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Point Buy class abilities: M and M love

Suggestions/House Rules/Homebrew

My group has recently been playing several different tabletops. Mutants and Masterminds(M&M) has a great character creation system that we all love. We do however favor Pathfinder's combat system. Is there any existing homebrew/3p character creation systems for pathfinder that are similiar to M and M? If not does anyone want to help me make one?

For those of you not familiar with M and M:

M and M uses a point buy system to purchase literally everything. Including saves, ability scores, skill points, class abilities, feats, bab, hp equivalent. You get 15 points per level. Most everything costs 1 point per excluding class abilities and skill points. Class abilities have a cost per rank modified by various extras and drawbacks. They then scale by rank(level scaling basically). EX: Smite Evil- would be based on a smite ability, then reduced in cost for the restriction of only affects evil targets.

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A point-buy system wouldn't work in Pathfinder because class abilities are not balanced or designed like that. They're balanced around opportunity costs and what they bring to a party. Classes are designed with the whole package in mind.

I have seen plenty of attempts at a point-buy class system on these forums. Unfortunately, all I have seen are unfinished and/or horrifically balanced.

A better approach might introduce class "frameworks" where a player must choose a framework that determines their BAB, spellcasting, and saves. Then, they can choose class features based on that framework.

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