Chaosorbit's PFC #1-33: Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible (Inactive)

Game Master Chaosorbit


The Pathfinder Society sends you to the fabled Kingdom of the Impossible, the island of Jalmeray, to stop an Aspis Consortium black market relics dealer who is organizing the local bandits and violently robbing Jalmeray and Pathfinder Society caravans laden with relics, artifacts, and magical mysteries. When a venture-captain is murdered by the Aspis Consortium agent, it's up to the PCs to find him and do whatever it takes to stop him.

[dice=Amelie] 1d20 + 6 [/dice]
[dice=Beorin] 1d20 [/dice]
[dice=Electra] 1d20 + 8 [/dice]
[dice=Magga] 1d20 - 2 [/dice]