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Character Choice - Mummy's Mask

Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

Hi all

I've just got the MM Base Set.

I'll be playing solo and having a quick read through the forums it seems 3 characters would be a good balance (initially I was going to go with 2) but please let me know if you think another number would be better.

My main question is which 3 characters should I choose? I only have the Base Set.

I assume this is ok but let me know if the character add on pack is essential.

Have you read this blog post?
Building A Party

Which of the characters looks interesting to you? Maybe pick one and build around them. At the beginning I tried to use simpler characters as I would miss using a power or too.

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Estra is an awesome character, that'll have all of your Wisdom, Divine and Diplomacy needs covered. Post-role, she can also start eating Strength and Dexterity checks for breakfast. She's really my "MM's Balazar", in that she starts like an unassuming caster, seemingly geared towards support, and then she becomes a monster good at EVERYTHING!

Take your pick between Simoun and Drelm for self-reliant d12-fighter and all-around barrier-muncher. Alternatively, pick Zadim and keep him together with the other guys, going all-out on his at-location combat support.

Ahmotep rocks. Not only throwing around +2 to any check AFTER THE ROLL (for the price of recharge after an upgrade!)is awesome any way you slice, those -2s will sure come in handy in MM once or twice too. Also, with her weapon staffs she can start throwing a significant combat support at other location as well. Finally, she has a big Intelligence/Arcane die for when you need those covered.

Good luck!

I don't have the add on pack so I've gone with Estra, Simoun and Zadim.

Which seems to work ok. I agree Estra is awesome. I have struggled with the 3rd scenario in the Base set as I do not seem to have the skills for the checks on the Acid Pools. I've now loaded up on items and allies that will assist with these.

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