City of Ashes (Inactive)

Game Master Grimmy

Round 4
Fire Mephit (steals the amulet)
Uurnir (scorpion style)
Magma Elementals (attack)
Lilia (magic missile)
Ronen <<<<
Ares <<<<
Priscilla <<<<

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City of Ashes
Twelve miles outside Bard's Gate lies the City of Ashes. This bleak and desolate locale is home to the city’s largest cemetery. Once well-maintained, it is now a crowded jumble of mausoleums, it's narrow cobblestone paths choked with weeds and thorny vines.

There is a certain peace here — the peace of the lost and forgotten. But even that little comfort vanishes as the sun sets and chill fogs rise to enwrap the headstones and statuary.

It has been thirty years since the March of Bones, in which legions of the dead were raised from the cemetery and set to wander the countryside, some even reaching the walls of Bard's Gate.

Few are buried here today. The wealthy are entombed in private crypts with more pleasant surroundings. Only the poor, destitute and unknown are laid to rest in the City of Ashes now, overseen by the grim Caretaker's Guild. They work only during daylight hours, and are not so foolish as to remain in the City of Ashes after sundown, when the perish blossom blooms.