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Hello all

Been enjoying GM'ing Pathfinder and I wish to expand my collection of player companion and campaign setting books, but there are so many and unfortunately I cannot afford them all.

Currently own:

Player Companions

  • Animal Archive
  • Blood of the Beast
  • Champions of Purity
  • Curse of the Crimson Throne player's guide
  • Dragon Slayer's Handbook
  • Dungeoneer's Handbook
  • Faiths of Balance
  • Faiths of Corruption
  • Faiths of Purity
  • Healer's Handbook
  • Heroes of the High Courts
  • Kobold's of Golarion
  • Paths of the Righteous
  • People of the Stars
  • Psychic Anthology
  • Sargava The Lost Colony
  • Weapon Master's Handbook

Campaign Setting books

  • Book of the Damned 2: Lords of Chaos
  • Distant Worlds
  • Hell Unleashed
  • Inner Sea World Guide
  • Inner Sea Gods
  • Lost Treasures
  • Osirion, Legacy of Pharaos
  • Technology Guide
  • The Worldwound

As you can see I have a few already. I mostly use them for inspiration for encounters and settings as I predominantly play homebrew worlds and unfortunately I can't get my players to read them. Which can you recommend to add to my collection?

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My approach has usually been to look for good stuff at d20pfsrd or the Archives of Nethys. When I find something I really like, I look up the source and, if I don't have it, purchase the PDF. Once I do, I often find related ideas for things that I would not have thought to look for.

I really like Numeria: Land of Fallen Stars, Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and Dragon Empires Gazetteer. I'm running Iron Gods, used LotLK for my homebrew, and may someday run Jade Regent. Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends are cool for aasimar and tiefling options.

Player Companions I'm really glad that I own (that you didn't already list):
-Alchemy Manual
-Armor Master's Handbook
-Haunter Hero's Handbook

Campaign Setting:
-Darklands Revisited
-Horror Realms
-The Firt World, Realm of the Fey

Are the Healer's Handbook and Psychic Anthology good? I've been thinking about picking them up.

Psychic Anthology is. Great options for Spiritualist, Occultist, Mesmerist. I hear good things bout Kineticist and Medium, but I don't care about those personally. I had mixed feelings on the Psychic items and spells.

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You don't have Adventurer's Armory? Might want to go check it out. ^_^

(Helpfully, it's also one of the most world-neutral products.)

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