735 - A large contingent of Crusaders from Mendev and other nations travel to Starfall on a diplomatic mission presumably to request aid in yet another crusade. They are never seen again.
4740 -Metal Skyships are a common site in Numeria. Odd rumors of otherworldly beings with mental powers unlike those of any Wizard are said to come from these ships. Androids become a more common site in Numeria. It is believed that these otherworldly beings are the True Rulers of Numeria.
4746 - The now large cities of Aaramor, Dravod Knock, Urion, Iadenveigh, Hajoth Hakados, Sable Barrow, Lackthroat, Gorum Pots and Sunder Horn all have force fields around them that expand 50 miles, in some cases crossing into other nations, much to the chagrin of those nation’s ruling classes. Any attempt to breach these force fields fail ending with a large loss of men for those nations seeking retribution.

Hero Points Each player will begin with one. Rules for these are found in the APG. Feats and spells associated with hero points are allowed. Psionics from the Dreamscarred Materialincluding Autohyponosis and Knowledge Psionics Driving and Vehicle rules These are found in UC. In this game the Vehicles will have Tech Propulsion, and require an Int of 10 to drive