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Golarion Populations by Race and Settlement Size

Pathfinder Campaign Setting General Discussion

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On Reddit, someone asked a question about whether or not Paizo had a global breakdown of how many of what races lived where. The general consensus was "No. Well, a couple cities, but not enough to be statistically useful." Then over the next few days, I thought to myself, "Well, how much information is there, and could it say anything?"

So I put together this, a full and comprehensive look at all of the population and race demographic information Paizo has ever published that I can find:

Golarion Populations by Race and Settlement Size

There are two Reddit threads on this where I have posted a number of points on this data. First for V1. Then the following week, for V2.1. The latest version now being V2.2. A changelog tab can be found on the sheet.

Here are a few of the points pulled out of the Reddit threads:

  • Some of the numbers seem odd at first, like apparently there are only 13 halflings in all of Tian Xia. That's not what it means to say. That only says that that's all the data Paizo has published for halfling demographics in specific settlements. There are no doubt more, there just isn't good data on them.
  • Mostly as a consequence of cases like that, for the uncommon and featured races, take any number, no matter how small, as an indication that that race has a significant presence in that area. Enough that they made it worth mentioning in at least one settlement demographics.
  • Don't see your favorite player race on there? That's just because they never made it on to one of the published demographics. Not that they don't exist. Goblins are a great example. There are a bunch randomly in the wilderness, just not on settlement demographics.
  • Continuing off of that: Yes this data is massively skewed towards larger settlements. You can even see how bad this is on the "Settlement Size Results" tab.
  • Sometimes, I came across settlements that didn't have specific race demographic numbers, but did have enough written lore about them that I felt comfortable inferring some data. For these, I generally erred on the conservative side for these guesses to minimize the chances of being wrong while also still being able to get those populations some better representation. For example, the cities in Nagajor in Tian Xia: I have total population numbers for most of the cities, and the lore is that they are majority Nagaji with a ruling class of Naga that visitors to the countries basically never see and are seen as gods to the Nagaji. Therefore, I said that the city was 55% Nagaji, 1% Naga (ended up being a couple hundred. Seems plausible given the lore.), and the other 44% unknown, since I don't know where within that unknown the actual population split is, plus maybe there's another 1-5% of the population that are others that just aren't mentioned. Even being this conservative, we did get a lot better numbers for multiple races, including Elves, Nagaji, Samsarans, Tengus, Drows, and Dwarves compared to the previous version of this sheet.
  • The city of Xiwu in Tian Xia is almost single-handedly responsible for humans "only" being 58% of the population. With a population greater than the three smallest continents combined, and almost on par with the entire Darklands, it is home to the world's largest army. Period. And almost that entire army are Terracotta soldiers. This anomaly makes me sad for the total.
  • I posted all of my source data not only for transparency but also anyone can feel free to do other things with that data if they want. I would just appreciate the credit of initially gathering it all.

And finally, a few other things I discovered during this:

Dear Paizo,

  • For the town of Nesting Swallow: 79 + 3 + 1 does not equal 84.
  • For the town of Oregent: 17,993 + 2,043 + 1,135 + 681 + 400 + 254 + 200 + 54 does not equal 22,700. It's 22,760. This almost drove me mad from re-checking the math multiple times. "You just checked it again, didn't you?" NO.....maybe.
  • For the town of Hagegraf: 77% + 12% + 5% + 3% + 2% does not equal 100%. It's 99%. I just went ahead and chose to assume that last 2% is actually 3% and kept going.
  • For the Deepmar Penal Colony: With a population of 48, it is not a Thorp, but a Hamlet.
  • For the town of Railford: With a population of 46, it is not a Thorp, but a Hamlet.
  • For the town of Morast: With a population of 62, it is not a Hamlet, but a Village.
  • For the town of Satravah: With a population of 68, it is not a Hamlet, but a Village.
  • Or it'd be great to know if there are updated rules on the population cut-offs for those settlement size categories. Always happy to know if I'm wrong and why.
  • You published such awesome books on areas like Taldor, Qadira, and The Shackles. Why almost no race demographics for any of those settlements? D:

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Modules Subscriber

Did an audit of the last few Adventure Paths and came up with a few more settlements, and added a new column for Aquatic Elves that we have one settlement that lists them. So on to version 2.3!

Also, fresh off of Part 1 of Ironfang Invasion, a new "Dear Paizo" entry:

Dear Paizo,

  • For the town of Phaendar, 305 + 32 + 21 + 17 + 28 does not equal 398. It's 403. I've re-read those numbers like four times, please tell me if I'm just crazy and you're right somehow, like if my brain refuses to read a number correctly or something.

