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“Anything can happen on the Blood“

Current Date: Erastus (aka July) 16th [Day 6]

Campaign shared space on Google Drive.
Loot Sheet

Current Reference Posts:
Notable things along the Vanji
Ship and Crew introductions
New Ship Battlemat
Captain's Map - Region Overview Map with boat location
Whitebridge Station Map

Selena Shadethorn, Female Fetchling Bard 2 / Rogue 2
Shwarto, Male Wayang Rogue 1/ Wizard 3 (with Twikli)
Stígandrr, Male Human Unchained Monk 4
Waseem Hunter, Male Catfolk Summoner 4 (with Jaqu)
Shakaro Jun, Male Nagaji Oracle 4

River Queen Crew:
Captain Esteban
Faruq (first mate, half-orc)
Hurg (engineer, dwarf)
Sperrago, Houghman "Mannie", Danner (crew, human)

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Dark Archive

Well, I think it is pretty clear that I am not going to be able to continue. I am sorry about that everyone. At least we were able to liberate Whitebridge with an epic battle.

Thank you all so much for the good roleplay and for hanging in there with me.

Female Human

Thank you for introducing me to PbP! It was a blast playing with you guys. Do what you gotta do. :)

Silver Crusade

Thanks for running. And thanks for explicitly telling us as opposed to just vanishing (that is VERY sincere. Too many people just quit without notice)

now I’m

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