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Any one shots acceptable as a BB follow up?

Beginner Box

I started ROTRL and are almost done with chapter 1 but my PC's want to follow up on the dragon threat they started out with as a prelude to the swallowtail festival and I'm running out of creative ways to divert them back on the ROTRL trail.

I know the GM manual sets you up to create the second leg of the beginners box (assuming the PC didnt kill the dragon somehow) but is there an acceptable one shot or short module that you can do some finagling to work out as the follow up to finding the priest helping the dragon?

I'm weary I'm not skilled enough to setup a cohesive dungeon crawl though the given map/info from the beginners box and was hoping I could find a "template" of sorts to use and also ease the burden of prepping for the possibility of my PC'd pursuing the dragon or continuing the campaign.

After some research, I think I'm going to use the "Master of the Fallen Fortress" as a follow up to the BB dungeon. The dragon has been sighted going to the tower where he gets the potion from the evil cleric. If I read correctly, the top of the tower is open so this is a convenient meeting place for Thelsikar and Blackfang. I'd modify the encounters to be higher in CR and to include goblins instead of trogs and replace Tasskar with the evil cleric Thelsikar.

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