Adventures of the 108th (Inactive)

Game Master Nohwear

The 108th Omicron Rapid Recon, The Hunter's Spear

+3 any 2 (Int, Per, T), +3 Agility, -3 Toughness

Common Lore(Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech), Linguistics (Low Gothic, Techna Lingua), Logic, Operate(Surface), Tech-Use

Foresight, Peer(Adeptus Mechanicus), Technical Knock or Weapons Tech,

Special Rules:
Isolated By Machines (-10 to interaction tests with characters not from a Forge World or initiated by the Adeptus Mechanus)
In the Shadows of the Ecclesiarchy's Light (-10 to interaction tests with representatives of the Ecclesiarchy. Ministorum Characters suffer the -10 when interacting to non-minustorum NPCs within the regiment)


Tauros Rapid Assault Vehicle Per PC (At GM Discretion 2 or more PCs can trade their Tauros's for a Tauros Venator), One set of Magnonoculars per PC, Microbead, Imperial Guard Flak Armor, Chrono, +1 Knife, Auspex/Squad, plus Standard Kit.

Favored Weapons:
Grenade Launcher
Heavy Bolter

On the forge world of Rasheth, the Emperor and the Omniscia are worshiped as a sort of divine couple.