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Bloodline / Mystery Spells and MT

Rules Questions

Ok, so the debate on how good the MT is has beaten the horse to a bloody pulp. Not getting into that. My question is: are the bloodline/mystery spells considered to be class features and cease to progress with levels in MT or are they a part of "spells." My thinking is that they will not advance with the PrC, but I would like input to be sure.

They are a separare feature from spell casting. They have a separare description in the class write up, case closed.

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If something is listed under the "Spells" class feature then it advances with the PrC. If it has its own class feature entry it does not. Bloodline and Mystery are their own thing so they don't advance.

CRB FAQ wrote:

Prestige Class: If I take levels in a prestige class that advances spellcasting, does that give me access to my higher-level bloodline spells?

No. Likewise, it doesn't give you any additional bloodline feats.
If you were an oracle, it wouldn't give you any additional mystery spells. (However, it would give you higher-level cure or inflict spells, as those are part of the oracle's Spells class feature.)
If you were a witch, it wouldn't give you any additional patron spells.
If you were a wizard, it wouldn't give you access to your higher-level school powers.
And so on.
Prestige classes which advance spellcasting only advance caster level, spells per day, and (for spontaneous casters) spells known—essentially, the spellcasting features described in your class's Spells class feature description.
(Note that the dragon disciple class has the blood of dragons ability, which explicitly states that you get your bloodline powers and bloodline spells; this is a special ability of that class and not the normal state for advancing spellcasting with a prestige class.)

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