Are Plasma Weapons screwed by Energy Resistance.

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Plasma weapons do both Electrical and Fire damage in their description. When applying Energy Resistance does either type of energy resistance apply to the full damage? Or, do you have to have both resistances to get any reduction in damage? Is the damage considered half electricity and half fire?

So, for example the Red Star Plasma Pistol Level 7 does 1d8 E & F and for our example lets say the PC rolled max damage 8 plus half their level 8 for the weapon specialization in small arms 4 for a total of 12 damage. The Target has Fire and Electrical resistance of 5. Does that mean that the Target only takes 2 Damage (12 - 5 - 5 = 2) applying both resistances separately or 2 Damage (12 as 6 E - 5 = 1 and 6 F - 5 = 1) or 7 Damage (12 - 5 = 7) applying the resistances together? And, if the Target only had one resistance Fire 5 for example would the Target take full damage of 12 because you can't apply both resistances?

The source would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

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From page 169 of the CRB:

WEAPON DAMAGEThe energy and kinetic damage types are described below, including the abbreviations for each that appear in the weapon tables in this chapter. Weapons that deal multiple types of damage have an ampersand between the types (such as “B & E” for a weapon that deals bludgeoning and electricity damage). For such weapons, half the damage dealt is one type, and half is the other (if the damage done is an odd number, select one damage type to round up, rounding down the other damage type normally).

So the 12 points of damage in your example is 6 points of electric and 6 points of fire. There is no reason that fire resist would not apply to the fire damage, and electric is in the same boat.

2 points of damage are dealt.

Multiple resistances that apply provide excellent protection against plasma. On the plus side, a single resistance or immunity will not reduce your damage to less than half.

Carrying backup weapons is important on this game.

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As an additional note, damage-type fusions on a weapon with split-type damage completely replace one of the existing damage types, and can give you the ability to completely bypass a single resistance, which you can't do with a single damage-type weapon.

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It's a shame shame you can't apply flaming or shocking to a plasma weapon. It'd be neat to go all one or the other, or split the difference.

That was what I expected. Thanks

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