I pulled this from The Shackles area. You have some in the Non-Race Data tab, but you don't have all of them.

With Pop data:
Population Name
1255 Alendruan Harbor
1190 Arena
120 Banukmaud
1140 Beachcomber
915 Blackblood Cay
995 Bogsbridge
895 Chalk Harbor
1230 Cho-Tzu
425 Colvaas Gibbet
420 Downpour
1070 Dragonsthrall
9690 Drenchport
525 Drowning Rock
975 Falchion Point
60 Fort Benbem
97 Fort Holiday
215 Ganagsau
1318 Genzei
1390 Ghrinitshahara
470 Goatshead
995 Haigui Wan
710 Halabad
9230 Hell Harbor
1110 Heslandaena
900 Kora
780 Lilywhite
1365 Little Oppara
875 Maidenspool
1010 Mezdrubal
780 Myscurial
5230 Neruma
695 Ngozu
7340 Ollo
1110 Oyster Cay
1225 Parley Point
835 Pex
1130 Plumetown
43270 Port Peril
1115 Queen Bes
12560 Quent
1275 Raketooth
1340 Rapier Bay
690 Robu
795 Rumbutter
1400 Slipcove
690 Tyvas-Devas
585 Vezhnu
470 Vilelock
245 Yelligo Wharf
785 Zeibo

Without Pop data:
Population Name
isle Bag Island
isle Benbog Isle
isle Besmara’s Throne
isle Bhudrek Atoll
isle Blacksand Beach
ruin Blood Fountain
town Bloodcove
isle Bonewrack Isle
site Broken Hook
site Camp of the Merry Pranksters
site Camp of the Penitents
isle Cannibal Isles
isle Cauldron’s Rock
site Cauldrons of Calm & Calamity
site Cayden’s Arm
site Cecaelia Swirl
ruin City of Bleeding Stones
isle Culp’s Menagerie
isle Dagon’s Jaws
isle Dahak’s Fang
isle Dahak’s Horn
isle Dahak’s Tooth
isle Darguro Plate
isle Devil’s Arches
site Dragon’s Gullet
isle East Fang
ruin Eel’s Skull
isle Fernlat’s Islet
site Field of Bones and Black Glass
isle Firegrass Isle
isle Garnet Island
site Ghost Lake
isle Glengarnie Chain
site Glittering Lake
isle Haekin’s Redoubt
site Haunted Crater Lakes
site Heavywater Perch
town Heggapnod
site Heskott Bay
isle Hesmene’s Grotto
site Houcam’s Bay
isle Island of Empty Eyes
isle Island of the Black Tower
isle Isle of Consummations
isle Kepre Dua
town Kukgukmol
site Lake of Dead Dreams
site Lake of Scales
site Lake Vene
site Leatherwing Bay
site Lurching Mountain
isle Mancatcher Cove
site Methoth Lake
isle Mgange Cove
town Moak Harbor
isle Moluune Parapet
isle Motaku Isle
isle Nalt’s Island
ruin Norboro Ashes
site Obelisk of Wonders
site Ongongte Overlook
isle Paeterpade Isle
isle Pangalley Atoll
site Peshaka Naeu
site Pit of Raugsmauda
site Queen’s Processional
isle Raingale Isle
isle Rampore Isles
isle Raptor Island
isle Raugsmauda’s Reach
site Redbow Island
town Rickety’s Squibs
isle Sai Riang’s Refuge
isle Sarenvent
isle Shark Island
isle Shenchu Bay
isle Skinny Whale Isle
site Steirwood
ruin Stone of Tears
site Sweet Tooth Lake
isle Taldas Isle
isle Taypan’s Rock
isle Tempest Cay
ruin Temple of the Ravenous Moon
site The Halfling Coast
site The Holy Isle
isle The Smoker
isle Tidewater Rock
isle Ungoro Tedar
isle Ushinawa Isles
isle Vaelyn & Kel
ruin Vhunsaub
site Wailing Cave
isle West Fang
site Whirlpool Rush
isle Whyrlis Rock
isle Widowmaker Isle
isle Yoha’s Graveyard
town Zhenbarghua
site Zhukuo Tegeg


Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber, Modules Subscriber

Meh! So many settlements in The Shackles, lol. That's awesome and I'll definitely have to add all those over the next few days as I have time. Thanks!

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