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SFS Organized Play questions

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Dear campaign leadership,

Reporting Question - when current Second Seekers reputation is reported, it only specifies "Second Seekers", it does not specify which First Seeker you are reporting for. I know it will be a while before there is a different First Seeker, but should we not go ahead and designate the correct faction name, which includes the First Seeker's name, or are you not going to track that level of detail?

A second minor note - shouldn't the menu above say something like "My Organized Play" rather than "My Pathfinder Society"?



Shadow Lodge ***** RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 8 aka WalterGM

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I suspect that since there is only one First Seeker, the current reporting lsystem is adequate. When another is added, they can likely make the change. Given that the reporting sheet has a space to include which first seeker you championed, I think they do want to track that information.

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