Brevoy Southern Reclamation Project - BS RP (Kingmaker) (Inactive)

Game Master fnord72

High fantasy kingmaker campaign. Expect modified kingdom building and an emphasis on the social and political aspects of creating and running a kingdom.

Tap, tap, tap the hammering sounds the posting of a notice on the job board of the tavern. Before long the contents of the notice is the only topic of import throughout Restov.

Here ye, here ye! Be it known throughout Brevoy, north and south. That our Lord of Issia and Prince of Rostland, Suzerin of New Steven, Overlord of Restov, Defender of the Lake of Mists and Veils, in the name of Choral, King Noleski Surtova has decreed those lands to the south of Brevoy be surveyed and explored with the expectation of settlement.

As such, any able bodied beings in good standing with the Sword Lords of Restov, may apply for writs of exploration and travel. All such interested personages should appear at Townhall no later than high noon on Oathday, Calistril 30th, 4710 AR. Interested personages should provides letters of patronage at this time. So sayeth Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius, on behalf of and for the Sword Lord, King Surtova.

It is a brisk and cold day that you hear of this opportunity before you. Collecting your coat and gloves, you feel a pull to see for yourself what this event portends for you.

Act I - Bandit Suppression
A Writ here and a Writ there. Oathday, Calistril 30, 4710 AR
Writ of Exploration
Mysterious dead body
Stop over at Nivatka's Crossing. Fireday, Pharast 1, 4710 AR
Arriving at Oleg's. Sunday, Pharast 3, 4710 AR
A storm brews. Moonday, Pharast 4, 4710 AR
A Port in Any Storm
Not so Practical Jokes. Wealday, Pharast 5, 4710 AR
Ambushed Patrol