A River Into Darkness - GM Justaworm (Inactive)

Game Master justaworm

“Anything can happen on the Blood“

Current Date: Erastus (aka July) 16th [Day 6]

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Loot Sheet

Current Reference Posts:
Notable things along the Vanji
Ship and Crew introductions
New Ship Battlemat
Captain's Map - Region Overview Map with boat location
Whitebridge Station Map

Selena Shadethorn, Female Fetchling Bard 2 / Rogue 2
Shwarto, Male Wayang Rogue 1/ Wizard 3 (with Twikli)
Stígandrr, Male Human Unchained Monk 4
Waseem Hunter, Male Catfolk Summoner 4 (with Jaqu)
Shakaro Jun, Male Nagaji Oracle 4

River Queen Crew:
Captain Esteban
Faruq (first mate, half-orc)
Hurg (engineer, dwarf)
Sperrago, Houghman "Mannie", Danner (crew, human)

The Vanji river meets the Fever Sea like an open wound, the iron-rich clay dying the waters rusty red. Legends hold that the blood-tinted waters issue from the wounds of the Gorilla King, who lives in the hearts of the dark jungle. The ramshackle town of Bloodcove clings precariously to the enormous roots and scaffold-wrapped trunks of a gigantic mangrove tree that grows at the edge of the river mouth. This port maintains its existence between the laden trade ships with their cargoes of kahveh, ivory, precious metals, and exotic woods from the interior, and also through the customs paid by the visiting pirates from the Shackles offloading stolen goods and booty.

Expeditions up the river for the rare commodities the jungle holds end in disaster as often as success, but the lure of a quick fortune ensures a steady flow of traders and speculators despite the danger. Whatever their goals, all who head upriver leave port with one final admonition from the locals ringing in their ears. “Anything can happen on the Blood“
-Pathfinder Chronicles

Bloodcove Map
Bloodcove Art Map
Dragonnel Battle art
River Queen layout

Reference Posts
Bloodcove Knowledge
Aspis basic knowledge checks
Local Tribes


[dice=Selena Shadethorn]1d20+4 [/ dice]
[dice=Shwarto]1d20+5 [/ dice]
[dice=Twikli (familiar)]1d20+3 [/ dice]
[dice=Stígandrr]1d20+2[/ dice]
[dice=Waseem]1d20+3 [/ dice]
[dice=Jaqu]1d20+2 [/ dice]
[dice=Shakaro Jun]1d20+0 [/ dice]
[dice=Crew]1d20+2 [/ dice]


[dice=Selena Shadethorn]1d20+3 [/ dice] +4 vs traps
[dice=Shwarto]1d20+12[/ dice] +13 vs traps, -1 if not near familiar
[dice=Twikli (familiar)]1d20+13 [/ dice]
[dice=Stígandrr]1d20+10 [/ dice]
[dice=Waseem]1d20+4 [/ dice]
[dice=Jaqu]1d20+6 [/ dice]
[dice=Shakaro Jun]1d20+10 [/ dice]

Where am I on the boat?:

01-30 = Cabin
31-45 = Foredeck
46-57 = Reardeck (uncovered cargo)
58-82 = Topdeck
83-87 = Gangway Port (left)
88-92 = Gangway Starboard (right)
93-97 = Covered Cargo
98-100 = Pilothouse

Night: (2 people total on watch, everyone else is at usual sleeping area)
If on watch:
01-35 = Foredeck
36-50 = Reardeck (uncovered cargo)
51-85 = Topdeck
86-90 = Gangway Port (left)
91-95 = Gangway Starboard (right)
96-100 = Covered Cargo

[dice=Selena]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Shwarto]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Stig]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Waseem]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Shakaro]1d100[/ dice]

[ooc]Who is on watch?
1=Esteban 2=Faruq 3=Selena 4=Shwarto 5=Stig 6=Waseem 7=Shakaro 8=Speraggo 9=Mannie 10=Danner [/ ooc]
[dice=Who's on watch?]1d10[/ dice]


DC: 5% or 10%
[dice=Selena]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Shwarto]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Stig]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Waseem]1d100[/ dice]
[dice=Shakaro]1d100[/ dice]